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Getting Started Communicating With Animals

Getting Started Communicating With Animals

Laura answers your questions about making those first connections

How can I learn to communicate with my dog when I have had no experience before and am having a hard time trying to? Josefina

You need to relax. This is one thing that will not happen if you are anxious and trying to push the communication. Limit the things you are trying to say to one or two words and think about what you dog’s perspective is, not yours. People are very complicated and our pets aren’t. Keep it simple and look for other clues that you got through. Facial expressions of behavior changes are often the answer given.

Be easy with it and don’t force the answer to only be recognized by you in one specific way. You need to be flexible and listen for a quite voice to has a short answer. You’ll get there. Love, Laura

I can’t seem to be able to hear my pets speak. One is a cat named Hazel, one is a cat named Jade, and one is a dog named Daisy. I don’t think they want to. How do you connect with nature and how do you get your animals to speak with you? Gabz

You might be trying to hard or it could be that your pets just don’t care to talk to you at this time. Often our pets feel that there is nothing to chat about. A pets thinking is very different from ours. Don’t assume that just because you want to chat they do.

Have you read though all the information on the site about starting up conversations with your pet?

The number one thing you can do to facilitate communicating with animals in general is to just be easy about it and try not to force conversation. I’m sure your pets get plenty of messages to you without having to resort to “verbal communication”. That’s okay. Just be easy with it and try your best not to force the issue.

It will happen when the time is right. Love, Laura

I get it and thanxz for the help but I don’t know. . . .well, I’m not sure I’m doing it right – do I stare in his eyes and talk ( I FEEL DUMB, LIKE I”M TALKING TO MYSELF IN MY HEAD) I don’t know if when he replies it’s me thinking. I really wanna strengthen this bond, but are some dogs only capable of acting it out cause all he does is licks me and when I say put your paw on my hand he doesn’t do anything but stare at me like (lemme go). I just wanna find out how to do it oh yeah , are cats better at it than dogs,…? and how long does it take to strengthen their physic abilities? THANKZ SOOO MUCH

Give up on the paw thing. It’s not necessary to look him in the eyes either. In fact just try talking to him in your head when he’s in the same room with you and notice what happens. No expectations, they only set limits.

Be easy with it and don’t push or strain. He has all the psychic abilities he needs and so do you if you’ll allow your mind not to delete it as just “talking to yourself”. Try to lift your focus off it and just be with your thoughts.

It all happens in it’s own time. Laura

Hi, I am wondering how to connect with my dog, can’t really do it. . .or understand. Once to my cat I said if you love me put your paw on my hand. Once again I tried to get her to do something that proved that we were really talking besides her just doing that out of pure luck. Please help me!

You had great success with your cat! Just be patient with your dog and you’ll find something that he wants to talk to you about. I think that he just likes spending time with you and the talking thing is something that he feels you need to do more and he needs to listen and be there for you.

You will find it easier if you try with easy things that he has reference to, toys, food, play. Just be easy with it and it will happen. Love, Laura

I am very close with my dog and very interested in learning to communicate with him. But I dont know where to start. What should I say? And how clear will his answers be? I always speak to him vocally, and once or twice I have said hello mentally, but not actually forced him for an answer. Is this right? What do you recommend I say to him first. He is an extremely intelligent dog, and I’m sure we are both capable of communicating. But I need some starter help. Many Thanks, Helen Lowes

From listening to your letter I would have to say the first thing you need to do is quiet your mind. You can’t rush or push communication from your dog. If your dog senses that you are straining then communication from his side will be thwarted. There are some very good articles on how to start communicating with your pet on the web sight. Start your reading there. The Book by Arthur Myer, “Communicating With Animals” is another resource for you.

Patience! Patience! Patience! Start with something that interested your dog, food, water, walks. Then just think it in your head and add a the smell of it or the surroundings and empty your mind so you can “hear” back from your dog. A good way to clear your mind is to have your mind watch your mind. It’s a concept the mind can’t quite wrap around so it settles quickly. Get your intellect out of the way, don’t judge the answer, just receive.

Let me know how it goes. Be easy with yourself, Laura

How can I learn how to talk to my cat Crookshanks as if we were having a normal conversation? Because I am really interested in what she might have to say, because she used to be a stray and she came to me one day and I took her in. Lately she has been bitten by another cat and we got her fixed up 8 to 12 hours before and she would have died so I am really very interested in what she might have to say. I want to tell her how sorry I am that that happened to her and want to say how much I love her and how proud I am of her because she uses a litter box or goes outside to go to the restroom and doesn’t go everywhere else, so please help me. Thanks and lots of love from me Rebecca

Your dear Crookshanks picked you out to be her owner. That is quite a honor for you I know but one of the reason she likes you so much is the love you feel for her in your heart. She knows that you are proud of her for using the litter box, etc. All you have to do is talk to her. There is no magic in that, but as you talk allow a little movie of what you are saying to play. That is how she will understand better. Eventually she will send you movies of her desires too. Be easy with it and just allow. If you force or talk about things that she has no frame of reference about she might shut down and not listen to you. It’s only people that think and then talk to fill in the air. Silence in the mind is important so you can hear your intutition, mot just fill in the space with your desires.

There are several pages on the seb site that deal with talking to your animals. The important thing is to try and soo but don’t pester her with stuff that she could care less about. Love, Laura

I have 5 dogs living with me, along with 3 birds. I’ve been interested in learning to communicate with my animals and other animals for a very long time now. I’ve purchased 2 books on the subject, and I’m hoping to get 3 more for my Birthday next month. Any ways, I’ve tried to meditate to clear my mind, but sometimes I just think to much and my mind won’t clear. I think I’ve had some successes with it, but I’m not sure if I did or not. I was wondering when asking a question, how do you turn it into an image or a smell to send? And how do you go about sending it? After sending it do you just wait and see what you receive? Would it work better to start out with just an image of the pet? I know I have to take it easy at first, sometimes I want to do it so bad I have to stop and wait a while. Please, any advice would be great! Thank you so much! ~Amy~

I’m glad you’ve started meditating. That’s how you start to silence your mind. The mind likes to be active but if your mind runs chatter all the time then the things that you need to hear get blocked. As you meditate have the mind watch the mind. That’s a great technique for calming it down.

Now for the communicating with your pets. When you are trying to talk with them just allow a movie of your message play in your head. That’s what they will pick up on more than the noises your mouth makes. Animals take in the world through their noses and emotions that’s the other component to the movie. The meditation helps us clear out the chatter so it does not interfere with the movie we are sending. Understand?

Be easy with it. If you force things then it doesn’t work. Allow it to be easy and don’t analyze just observe. Love, Laura

I am new to this and trying to learn how to talk to my pets. Most of the time I look at my dog and try to send her a message and she just continues what she’s doin, never looks at me, just ignores me. I try to imagine what she is thinking or what thoughts she may be sending me but I never get anything. Its like something is blocking any messages from getting to me or from me to her. I am doing everything the best I know how but I feel like I may be doing something wrong. Can you help me out? Justin

Chances are either your dog doesn’t understand how your message pertains to her or she’s just not paying attention to it because you didn’t send it to her as another dog would. You need to add the emotion of the message and a smell of what it’s about. In other words if you want to talk to her then talk to her in her language. There are tips about how to do those things on the web site.

Keep trying, you’ll get through. Love, Laura

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