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Connecting with Animals and Birds in the Wild

Connecting with Animals and Birds in the Wild

I love animals and birds. Have four cats. In the past year I have experienced an ongoing series of visits by wild animals and birds. These are unique and unusual in their location. IE: A hawk landed in my backyard right in front of me and just stared at me, I now have a resident deer who visits every other day. These are not unusual except that I have lived in this house for 20 years, and never seen either around. The list of visits is so long that I finally made a chronological listing so I wouldn’t forget. I believe these animals and birds are trying to communicate with me. How can I understand? thanks, Denise

I have a few suggestions… hawk and deer are mystical creatures – you could probably find a description of their “meaning” in the native medicine cards, but also by browsing on the web, This will give you some insight about why these particular creatures are around you now… the other suggestions is about the communicating… trust your imagination to bring you the information you want – still yourself so you are very quiet, breathe deeply and try to empty your mind of all thoughts, give thanks to the One for these gifts of communication and then “tune in” to the creatures with your whole self, one at a time, whether or not they are near you… you can use a crystal in your hand to help you tune it and while you are working you might find it useful to keep palms up in the “receiving” mode… while you’re tuning in, notice everything you are feeling, sensing seeing with your minds eye… and trust that whatever comes up in those moments is a valid communication… hawk often speaks to an opening to ones psychic ability, and deer usually speaks in some ways to gentleness and love… that’s the other thing, while you’re tuning in, do your best to radiate love to the animals that you wish to communicate with, visualize them and thank them for coming to you, then ask if they have a message for you… Let us know how it works, lotsa LLLove, Danielle

More from Laura:

Danielle gives really great information about how to open up and receive information. I would also tell you that the typical animal speaks softly and clearly once. If you suddenly hear a louder voice telling you that you didn’t hear that, it’s usually your rational side of your brain that it’s most times in control, or controlling what you think is rational or real. That is why it’s important to remain silent and calm. Just receive. Then think about how it fits together with the animal’s body language and appearance. Go easy and don’t strain.

I agree that you can find out about the Native American Indian Medicine cards on the web or get the set of cards and book then do some readings for yourself specifically about what the animals are trying to tell you. It’s a great tool! Take care! Love, Laura

HELP! I have a Jay bird who is extremely territorial and has gone nuts in our yard. This all started out of the blue about six weeks ago. Since then it has chased off all the other birds, particularly the Black Phoebe we had adopted as our pet. I can’t even begins to tell you how special this Black Phoebe is. If all this wasn’t bad enough the Jay flies around the house LOOKING FOR ME. I am not kidding. He watches me from windows and squawks in his creepy manner to call me. Basically it is stalking me. I know this sounds funky, nevertheless, my daughter and I are really creeped out and upset over this behavior. Just this weekend I witnessed it viciously attacking our Black Phoebe who was trying to come into our yard (which has always been his yard, long before we ever moved in). Our bird keeps trying to come back, but it is chased away. The Jay NEVER leaves and is constantly patrolling our yard in all directions. When I go outside, he flies immediately in my direction AS IF I AM SUPPOSED TO WELCOME IT!! Of course I yell and chase it away, but it never leaves. It’s crazy, I tell you. How can I tell this Jay to go away? We do not enjoy his stalking and bullying tactics. We do not want him here. Please help! Thank you very much.

Jay birds are notorious for bulling other birds out of any place they want to take over. There is nothing you can do, apart from killing it with a BB gun and I don’t see you doing something like that. You need t make peace with your situation and just accept the FACT that your yard and life have been taken over by this bird for now. What you resist persists. It may not be what you wanted to hear but it’s the truth. Sorry, Laura

We have saved the life of a chick, a Black African Oyster Catcher, endangered species. It is now 5 weeks old. We need help as it is about to fly and it is not ready as beak not strong enough to open oysters… Very interesting situation. Have been trying to reach Sonya Fitzpatrick but can you help us at all? Do you know her? Thanks for your help. Look forward to hearing from you.

I urge you to contact your local animal rescue group and tell them about your bird. It really needs to be with an avian expert in order to learn the tasks it needs to survive. How about the nearest zoo or aquarium? Have you contacted them? Animal sanctuary? This is no task for an amateur! I commend you for getting the chick this far but as it is an endangered species I’m sure that a zoo or other wildlife sanctuary would be most glad to take over the task of getting this bird off on the right foot. Love, Laura

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