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Pet Warnings

Pet Warnings

My beloved Shih Tzu, Tiko’s hind legs were parayzed. He was confined in his metal crate for few weeks. I was sitting and talking to video phone and his crate is next to me. I saw the dark gray “cloud” – like a short cigar shape glided swiftly going around like 8 few times. 3 feet from me and Tiko I looked at gray form was nothing. Then I saw it again with side of my eye. I looked down at Tiko. He was looking at the spot too! He seemed to be puzzled. The form went out toward front door and disappeared quickly. I thought it was strange sight but forgot about it. Next day Tiko passed away at vet clinic. I realized it was angel or whatever came to visit Tiko. Thank God for an encounter I had. It happened on September 1 2005.

Thank you so much for sharing this story… and loving Tiko so much that he warned you in advance… Blessings and lotsa LLLove, Danielle

My old dog died this year at age 20, but we had a lifetime of esp between us. It wasn’t something I specifically concentrated on, but all the normal things happened. But one day it happened the other way. I was at work, and suddenly stopped typing, with the sudden urge to go home. I tried to continue, but my brain wouldn’t work. I told my boss that there was something wrong at home, and jumped in a train. When I arrived home, Diggy my beautiful boy was still on my bed. I took him off and he fell over. The vet told me that he had a temperature over 100 degrees, and lucky I found him when I did. It wasn’t lucky at all, Diggy was calling me. Anita

How wonderful that you had this connection – and listened to it!!! Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

I have cats, birds, & hamsters.

One time I was on the computer reading sensitive issues about dogs being abused and then…All of a sudden a PICTURE of my cat came to my mind! Something about his neck and he was quivering!

I ran to him right away and took his collar off. He was injured under his collar! It had happened that day! 2 small gashes! He had communicated this to me.

Many a times with the birds for example I will think of one sitting somewhere and sure enough it will come fly over to that particular spot. I think it’s to let me know it’s listening.

Between the animals they to watch over one another.

Not to long ago one of my cats was meowing insisting I wake up it was 4 am for water? Grrr. I checked on the hamsters as well and one was very ill and weak!! I wondered if that was a coincidence or not?

While I was waiting for the Vets to call I wrapped the hammie in a warm towel placed in a big cage almost behind me while I frantically searched the net for his symtoms…A few minutes later the cat was Meowing AGAIN I checked right away and the hamster had wiggled out of the towel and was now flipped on his back struggling to breathe! She had been watching him the whole time :) He was OK. She showed conern for him all day checking in on us. And later I took the hamster into the bedroom to show her how he was doing, I was ‘thinking’ it would be ok if she touched him…she came over, touched noses with him, and gently touched tapped him with her paw. Really Sweet.

Lately my cat has been acting strange. She will be in the back bedroom and all of a sudden she will come running down the hall like something is chasing her. Well this happened several times so I decided I would take some photo’s. So I went and bought me a digital camera and took some and there were orbs all around my cat. She jumped up on the kitchen chair like she was chasing it so I immediately took the photo and there was a orb right beside her and beside me in another chair. I also took some in the back bedroom where my daughter sleeps and there were orbs and white mist like or vortex in her room. What could this be. I also have a building beside my house that use to be used for storage. I thought I would take some photo’s there and it was the same thing. This house we live in was moved here from the country somewhere. It’s about 50 years old. The building next to it was built here. I don’t know what this could be but I know it’s something. It drives my cat crazy.

Can a ghost follow you from somewhere. I can try to send an attachment but I have been having problems with my email.

Cats and dogs are very good at seeing spirits and these orbs are indicative of some energies floating around your home… you might find it useful to do some clearing work… on the other hand, the cat is kept busy… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

About six years ago I purchased some fish from a local pet store for my 30-gallon aquarium. I didn’t know exactly what I was doing and bought too many fish for the tank. I also mixed the wrong varieties. After a week there was only one fish left. It was an oscar that was about an inch and a half long. I later found out that even though it was a baby, it probably killed and/or ate the other fish. I named the fish Oscar and he/she slowly grew into a much larger fish – probably 10 inches long and very thick.

It was strange because I bonded with this fish in some way. I used to hold worms on a fork over the tank and Oscar would jump out and grab them off the fork. It was really unique and when I would have company over they always asked if I would “feed the fish” so they could see it jump out of the tank. Oscar did this even when he/she was large and would make a splash when falling back into the tank.

Oscar was a couple of years old and in the fish tank alone. One night I had a dream that the fish died. Then something woke me up and I couldn’t go back to sleep right away. I started hearing a noise like a cat scratching on carpet. I got up and went to my bedroom door and was going to lock it but for some reason I told myself not to be scared and to go see what the noise was. I walked down the hall and turned the bathroom light on and went into the living room and glanced into the fish tank and said, “Okay, you’re okay” and I proceeded to look in the kitchen. I went back to my bedroom and got back in bed when I heard the noise again. I got up again and did the same thing – I turned on the bathroom light, and I went into the living room where I saw Oscar flopping on the carpet. It was really weird.

That fish was looking right at me. I ran into the bathroom and grabbed a face towel, wet it and went and picked Oscar up with it and dropped him/her back into the tank. I had a hard time falling back asleep that night. Oscar laid at the bottom of the tank for a couple of days before coming back to normal.

For a long time I didn’t tell anyone what happened because it was so strange – even to me and I am the one who experienced it. When I finally did tell someone (a couple of years later), I began to cry in the middle of my story. I couldn’t figure out why I was so emotional about the experience. I knew without a doubt that my dream was a premonition and that Oscar woke me up to save his/her life. April

You and Oscar really have a close connection! I’m so glad you were home that night to come to Oscar’s aid.

Great story! Love, Laura

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