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Our Commitment: Margaret’s Story

Our Commitment – Margaret’s Story

I adopted an old barn cat from a vet here in my home town. The poor thing (Margaret) was terrified for about three weeks, she stayed in the closet the whole time on the top shelf, only to come out to eat and drink at night. I wanted to find out why she was this way; I should have known something was up when they told me no charge (lol). I called the vet and this is her story.

Margaret was owned as a kitten by an elderly lady who wanted a companion. It was love at first sight and the two hit it off really well. As the weeks went by the lady (whose name is unknown) started having bouts of allergy problems. When over the counter meds did not work she went to her doctor for help. He determined she was allergic to the kitten. The lady heartbroken took the cat to the vet clinic where she got her first shots to see if they could keep her until a home was found. They did and did not charge her with boarding as long as the lady provided the kitten with food.

A few weeks went by and a bachelor came in who liked cats, he had a new apartment and wanted to get a pet he could keep indoors, he liked Margaret and took her home. Within 3 days she was returned, seemed she liked to tear up his furniture and was biting his legs.

It took 3 more weeks for her next owner to find her, a 6 year old little girl. They brought her back within 10 days, seems Margaret had lost the child’s interest and had gotten stuck in the air-conditioning system of the house.

A few more weeks went by and the vet had decided Margaret could stay unless someone came to adopt her, by this time she was completely unsociable. A man and woman came in and adopted her again, this time she hid and would not socialize and hated the other two cats (both male) in the household. They returned her 2 weeks later.

Poor Margaret she had a rough life, this was understandable. So with patience and love I turned this once grief stricken cat into a lovely pet, she is still unwilling to sit or lay in your lap, but she loves to be petted and sleeps with me in the nook of my belly. I have had her for 3 1/2 years now, and I love her dearly. Since then I have rescued an old walker coon hound that was treed for 3 days and he is about 15 to 16 years old, a kitten which was being tortured by two older cats at a friend’s house. A UKC PR blue tick hound who is sweet as she can be and I show, and our newest addition Icy a male parakeet. We are one big happy family! Melissa

Our pets are also here to teach us about commitment… I am so glad that your Margaret found at least two humans willing to live up to the agreement… Your vet sounds like a pretty special person too! Thanks for sharing and Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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