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Lost and Found

Lost and Found

Back in 1996, my son and I were going on a trip to Florida . I left my dog, Lydia , a little 5-1/2 pound Maltese, with my sister-in-law, Christy, in Minnesota (we lived in Wisconsin at the time). That was on a Saturday.

On Monday, I called to see how Lydia was doing and was told she ran out the door, (on Saturday) turned once to look at Christy, with a look saying “I’m going home” and took off. They looked for hours for her to no avail. She had contacted all the animal shelters and no one had her.

After I hung up the phone with Christy, I just sat and kept thinking to Lydia that she should go to a house and ask for help. I visualized a big house with a porch.

Two hours later, Christy called me and said Lydia was found and was at the animal shelter. She walked up to a house and sat on the porch. Someone came out and called the animal shelter. She had traveled around 5 miles and across a busy highway.

I know she heard my thoughts and went for help like I asked her to. Andrea

What a wonderful story!!!! Do you know why your dog was so able to hear you and respond in that moment? Because you didn’t panic and get locked in fear… instead you kept calm and sent her a clear and specific message that she would be able to understand. If more owners could respond as you did in that moment, we would not have so many lost pets… Obviously your little Maltese felt very loved by you so she was tuned into you like a radio beacon, especially since her focused intent was to find you… well done!!! I bet you have a very special relationship with any animal that comes into your life. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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