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I would like to know how to communicate with my hamster. Is it actually possible? Well if it is can u tell me how please. And can u try to make it so i can understand. And one more thing can u tell me how to tell him things cause when I try I always think this is a joke or something and I always think it should work. Can u tell me how please! Thank u! Ahmed

Hamsters are usually busy with their own brain chatter about chewing, building nests, finding food, things like that. It’s hard to interrupt them in order to ask a question that you think is important. Think of something that appeals to him and see if it works. Being innocent with your question and keep it simple. A hamster is not going to give an opinion about world affairs or even a suggestion about your family unless it impacts him directly. That type of thinking is just not part of his makeup. Try not to cancel out the information you get. You might not get it as a thought. You might experience a smell or he might make a gesture for you to let you know your message was received. Just be easy with trying and you’ll find you have a whole new way of being with your pet. Be Easy, Laura

I have a really important question! It is really hard for me to understand how to meditate. I just don’t know how. I have a hamster and so does my sister my hamsters name is Butter and my sister’s hamster’s name is Oreo. I tried to communicate with them but it seems like they either don’t understand me, or I’m doing it wrong, or is it because hamsters are just really stupid? If I get a chance to communicate with them I will ask them why they fight with each other??!. It’s really weird because when we got the hamsters they loved each other!. So please contact me! Kaitlin

Forget about the meditation for now. Later you can read a book about it or go to a class.

As for Butter and Oreo they just don’t like each other, period. They have demonstrated this to you enough! Quit trying to put them together. They don’t understand why you and your sister don’t “get it”. They have each developed their own territory and there is NO ROOM for the other in it. Forget about how they “used to be” this is now. The one thing that animals are is in the now. These hamsters have no room for past memories to clutter up their present feelings about each other. Perhaps, are you and your sister this way from time to time, you each want your own space and friends? Animals often copy the behaviors they see and “feel” around them.

Hamsters have very little to say about anything, except their food and their toys. That’s their life. You’re not “doing” anything wrong except asking questions of them that they have already answered by their behavior, or that they could care less about because it’s not important to them. A hamster will “talk” to you, through their actions.

Now, lighten up and allow them to have their private spaces. Then you can play with Butter and have fun watching her show you what she likes to do for fun. Your sister can play with Oreo and your hamsters will not feel jealous about their space. Be easy with them, they are only hamsters. Love, Laura

I can’t communicate with my hamster. It is very difficult. Can you help? Andy

Hamsters can be very hard to get through to. Their world revolves around eating, running around, and sleeping. If you want to talk about anything else then they really have no point of reference.

There are many good tips for communicating with your pets listed on the web site; Look through those listed and see if that helps you out. Better yet take your hamster out of his cage and carry him around with you talking to him about stuff. Hang in there! Love, Laura

I could talk to my hamster? I used to have a gorgeous hamster (syrian ) called choggy, she was so kind and would sit on my lap for hours and used to chirp at me when I played the recorder. 1 night she got out & died & I was crying and I still do but now I have 2 dwarf hamsters and they don’t seem 2 like me. I was bitten twice and don’t like to pick them up because I have to hunt round the cage for them and I think they are scared. Please can u help me talk to them & how can I tell choggy I’m sorry, Im only 12 and I’d like 2 develop my psychic powers. Sarah

You are learning one of the biggest lessons in life with your two new hamsters. No two hamsters, people, freinds, are the same. Each of us in a unique being. Your two dwarf hamsters are just into being friends with each other. They just see you as the one who feeds them and cleans the cage. That’s okay, that’s just where there thinking is. You can’t make them into Choggy. They don’t have the personality for the things she did. But they can be really good at being what whey are, friends with each other.

Just telling Choggy you are sorry she got out and died. She’ll hear you where ever she is. She already has. You gave her as much bliss as she gave you.

Your psychic powers will develop on their own. Just notice what’s going on all around you. You’ll start to put it together. Love, Laura

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