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A Distraught Spirit Returns


an Excerpt from
“Communicating with Animals: the Spiritual Connection Between People and Animals” by Art Myers

I recently wrote about a case from my latest book, “Communicating With Animals,” in which a jealous spirit of a deceased husband was frightening his widow’s little dog. The dog would bark continuously, and authorities were threatening to have the dog removed, which was just what the dead husband wanted. He was jealous of the love and attention the little dog was getting from his wife. He had managed to get rid of at least one dog and one husband in the immediate past – the second husband through divorce, the previous dog through being run over by a car in front of the house.

Some people might say it goes to show you can’t trust a human being, dead or alive. In any case, it reminded me of a situation I encountered when I first began writing about parapsychology. The story was published in “The Ghost Hunters,” which came out in 1980.

I drove up to New Hampshire to interview a psychic named Eleanor Moore. She often gave talks on the psychic at high schools and colleges. One day she got a call from a young woman who a few years before, when she was in high school, had heard Eleanor speak. She wanted help. When the young woman came in, she asked, “If somebody dies, can he haunt you or can he haunt your child, possess your child?”

The answer was yes.

“Well,” said the woman, “I’m having a hard time because my boyfriend shot himself a few months ago. When I’m walking along a road with my little boy and a car comes along, all of a sudden he throws out his arms and cries, ‘Daddy, Daddy!’ and he starts to run across the road right in front of the car.”

The woman went on to explain that she had been about to marry the young man, whose name was Allen, when he shot himself. She had been married previously and was divorced. The little boy was from that marriage. Allen and the child had become very close. Allen worked on a farm and used to take the boy along when he did his work. They would ride on the tractor together. The boy called Allen “Daddy.”

“He never cries out ‘Daddy!’ and runs across the road unless there’s a car coming,” the young woman told Eleanor Moore.

She also said she seems to be getting messages from Allen. He seemed to talk to her mind. He would say that he was lonesome, that he missed the little boy.

Eleanor told the young woman that children often see things adults can’t see, that perhaps the boy was seeing Allen or being called by him when he ran across the road.

“The girl came back two or three times,” Eleanor told me. “She was very upset. She now had a new boyfriend and Allen was haunting her mind. He was angry becasue she had another boyfriend, and he was really raising havoc with the little boy.”

Eleanor urged the young woman to pray for Allen, and said she would pray for him too.

“We’ll talk to him as though he were in this room,” Eleanor said.

“We will tell him that he is very sick, that he shot himself, that he is now dead, and that he is on the other side. And the living have to live, and he has to live on that side. But that he’s very, very emotionally sick and he needs a lot of help. We’re going to tell him that some people will come, and that they will help to make him well.

“We’ll tell Allen these things, and if this doesn’t work, we will have to call the psychic police, the spiritual police, to restrain him, to take him by force. If spirits are doing harmful things to people on this side, you can ask for help from the other side.”

A few days later, the young woman called and said she hadn’t heard from Allen, and that things were all right at her house.

Eleanor felt that Allen was not trying to be a murderer, that he was just lonely and wanted the little boy. She told me that a short time later the young woman came in and said that Allen had come to her and said he was with two friends, that they had brought him so he could tell her he was all right now, that he hadn’t known how sick he was.

“And she hasn’t had any trouble with him since,” Eleanor said.

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