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Art Myers on Communicating with Animals

Art Myers on Communicating with Animals


Global Psychics presents Art Myers, the well-known ghost-hunter, reporter and author. Art tells us about his life, his work and his new book “Communicating with Animals: the Spiritual Connection Between People and Animals”.

I’ve been an author for many years and many books. This is my most recent – “Communicating With Animals: The Spiritual Connection Between People and Animals.”

I felt something for this book that I’ve never felt for any other.

As I read the published text, it seemed to me that much of the book might have been channeled. I suspect many writers sometimes look at something they’ve written and wondered – Did I write that? I felt that about many passages in the book. Not only about the words I wrote myself, but also about direct quotations from some of the approximate 75 people I interviewed – professional animal communicators, veterinarians, clients and animal lovers. It seemed to me that many of these people were also channeling. Their – and my – words came so from the heart. And it seemed to me that something drew me again and again to the right people at the right time.

In any case, this is what Danielle Daoust, a psychic based in Toronto, wrote to a group of psychics and psychic buffs that we both belong to:

“From the first, there was something about this book that drew me in – an almost intangible pull. The writing is good and clear and the stories fascinating, but it was something more. I think this is a very important book. I am more convinced than ever that the animal kingdom is behind this book and wants it widely published.

Here are two excerpts that I thought were especially relevant – tucked into the stories are some really significant how-to’s. Carol Gurney, a professional animal communicator based in Agoura, CA, speaks:

The technique that I use I call communicating from the heart. I direct my students through a guided meditation, the purpose of which is to get in touch with that place within themselves, within their hearts, where all their compassion and love lives, so that what we can begin to do is communicate from our hearts, versus our minds. If we can move down into our heart center it comes through all of us. It comes through our minds, our hearts, our spirit and our physical body. We come from pure love. If you do this you allow yourself and that animal to share information on all different levels. The animal will feel so safe with you that it begins to reveal to you the things that it needs to.

The chapter concludes with these comments from Carol:

People are awakening, people want to know who their animals really are. The bottom line is that they want to know who “they” themselves are. Because animals are a reflection of us. One of the primary reasons for animals being in our lives is to teach us how to love ourselves the way they love us. They teach us through their behavior, through actions, all about us. They’re our greatest mirrors.

They’re the greatest therapists we have on this earth.

Danielle, author of this web site, underlines my feelings about this book and its purpose….

“Arthur, you are performing a great service to these therapists – helping them to accomplish their mission. I am still unable to articulate what I really sense around this book. Somehow it feels as if it’s the sign of something to come, a beginning point – the animal kingdom alerting us to the fact that a shift in consciousness has already begun and that they’re joining us wholeheartedly in the need to move up the evolutionary ladder.

“I believe you were channeling when you wrote this book – as fine a job of investigative reporting as I’ve ever seen. But the reason I say so is that there’s a light that comes with the book, an energy emanating from it – I feel the Godforce in it.”

I – Arthur – feel that I’d like to supplement Danielle’s and Carol’s words with those of another of the animal communicators I interviewed for the book. She lives near me, in a suburb of Boston, Groveland, MA. Her name is Denise Kinch:

There’s so much violence and anger and torment and abuse and sadness and injustice in the world, but if you look at the broad spectrum you’ll see that something is changing. I think the world is changing for the better.

People think that the world is about to end, but I think it’s only going to end as we know it within ourselves, rather than on a physical level. I think we’re becoming more energy-bodied, we’re transforming our own bodies and minds.

Buy the Book In May 1997 Contemporary Books published his new book on communicating with the animals in our lives – and with nature. “Communicating with Animals: the Spiritual Connection Between People and Animals” is both inspired and inspirational – a must read for any animal-lover, pet owner, or anyone on the quest for higher consciousness.

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