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Connections With the Other Side

Connections With the Other Side

I communicate regularly with my Sheltie, Kasey, who passed away 3/5/04. While he was still alive he refused to respond to me when I contacted him telepathically. He would tell me “I don’t like that.” But after he died and he realized that he could still have contact to me he became more comfortable “talking to me.”

He now sends his canine friends to talk to me, which has been quite an experience. Within hours after he passed (I had to have him euthanized because he had been seizing and had lost all bodily functions), he contacted me to tell me he loved me and to thank for me for loving him so much that I would let him go and end his pain. I was privileged to see him “cross over” and see him to greeted by my mom who was waiting in the light for him.

This is such an incredible gift I have been given. And whenever an animal contacts me I make every effort to relay their message to their human. I so often see deceased pets around friends and make sure I tell them. It has helped many in dealing with their grief. And for some, reaffirmed that their fur baby is still around – in spirit. Nancy

How wonderful that you have made this connection… and that your sweet baby acts as a guide for you from the other side… thanks for sharing, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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