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Ask Our Animal Communicator

Ask Our Animal Communicator!

Laura Simpson, professional animal communicator, and the Global Psychics Team answer your questions about talking with pets.

I can speak to animals, but can every one or only a chosen few do this? I love speaking with animals, but many of my friends don’t believe me and those who do, say I have a gift.

I think it’s a combination of the two things. First, I do think it’s a gift. It’s a gift of believing in your intuition and trusting in nature to speak truth to you. Not everyone has a belief system that supports that kind of trust. Second, I think that people can learn how to talk to their animals if they are willing to give up that impulse to second think the information that comes to them and trust in nature. Keep up the good work! Love, Laura

Laura’s Answers

When I want to begin talking to my animals what are some first questions I should ask?

A good place to start would be when you are preparing their food. Ask if they are hungry. Certainly they will respond with some kind of noise or gesture then just continue your chat with them, talk about your day, ask about their’s, small talk. Then just watch their responses and see how it all fits.

I talk to my pets all the time, as if they are another person that lives with me. That’s how communications start. Good luck breaking your boundaries. Love, Laura

I just started trying to communicate with animals. I am having some problems with it not working. do you think you could help me. Jason

Keep it to the small stuff and go easy. Ask her if she knows where “whatever” is that you are looking for, and see how she responds or if you are suddenly able to find the object. That too is how they will communicate with you. Be open to the universe of endless ways to communicate and have your questions answered.

Listen to the messages you get, don’t think about them. Be open and try not to have an agenda about how the session should go. Remember; Expectations are nothing more than premeditated disappointments. Be easy with what you get and go slow. Love, Laura

A few days ago I found out that humans could talk to animals and so forth, since then I have been spending all my time with my cat Evee. It was my childhood dream to have an animal friend that I could talk to. Now I know its possible I can’t stop thinking about it, I have sat in front of my cat for hours and hours trying to blank my mind as much as I can and also tried meditating for a while and nothing do seems to have much difference. Am I doing something wrong or am I just not able to understand animals. Please help me! Kyle

You’re doing the right things but trying too hard. Now that you’ve got the idea just be easy with it and your cat Evee will start letting you in on a few things. Pets don’t like it when we try and force communication. They feel the pressure and just don’t know how to respond to our urgency.

It will come just be easy. Start with blinking your eyes slowly like Evee does when she’s feeling safe and happy. That will show her that you can talk with your eyes as well as your voice. See if you can set up some yes and no statements with her using your eyes to respond with your voice. Take care, Laura

I am very interested in learning how to speak mentally with another species (dog). I have researched the web and dug through many sites, so I think I know what my intentions are. I need some help talking to my dog Luke. A golden retriever who has been with my family since birth. I need some sample questions that I may ask him. Some questions that will give a good clear image back to me. Thank You, Ben

I suggest you start with something very simple and don’t expect too much back. In other words you aren’t going to get a tv type picture of his desire. Dogs tend to send smells at times rather than pictures or “words”. Be easy with the whole process, if you strain you’ll miss the message. In fact I would start out with finding a way for the two of you to communicate your feelings with gestures, ie. an eye blink, or a wink. Luke can mimic you and the two of you will be off on the communication gig and ready for the next step. Have you read Penelope Smith’s books about communicating with animals? That’s always a good place to start. Good Luck, Laura

There are lots of good tips for learning to communicate with your dog on our site. But you specifically asked for some questions to use… here are some examples from my own experience…

Last year when we were training our new puppy, I was getting very frustrated at one point and told Gracie that she needed to learn how to tell us when she wanted out… the next thing I knew she was making a strange sound at our feet when she needed to go out to do her business. So, what I am saying is that the best way to get things going is to use your everyday experiences… for example, teach her to communicate with you when she wants to play with a specific toy or try to teach her to choose a specific toy based on mental images… hmm, that one is kind of easy, Gracie quickly learned to bring the toy we wanted her to bring and drop it at our feet… here is another good one… one day I wanted a hug from Gracie – she was some ten feet away when I first sent her the mental images… after a minute or two, she wasn’t responding, so again in my mind I said. “Ok for you, but I am going to get that hug from you if you want a walk…” not a second later she was trying to jump into my arms for a hug, and as soon as she got it, she went running for her coat – she had obviously got that communication in its entirety.

Our animals won’t be interested in communicating with us about philosophy, or even what happened that day unless it was significant to them in some ways… but they will easily learn to communicate with you about the things they need and want in their lives, how they feel, what they like and don’t like – so work the communications around the things that they will naturally be interested in communicating about and you will find it much easier to make some connections. Hope that helps,. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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