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On Communicating With Horses

Hi. I have a 9 yr old quarterhorse that has had a troublesome experience in trailer loading and unloading. I’ve taken him to a trainer after countless hours of teaching him to get on and off the trailer without racing out where he may hurt himself or someone else. He is afraid of someone closing the door and will barrel out to get away from the issue. I would like to reassure that he is fine and he will not get hurt or distressed so that we maybe able to take him places once again. Nancy

Your own mind reminds him of his fears and distress around the trailer. If you truly want to be able to trailer him around then you have to think only happy safe thoughts around the trailer because ‘As you think – So you manifest’ with a horse. I know this from countless times with my own horses and wrong thinking. You told me that you spent time for your horse and a trainer. Don’t throw that time away and sour your horse again. If you don’t think you can load him into the trailer allow another person to do it for you. Allow it to be easy, Love, Laura

Well first off where do I start. My name is Dayna! When I was 15 years old I purchased a 9 year old QH named Coconut I changed his named to Wish or My wish came true for his show name since he was my first pony. I took him to many many horse shows and we did awesome we were always pinning! we did awesome in equitation well I went on vacation for a few days and came back my pony was dead lame! we got the vet in and got him x rayed turns out he broke his leg and we sent him over to Saratoga Equine to get surgery he wasn’t recovering well so I was 16 at the time decided it was best for him to be put down ;-(! I gave up riding for a long time and when I went to get my stuff to quit riding I found a beautiful 14 HH pony in my pony’s stall scared to death. I decided I guess I can work with him I did and ended up buying him when I first started working with him he had no name I named him Secrets and Secrets r4 Keeps his show name now I can do just about anything with him and he seems happy! but right now I am at college and he is sorta sitting and I know it’s not fair I am trying to get my parents to let me take him to college with me. But my grades aren’t that great. But he does have some flaws that I can’t explain. I guess from the abuse before but what I would really like to know is what happened to him before. Thanx for reading, Danya

I’m sorry for your loss with Wish. I know how devastating these unexpected calamities can be. Now on to Secrets, he misses you very much and isn’t too sure about what might happen to him next. You are right there are many things he does not want to repeat in his life and he hesitates to bring them up. He is just waiting for you to return. Summer is just around the corner and you will be home after this semester. Only about 6 weeks left of school? Just focus down on your school work so you can pull your grades up to please your parents. You can do it. You are more then capable of that if your mind doesn’t wander.

This summer spend all the time you can with Secrets and make your decision on what to do with him for the duration of your college time. Maybe you could lease him to another rider who will take good care of him. That will certainly help with the costs to board him.

You need to release your thoughts about finding out just what happened to him in his past and stay in the current moment with him so he can create new expectations of peoples bahavior towards him. Have fun with your studies too. Love, Laura

I have been riding horses for about a year and a half now. I was wondering how you can mentally speak with them on a spiritual level. I love horses and I think they are wonderful. I think it is important to know how to speak with them spiritually or(mentally) because when you ride them you are or trying to control there movements and where you are going and plus it would also be good to have them as a good friend. Thank you very much for reading my question and hopefully you will answer. Thank you very very much, Isabella A.

You’ve been mentally speaking to your mount all along. A horse immediately connects to it’s rider’s thoughts when you ride. That’s why it’s so important to only think of the positive outcomes of your challenges when you are riding. Have you noticed that when you are worrying about the horse bolting at the water, over a bridge, a fence, etc., what you are thinking tends to manifest. Now, if you’ve been one of the luckiest riders in the world to have a horse that is push button and only does what the instructor tells him to do, then maybe you’ve not experienced a bad situation that you’d already thought about and your horse acted out your fears. But for most of us the horse is a big lesson in correct thinking.

Horses teach us GREAT lessons about telepathy and “what you think, you manifest”. It’s very important to have a clear image, or “movie in your head”, of how effortless and easy it will be to execute what ever the task you wish to undertake. Your horse is your vehicle so it’s important to feel at ease and be easy.

When you’re off your horse and grooming it or just walking around with the horse on a lead then you can unburden yourself to your horse and it will be great. Horses are great listeners and great comforters.

Enjoy! Love, Laura

I think that I can “talk” to my dog. I also think that I have had an experience with a horse. I would like you to tell me if I could be doing this or if I am imagining it. I was at a festival where people dress up and act like they are from the middle ages, they have a big jousting act there and they allow you to see the knights getting ready and the horses getting suited. Well I felt a wierd attraction to this Chestnut Clydesdale. It was like my mind was pulling me toward this horse. So I walk over and I stroke its muzzle then all of a sudden I have this feeling of nervousness and being scared all at the same time. Then I got out of my trance-thingy and I thought , why would I feel that way, I have no reason to be scared and nervous. I ride horses so I wasn’t afraid of it. Then it hit me that it must have been the horse sending me this burst of emotion! I would like to think that I had talked to this animal, but I need a second opinion. ~Leighann

You’re okay. You did pick up on the horse’s excitement about the joust. It’s kind of scary for them to have their rider get dismounted in the ways of the joust. He was sharing his anxiety with you and you, being a horse woman picked up on his stress.

Just be easy with yourself. Love, Laura

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