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How to Communicate With Your Pets

Art Myers on
How to Communicate With Your Pets

Art responds to a young woman wanting to know whether she should speak or listen first, when talking with her puppy.

In a word – BOTH.

I would suggest that she get my book, “Communicating With Animals,” and check out Chapter 4 – Ways That Animals and Humans Exchange Information. This chapter, starting on Page 27, quotes several professional communicators on ways they get into the communicating mode.

Actually, I would say the person might start the exchange, but the most important thing is to LISTEN TO THE ANIMAL.

I get interviewed on radio and TV constantly, and this question is almost always asked, either by the talk show host or by a call-in listener. I’ve worked out the following reply:

Meditate, try to get out of your usual head chatter – get yourself out of your usual left brain – logical – mode of thought and into the right brain – intuitive – mode of awareness. This is sometimes known as going into the alpha state, which is a brain frequency slightly slower than your usual brain frequency. There are various ways of meditating – you can use a mantra, a word or sound that you repeat over and over. Or some people find it effective to count backwards – perhaps starting with 10, down to zero. Do this several times and it will quiet your mind. Some people do it with various breathing exercises, such as concentrating your attention on your breath, being very aware of it coming in and out of your nose. There are many books and many courses that can help you with this, although with practice you can learn it by yourself. Silva Mind Control is a good course, and Transcendental Meditation has been effective for many people.Then become very much aware of your puppy. Perhaps stroke him to get his attention, to let him know that you would like to communicate. Observe the puppy quietly and intently. Try to experience its inner awareness – what it feels like to be this puppy, what it feels like to have this fur, and this soft little body.

A very important thing at this point, and throughout the communication, is to FEEL. Feel LOVE for the puppy. That’s very important.Then try to send a picture, or an idea, to him. Do this telepathically. The important thing is to LISTEN. Professional communicators tell us that animals are constantly talking to us, constantly sending us messages – but we are never listening. SO LISTEN.Those are the two most important things you can do – SEND LOVE, and LISTEN.

You may hear words back, you may get pictures that the puppy is thinking, you may get emotions, or an idea, or a sound or a smell the puppy is experiencing.One animal communicator gave me a story that beautifully illustrates an important factor in communication:

An artist painted a picture of a door. People would say, “That picture isn’t finished, there’s no doorknob.”

The artist replied: “That door is to the human heart. It can only be opened from the inside.”

“Communicating with Animals: the Spiritual Connection Between People and Animals”
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Art on the New Millennium:

Says Art Myers: So many people these days – especially people who are spiritually aware, are frightened that large parts of the world will be changed, perhaps destroyed, and that lives of people and animals living there will be shockingly ended. But some spiritually aware people say that only good will come of these changes, and the changes probably will not be physical, but will be changes in energy – that they will represent great strides forward in the consciousness of planet Earth and its beings.

The following is from the new book, “Communicating With Animals: The Spiritual Connection Between People and Animals,” by Arthur Myers. The person speaking is Denise Kinch of Groveland, Massachusetts, a young woman with mystical awareness. She says:

“As a child, very often I was told that animals and birds and trees can’t talk to me. I shut it down for a while because of my upbringing. But I always spent much time with animals and in the woods, much more time than with people. Nature has always been my saving grace. My parents always called me a renegade, because I always fought the system. My brother and sister were the perfect son, the perfect daughter. And I was in the middle. I never wore dresses; I climbed trees. I was with animals more than people. I just wasn’t what my parents wanted, and I created my own disharmony in the family by being that. I was always unworthy of them, I could never get their love. They were never pleased with who I was, and I was never pleased with who I was. But I knew there was more out there, so I kept searching and searching.

“My husband is a CPA, the controller in an insurance company. Very heavy left-brain, but he puts up with me. He drives a motorcycle too, so he’s all right. My children are very open to communication, they see more than I see, they hear more than I hear. They have never been shut down, they have never been told the animals don’t talk. But in most of our culture, the shutdown comes right from birth. You’re told you can’t walk with nature.

“Well, I’ve always walked with nature. I see trees’ auras, they just dance. When I was raking leaves this morning, I was watching the trees with their brilliant colors around them. If you talk to the stone people, you can BE them, you can FEEL them. They have so much knowledge, so much power, because they have been there forever, they have been here before the trees. They have so much to give us.

“There’s so much violence and anger and torment and abuse and sadness and injustice in the world, but if you look at the broad spectrum you’ll see that something is changing. I think the world is changing for the better. People think the world is about to end, but I think it’s only going to end as we know it within ourselves, rather than on a physical level. I think we’re becoming more energy-bodied, we’re transforming our own bodies and minds.”

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