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Pets as Philosophers and Poets

Pets as Philosophers and Poets

Some pets become so attuned to their humans, that they are able to communicate profound and meaningful messages… here are some of the best examples…


by Art Myers

While I was researching my new book, “Communicating With Animals,” I kept hearing that some animals communicate poetry. This certainly seemed like a far-out idea, but during the two years I worked on the book, I kept hearing this. The people I was talking to, professional animal communicators, impressed me as being people of education, intelligence and spirituality, and they all said essentially the same thing – that certain animals come up with poetry. I collected half a dozen of these poems, and they are not doggerel, they’re real poetry.

How does this happen? Nobody seems exactly sure. The most popular explanation is that without a doubt animals reincarnate, and they often change from species to species. Many of them have been human beings, and possibly will be again. Perhaps they were human in a former life, and that’s where the poetry comes from.

As my research went on, I grew braver and decided to devote a chapter to poetry by animals. I made it the last chapter to give my readers the maximum time to get used to anything. Here is an excerpt from the chapter. It’s about Belle, a chocolate labrador who lived in British Columbia. Belle’s person, Brenda Colebrooke, sent me the poem, along with some information about Belle. She also sent along a photo of Belle, which I’ve run in the book, and I will say that Belle has the most beautiful, thoughtful, soulful eyes I’ve ever seen on dog or man. Here is the section about Belle, from the book:

Through communicator Sharon Lunde, who gave me the poem from her horse, Bonn Jovi, I also received a poem from a dog, Belle, who had lived with Brenda and John Colebrooke.

Belle’s Poem

Softly, slowly,
Don’t you hear?

Death is near
The force so strong.
Bren, I can’t hold on.

The wind, it’s tugging,
Pulling me along,
The force is too strong.

Softly, slowly,
Don’t you hear?

The gale force that was once my life Is now a gentle breeze.

Let me go with the wind,
Let me sail, let me fly,
I do not die.

Brenda told me, “Belle, a chocolate lab, was aging. She was unwell, weak, wasn’t eating or drinking. She told Sharon that she needed to leave her body, but was holding on because she knew I couldn’t accept her leaving at the time. Sharon gave her a healing, and she rallied to bless us with her presence for a couple more months so we could accept her leaving.

“You have no idea how Belle’s poem helped me to prepare, and accept the confirmation that it was time to assist Belle with leaving her body. I will share with you one of her quotations I received during our last communication, through Sharon:

“The wind moves life on; the sun dries up things and blows them away.

All the elements of nature reinforce the circle of life.”

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