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I See My Future Pets

I See My Future Pets

In my house, I often see ‘waifs’ of animals just gliding by my sight of vision. My other animals notice this.

However, these aren’t dead animals or ghosts. These are my future pets.

Never once, out of 7 animals, which I have now owned, have these ‘sightings’ been wrong….abused purebreds, neglected kittens, animals who I knew their personality( coping with a psychotic dog that we had to medicate until this other stray dog came along) and knowing their name (I wait until I know the animal, everyone is different, each an individual, yet I have had a few that had names before I even knew they would end up here)…. ,honestly…my husband says I have the garden of eden here. Not the best for some of my friends, some too wild (I humanely trap cats)- some cats starving, and wild and diseased.

However, I have had a very strong premonition of a grey kitten, with a very sore or broken leg, This kitten is tame and very neglected, and I feel that she will show up. Usually, this takes up to 2 years- but she said her name is Treacle. So, I will let you know if and when this happens. My husband, after 12 years of marriage, no longer doubts me.

I want you to know that I don’t go out of my way to seek these animals- I do have a humane cat trap, but the deal is they ALL go to the SPCA. Also, as far as dogs go, when our last dog died and our others refused to eat, we went to the shelter to pick up a mutt- Daisey was our last- and she fit in with what I saw- a dog that coped with our psychotic purebred, loved cats, and well, was Daisey. I know, how many dogs would it take to fill that order? Well, you need to know how bad our psychotic dog was…no groomer would touch him, he was known ‘on sight’ as a coward dog, he attacked all cats, dogs, no matter having been brought up with them since 8 week old, the vet advised putting him to sleep, he had pictures up with his name for house-sitting as having a bad reputation- that is no one could touch him….now Daisey changed all that. He has been demoted at the Vets to a 2 star lunatic. My vet cannot believe the change. And my insane dog – not mean, nor vicious- is more confident, and less scared, and actually lets people pet him now…he is 7 years old. And Daisey taught him to play, and to play nice with everyone-cats, kids, the older dogs.

At one point, we thought we would have to put this dog to sleep…but Daisey was waiting for us. I know, ‘ cause she told me.

So, people see ghosts of animals, what about future animals?

Just wondering and not really caring, I know Treacle will show up…… Penny

I often see the energy of a future baby to be born around a person, so I would imagine that the energy of a future pet might appear around you, fascinating! Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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