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Animals and the Afterlife

Animals and the Afterlife

Animals Who See Spirits

We had a pup who could see the entities in the home, when myself and my husband would meditate, she would set across from us in a chair. One day as we started to do our meditation, she jump up to her chair and as she was landing, she was thrown out of the chair, she turned around and barked at the entity in the chair, we both were able to see this happen.

She also had another experience one evening, she saw something in the middle of the living room, came to us in another room, look us both in the eye and look at this picture we had on the wall, (of Jesus), then barked, she did this 3 times, and then ran under the sofa. My husband walked into that room, and felt a strong presence there. This loso, went vegetarian the next day, and 3 months later, was run over by a car.

About 2 or 3 days after she died, she made us know she was around, (When we use to leave her and go out, she would always tip over the garbage can in the bathroom. and sometimes pull the toilet paper out.) Well I went into the bathroom, and there was the garbage can tipped over and tolit paper running from the bathroom, down the hall way. I feel she had a leap in consciousness thru her, stay with us. We also build pyramids, and had a very large one on the property, she would go inside quite often.

That’s the story. Hope you enjoyed it. Carol J. Schivers

Can animals see spirits? My cat just recently refused to go to a certain corner of the living room. At first, he would sit about 5 feet away from the corner and meow loudly. When I would throw his toy to that corner he would chase it and stop abruptly just a few feet away. This started happening a couple of days ago. Nothing about the apartment has been changed in over a month. Any ideas as to what is going on?

Hmm, it certainly sounds like your cat is seeing something that has taken up residence in your home… it may not necessarily be a spirit per se, could be some lower astral energy or even some thoughtform that you or someone around you has wanted to separate themselves from…

My first question to you is has there been any upset in your home or in you recently, any anger or frustration vented anywhere in the apartment? If so, it seems that it has somehow settled around you – would be a good idea to deal with it straight up…

That said, whatever the reason for the energy vortex to exist there, there are some things you can do about it.

One of the best things that you can do is to smudge the area – and your entire apartment, around the doors and windows too, with the intent of sending any energy that doesn’t belong there away. Another good thing to do is to address the energy directly… tell it that it is making you nervous, or whatever, that you are uncomfortable with it being there… tell it that you are the person in control of this space, that it doesn’t have a right to be there without your permission, so now it must go… ask it to deliver whatever message it has, and then to be off… if this is a spirit visiting you, it should have a purpose in being there – so tell it to complete its purpose and get back where it belongs… then tell it to go to the light, that in the light it will find what it wants and needs…

Then watch your cat, see how it behaves…

Here is a story that may be helpful to you…

Many years ago I had a cat behave much like you describe… one evening I was playing cards in my living room with a friend… on the back of the cards I started to see the face of an old Indian, but didn’t say anything about it to my friend – thought I was seeing things – until my friend broke down and asked if I felt there was someone else in the room with us… as soon as he said that the hair on my body raised, and I knew there was someone there… we were able to suss out that the energy was friendly, even amusing… it began to dance around the room, flitted here and there and then settled in a corner chair to watch us play… my cat was out during this episode, but around the time that the energy settled in the chair, she came home… went immediately to the chair and started meowing up at the energy sitting there as if she recognized it… then they seemed to get into a kind of game, and Squeak started chasing it all over the house, jumping into spots where we could see the sparks – high up on shelves that she had never dared to jump on before – she got quite crazy for awhile… until she almost crashed into a lamp… then all of a sudden they both settled down… she looking up at the chair, it in the chair again… when my friend left later that night, I told the energy that it also had to go, that when I shut the door on my friend, it had to go with him… otherwise, I would be too nervous… as my friend left, we both felt a big swoosh of air leave ahead of him, odd, as I opened the door, the wave came in a rush from the direction of the kitchen, behind us, as opposed to in front of us from the door, and Squeak came running to the door crying again… When I shut the lights, I could feel that the energy had left, so I went to bed… as usual Squeak came with me, but instead of settling with me, she sat upright at the end of the bed, staring out the bedroom door – and she was still sitting like that in the morning.. for the next few days she went crying around the house looking for her friend… think it was about that time that I broke down and went and got her a kitten to quiet her down.

