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Pets Who Find Their Way Home: A Sixth Sense

A Sixth Sense:

Pets Who Find Their Way Back to Their Owners

A woman in Southern England unfortunately suffered a miscarriage. For a week or so before the incident, her dog was constantly whining and trembling, and became very distressed whenever getting close to her. It seemed that the dog knew something was wrong. After the miscarriage the dog returned back to normal.

Only family (and concerned pets) during visiting hours!

Again, in the UK one family’s loving cat shows such concern for the health of it’s owners, that it turned up at a hospital where the family’s son had been taken after an accident. Apparently, the cat also makes a point of visiting many other family members living in the same area whenever they become ill!

Over the years there have been proven reports of amazing, long journeys made by animals trying to return to their homes or owners. Most incredibly, some of the following stories include animals that have been given away by their owners, who have then moved away soon afterwards. Later, the animal has turned up at the owner’s new address hundreds of miles away. It would seem slightly more credible for an animal to find its way back to it’s own home territory, but to find its owner in a completely new, foreign place is completely unexplainable.

One incredible journey..

Once, a collie was sent by its owner from Inverness, Scotland to a friend in Calcutta, India . A while after it’s arrival in India the dog disappeared. Then a few months later the very same dog bounded up to its master back in bonny Scotland . Evidently it had boarded a ship from Calcutta bound for Dundee, where it disembarked and jumped on a coastal ship to Inverness . At the time it was suggested that the dog was attracted to the right boats because of the sailors Scottish accents! Janine

My sister’s dog returned after a two year trek, no one knows how… in her case, she had given the dog away because it wouldn’t be trained and seemed to dislike the other dog in the house… then they moved to another town about 20 miles away… apparently the new owner’s home was flooded, Felix got away… everyone thought was drowned in the flood… but Paula arrived home one summer day to find a quite bedraggled Felix sitting on the door step… this time Felix stayed, showed that she was trained, and was happy to see her old play mate… strange…. Felix is now 13 years old… and I’m sure would have quite a story to tell… it is a complete mystery to this day how she tracked her chosen family down… Thanks for sharing. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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