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Connecting With Your Pets

Connecting With Your Pets

I have been trying to communicate with my dogs for quite some time but for some reason, I’m sure my own, it just isn’t coming together for me. I understand my dogs body language, vocalizations and things of this nature but there are questions that I would like to have answered about them from time to time.

I would love to be able to reach them on this level. I would love to be able to do this on my own. I try desperately every day but to no avail. One of the reasons that I would like to be able to communicate with my animals is because my male Border Collie has suddenly taken a major dislike in my female. It has gotten to the point where you can see the anger building up in him just as she gets closer to him in our home. I am not a novice with dogs, I have been showing and training for about 10 years and none of the training methods have worked in solving the arising problem. It is getting worse as time goes by. I do not know what has triggered this as they were friends for quite some time and would play and really seemed to enjoy each other. But, not any more. If you can help me out in any way, I would be eternally grateful. How do I handle multiple dogs in the immediate area and the possibility of getting “signals crossed?” Shawnee Winder

You might try using my Instructions for Connecting with the Higher Self- but simply connect with you dog instead. It may take some practice, and at first you may find it much easier to do this in a meditative state rather than in “normal waking mode”. It really is simply a matter of getting yourself into the right state of listening; once you are there, you can go back, and with practice, go back more and more easily, until you are able to do it standing before your dog, wanting to understand the situation better.

When you connect from an “altered state”, you go directly to the “person” you want to- and there is no mix-up. It makes no difference where the person you are connecting to is in space or time, and it makes no difference whether your dogs are near each other at the time you “tap in” with them.

Let me know whether you have any questions! You can find my instructions on the site, titled, “How to Connect with Your Higher Self”.

Good luck! It’s an amazing, wonderful and of course incredibly useful thing to be able to talk with animals “directly” in your mind. Also know that whatever you say back to them while connected in the deeper state, they will hear. In fact, remember that they are probably aware of the “intention” of your thoughts, and your feelings, all of the time… :)

Love, Barb

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