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Love Makes All the Difference

Love Makes All the Difference

We create our own reality – and can change it too, for ourselves and our pets… What we think about and say to our animals can produce real healing….

Submitted by Joy Gray

My parents had a wonderful dog that was half Shepard and half Coyote. She had been abused as a small puppy before my parents took her in. Because of the abuse she was very timid, especially around men. Being a female, she responded to me easier. I had an immediate affinity for her and I believe, through the years I knew her, that she loved me, too. What a gentle soul she was. She radiated love through her eyes which looked like autumn leaves had settled into them. She had a skin disorder for a long time that seemed to defy treatment. It also caused her to have a rather unpleasant odor. This bothered her alot, I could tell, so I took extra time, petting her and talking to her. I would tell her how beautiful she was. I believed that she understood that the love I felt (and still feel for her, even though she’s been gone for several years now) was recognizable to her even if my words weren’t. I knew that the love she expressed was the true nature of her beauty. Eventually her skin condition cleared, as did the odor and she grew in a thick, shiny coat. She felt so good. Her whole demeanor became brighter, more assured and full of energy.

She had a habit of howling very softly when she communicated with us. One day when I was out in the front yard of my parent’s house she came around from the back of the garage. The big garage door was closed at the time and she stood in front of it on the drive way, howling to me then leaping with her front legs toward the direction she had come. Her tail was wagging excitedly. She did this a number of times, very insistently. Looking back it must have been very frustrating for her because I didn’t realize she was trying to tell me something. She was patient, though, and eventually I caught on and asked her to show me what she wanted me to know. Immediately she bounded around the garage to the closed rear door, obviously wanting to enter. When I opened the door she bolted in and went directly to the inside of the large door and looked up, her tail still a blur of motion. I looked up to see what she was looking at and found one of the kittens had climbed up above the door and couldn’t get down. When I retrieved the kitten the dog literally beamed with smiles. She leaped into the air over and over again in her glee.

When she was about 12 or 13 years old she appeared to experience a stroke which left her unable to walk. I drove to my parent’s house, knowing all the time that her true nature, her spiritual nature could never become disabled, too old or be subject to what we believe age must do to us. When I arrived she was on her bed in the garage. I spent alot of time petting her and talking to her about her true self. I believe I did this mainly for myself though, because she always seemed to know more than I did. I could see in her eyes that she was happy that I was there. After a while I went back in to spend some time with my parents. Before too long, from out of the dim hallway, there she came, awkwardly walking, her tail slowly wagging and her sweet eyes gleaming. She improved steadily from that moment on.

When the time came for her to give up her old body she went in a natural way. I still feel her around me sometimes, and why not? Her true nature is indestructible.

The Owl and My Great True Love

Sometimes the messages are very clear – we just prefer not to hear….

Submitted by Zoe

My “Great True Love” and I were cross-country skiing three years ago. He had gone on ahead, which he usually did, making the event not one of being together, but of skiing alone. These were my thoughts as I worked my way down the trail. Suddenly, in the midst of the snowy branches, a brown-feathered creature flew right at me, then stopped in a tree about 10 yards away. I was stunned to see a Great Barred Owl so close – and in broad daylight. I knew immediately it had a message for me. I waited, thinking I knew what it was. The bird was so beautiful I couldn’t leave and after about 15 minutes my Love returned, irritated, wondering where I had gotten to. I put my finger on my lips and pointed. He saw the owl, too. After another ten minutes, the owl hadn’t moved much and it was getting cold so we headed home. At home we discussed the meaning of the owl. I said, “Something’s going to end or die.” We began a guessing game of people we knew well, but never did agree on who it might be. As you have probably guessed, three months later, my Great Love moved out – for good. Within days after he’d gone, I remembered the owl and its message.

I had needed warning, but had so been in denial I had not been able to heed it. Yet even so, I was grateful after the fact. It made me feel loved and watched over at a time when there was a great temptation to feel unloved and abandoned. I have often thought that understanding experiences with animals is very like interpreting a dream. Symbolically, if I had dreamed that event, I would have come to the same conclusion, only I would have noticed there were already two people in the dream scene, and would not have needed to go searching for others not there.

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