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Cats Who Fly


by Art Myers

an Excerpt from
“Communicating with Animals: the Spiritual Connection Between People and Animals”

Folklore has it that cats are mysterious. I don’t know if they’re any more mysterious than the rest of us, but I once knew a cat in Lenox, MA, who had some pretty clever psychic tricks.

For one thing, he lived well past the age of 20, which is pretty long for a cat to hang around this plane. His name was Michael, and he lived with a family I knew named Librizzi. There was Joel Librizzi, Terry, and two kids, Marc and Terry Jr., then in their early teens. It might be pertinent to mention that mother Terry, in addition to being a university professor of philosophy, was also a psychic, and the two kids weren’t far behind her. It was a family where Michael really belonged.

When Michael was 20, he did something uncharacteristic – he got sick. They took him to a veterinarian in the next town, who wanted to keep him overnight. It was the first time Michael had ever been away from the family.

That evening, the Librizzis went to a movie. When they returned, they stood on the porch while the elder Terry fished around in her handbag for the house key. Suddenly they saw Michael jump up on the porch, and as Terry opened the door he ran inside. This was standard procedure. Michael would go for a nightly stroll, then come back and run inside to grab a snack from his dish in the kitchen.

Automatically, Terry opened the door and let Michael in. Then the Librizzis stared at each other. Wasn’t Michael at the vet’s down in Stockbridge, six miles away? They ran inside, and there was no Michael in sight. They called the vet’s, and were told that Michael was still crouched morosely in the cage he’d been put in that afternoon.

The assumption is that Michael had been yearning so ferociously to be home that he had taken an astral trip. When the Librizzis showed up on the porch, he materialized momentarily and they saw him.

I remember Terry’s telling me that the kids were worried about Michael’s advanced age. They’d known him all their lives, and he couldn’t go on forever in this life.

“I tell the kids,” Terry said, “don’t worry, that cat’s not going anywhere.”

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