What was interesting is that some weeks later I went for a reading and the psychic asked about an Old Indian guide that was around me, wanted to know if I had ever seen it… the episode happened at a particularly difficult time in my life, and from that time on, I found myself having a lot of amazing dreams and seeming to be getting some angelic help or something – things started getting a lot easier after that… I found a wonderful roommate who is still a dear friend only a few weeks later, then I got some good promotions at work and a few years later, I got a really big move that totally changed our lives…

So sometimes these episodes are harbingers of turning points in our lives, and the visitors are there to let us know that we have some support and should start leaning on it a little… In my case, the visit comforted me, somehow gave me hope, connected me with the fact that there was guidance available to me and that I could be protected and helped if I asked…

Use your cat as a sensor – if your cat is comfortable and respectful of the energy, it is probably positive as opposed to negative and is there for a good reason… but if your cat seems afraid and anxious, then you have reason to be and should be diligent about the clearing work… hope that helps. Squeak wanted to play with the Indian visiting me, and was sad when he left… BTW, this guide eventually manifested quite directly in my life, while Squeak was still alive, became a most wonderful and valued guide, taught me very much over the years… still visits me… as does Squeak, a very special cat… now long passed. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Thank you for your prompt reply. I did as you instructed and the unwanted “energy” left! There was a lot of anger and frustration going on in that particular room when “it” showed itself to my cat. I have never experienced anything like this before! Thanks again for your help. Vinaya

Spirits at Play…

My cat (Booter) is very unusual, he loves attention, being petted, cradled in my arms, going for piggy back rides and loves to give head-butts. He doesn’t like to be alone and will carry on a conversation with you so long as you keep answering him back. He often sleeps in the lazy-boy and wakes suddenly and looks towards the stairs going up to the bedrooms. His head and eyes follow as if someone or something is either going up or down the stairs and there is nobody there. Occasionally he will sit on the stairs and stare straight up as if something is hanging from the ceiling or the wall, when there is nothing, because it is too high to mount anything without a ladder or other equipment. All of a sudden he will run up the stairs and zoom back and forth thru the bedrooms and do this for three to five minutes and return to the stairs and look at me thru the railing as if to say why are you not playing with me like this? Every time he has his playful outings on the stairs his eyes widen and become very shiny and red, not a mad red but a curious playful red like as if he is chasing a mouse or something. Is this just a cat thing or is he seeing something that I am not?<

Sounds to me like your wonderful puss has found himself a spirit playmate… cats especially are very good mediums and can see the energy of spirits when we don’t… this is what is going on at the stairs…. from the sounds of it, he and this spirit have made friends… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Animals Spirits

Please could you help me ? My pet has recently been put to sleep, a decision which has completely rocked our world and this may seem crazy. My pet had a brother who they have been together all their life and now the remaining one has started taking on his personality almost . The first few hours he was totally stressed and then relaxed and behaved differently. Could it be the soul has returned into his brother or is it just he is nearby. I would love to hear from you . Claire

I am so sorry for your loss… it is said that one of the purposes of our animals is to teach us about letting go – the good news is that they usually hang around long enough after they pass to help us through the grieving process… so I am certain that your pet has come back in spirit form to hang with his brother, and to also help all of you to let go. I don’t believe that his soul is occupying his brother’s body, although I have seen a similar phenomenon with the cats in our home… We lost a wonderful cat a year ago. I recently had a dream that she was back, and since then her daughter who is still alive and with us began behaving a lot like her mother used to. As in your case, I don’t think Malu is occupying Shadows’ body, but rather has dropped in and through her is letting me know that she is around and wanting some cuddles. Since she died about this time last year, it seems appropriate that she’d be around about now for another chance to say good bye.

I hope that helps and makes some sense to you. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

A Gift of Nikki’s Spirit

I recently buried my best friend. A beautiful black mixed breed angel. Her leash snapped (beware of hasps on leads that look like steel…but are pot metal.) and she leapt into the street and was hit by a car. My husband and I were devastated. She was our child! The day following the accident, my husband said he saw Nikki sitting in the kitchen nearby, and that he could see through her. I so desperately wanted to see her myself so I could understand that she was ok and not just some body in the ground. About 4 weeks later and after buying another puppy…I had a visit. I had just turned off the alarm clock and was laying in bed listening for the new puppy to bound into the room. I heard plastic rattling in the other bathroom down the hall and knew that the puppy was getting into a shopping bag I had left on the floor there. Just as I was reaching to turn on the bedside lamp….I felt a shake of the bed, and then a lifting of a weight off the bed from behind me….then I heard the “plump-plump” of dog feet hitting the floor. Oh, I had known that sound for 3 years of Nikki’s life. Still not believing what I was experiencing I raced into the bathroom to make sure it wasn’t the puppy I heard in my room, (I knew that the puppy was too small to even attempt to get on my bed.) I found the puppy still chewing on the bag in the bathroom…I then rushed back into the bedroom and felt the spot on the bed where the movement had come from….it was warm…warmer than the area where I myself had be laying. I knew then that I had received the gift of a visit from my Nikki. I don’t know if she will ever return, because I told her that she didn’t need to hang around anymore for my sake, and that if she needed to move on, to please do what was best for her. Kat

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