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Parker Returns

Parker Returns

Well, I will give you a little history on my story. When I was about 5 we got a dog named Parker, he was a German Sheppard that was owned by one of our neighbours he always hung around our house and wasn’t treated very well so we adopted him from them.

When he was a pup he either got ran over by a car or was pushed down the stairs and broke his hip and always had a problem sitting down and would always circle three times and plop down on the floor. He also had a favorite spot to sleep, it was in the hallway between my parents room and us kid’s room like the true protector that he was. Everyone who met him loved him. About 10 years later Parker got stomach cancer and had to be put down, this for my family was like losing a family member, we were all devastated and had a hard time getting over this loss.

About 6 years later I found out I was pregnant and I was ecstatic. I started thinking of names and the first one that came in to my head was Parker but decided against it because there was only one Parker in our lives. I had the baby and as he grew up I started to notice things about him that were really odd…

When he first started crawling we noticed that he would circle three times then plop down to the ground just like the dog! The first few times we were blown away but now it’s normal, my son also has a favorite place to play, it’s where Parker used to sleep!

Personally, I think that somehow my dog is still around keeping us company and is showing us through my son!

I think you are right about Parker coming around to keep an eye on your son… Although it is rather rare, it does happen that a human spirit may choose an animal form for a lifetime or two… it is remotely possible that this was Parker’s story and that he took back his human form to re-enter as your son… whatever the case, Parker is around again… he must have loved you all very much and felt very loved by you… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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