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Pets That See Ghosts

Pets That See Ghosts

Some stories of animals and ghosts to tickle your imagination…

Serious research of Animal Communications began over 100 years ago when people began taking notice of animals’ reactions to ghostly apparitions. Animals are very sensitive to the presence of spirit life in our environments and will often react in very powerful ways, especially to any negative forces present… here are some of the stories we’ve gathered, from Art Myers book on Communicating with Animals, and from you our visitors…

A Spooky Staircase!

I need some help. I have one staircase in my house. My cat has severe seizures when she comes down the stairs. We have solved that problem by confining her out of reach of the stairs. She hasn’t had a seizure since (1 1/2 years). My dog ( a large black lab mix) has had a few incidents in the vicinity of the staircase. One was very traumatic. He was terrified of something on the ceiling near the staircase. But that was over a year ago. Now..starting last night…he will not go down the stairs. I had to drag him and he yipped the whole way and shook his head obviously in pain. Once down he was ok and bounded out the back door and down the steps with no problem. Since last night we have had a repeat of this three times. I am confounded and will not be able to keep him downstairs. He has no problem going up. We live in Carrboro, NC. Do you know anyone local who can help? Thanks Valerie Miller, Carrboro NC

Valerie, following up on Laura’s note to you, and wanting you to know that these people can work remotely – it’s not always necessary to visit a site to initiate a clearing… you might want to do a little research into the history of that house and that area, there could be an explanation for this haunting – there usually is… and animals are unusually sensitive to these ghostly emanations… in any case, smudging the area well with sweetgrass and sage will help to clear it – but it is also important for you to try to clear the area by telling whoever is there to stop bothering you and your pets, explain that they don’t belong in this world anymore, tell them to look for the light and go to it… call on their guides and yours to help move this one – and also call on the devas that work with your animals to help you work on subtle levels to get these energies to move on to where they will be more comfortable and happier…Do let us know how you make out. I know of a group called Ghostbusters that used to work out of Connecticut – you might try locating them through the web… best wishes and Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Dear Valerie, I don’t know of anyone in your area but there are two people that I’d suggest that you would consult with. Ruthe Rendely at or Jay Bixler at . There is something definitely wrong in your staircase area. Sincerely, Laura

Shelby Sees the Ghost

Here is a wonderful story submitted by one of the visitors to our site about how an animal communicator helped a wise dog clear the house of some negative energy…..

A few months ago, my golden retriever “Shelby” who is the “dog” love of my life started behaving rather strangely in our house. She never wanted to come inside and once she was in the house she acted very fearful and would hide under tables and in the corner. There were times when it took all my strength to persuade an 80lb dog to come into the house. She stopped sleeping at night and would pace and stand beside my bed and pant loudly until I woke up. I thought it was just a phase, but when a few more weeks went by and no change, I decided a trip to the vet was in order. He confirmed that she was physically fine and quite healthy actually. He prescribed a mild anti-anxiety medication, which I was not thrilled about giving her, but I seemed to have no other choice. No one in the house was getting any rest and my husband and I were very worried about her.

Two more weeks went by and still no improvement. The drugs just made her sleepy, but she was still upset about something. Back to the vet we went for another checkup. We tried a slightly stronger medication, but still no improvement.

My mother happened to hear of a woman in the area that could communicate with animals through telepathy. I pride myself on having an open mind and have had some rather strange occurences in my life, so I quickly gave her a call. We met the next day at her office and she connected with Shelby immediately.. I was quite fascinated to say the least. After a few moments she told me that there was a spirit in our house that only Shelby could see, and that she knew he didn’t belong there. He was not a harmful spirit but apparently a “grumpy” old man, as she said Shelby put it.

She then began to describe my house in detail (correctly) and told me that we had a dark chair somewhere in the corner of our house that the spirit liked to sit in. At first I didn’t remember it, but we do have a dark teal recliner in the corner of our bedroom. Before this all started that was Shelbys’ favorite chair. She slept in it. I also asked her to ask Shelby what her favorite toy was and in a few seconds she replied “the rope”. My dog probably has ten different toys, but that is without a doubt her favorite. That was all the proof I needed. I then asked her what to do about this spirit.

She told me to go home and command the spirit to leave and never ever return, and to burn sage leaves throughout the house concentrating in our bedroom near the chair.When I got home that evening, armed with about a pound of sage leaves from the local herbalist, my husband and I proceeded to do as she said. We repeated the process the next day, and once more the following day. Within about two days after completing the sage, etc. Shelby was back to her old self. Anxious to come inside, and believe it or not… back in her favorite chair as if nothing had ever happened. That was about 10 days ago now and so far, so good, but I think I’ll keep a supply of sage on hand, just in case!!!

I’d love to know what you think of this.Sincerely,Shelby and Jane Dew

Global Psychics Responds

Dear Jane; We appreciate the time that you have taken to write in and share your story with us. What a wonderful story! I have no doubt in my mind, along with many others that animals have the ability to see things that we do not. Their senses in a lot of ways are more keenly developed. The bond between an animal and it’s owner is a beautiful thing. We have received many a letter where the animal has saved it’s owner’s life. Obviously, your dog Shelby sensed something that was negative, and in her own way, she was trying to make you aware of it. I am so glad that you made the decision to consult an animal communicator.We work with a wonderful animal communicator, Laura Simpson, here who had helped to solve animals behaviour problems, and who also has found many a lost pet! I am happy that your contact was able to solve the problem so easily. Animals are innocent creatures, very trusting and loyal to those they love. Don’t ever hesitate if your pet is acting strangely. As you have discovered, if the cause is not physical, it is very probable, that it is sensing something that we may not be able to see. Thanks again for taking the time to write in to us. Take care, the both of you! Lise – Global Psychics

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