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Animal Communication: Animals Talk
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We love our animals as if they were our children, so we want to be able to talk to them, to ask if they are happy with us, and what we can do for them… or to get them to behave a little better, and find out what their problem is… here you’ll find some of the best questions and answers on how to communicate with your pets.

I learned about communicating with animals very young. As a little girl, I was scared of big dogs – and we met a number of them on our way to and from school every day. I never had a problem with any of them though… I learned a very effective way of getting them to keep their distance…. I would simply send a mental image that they scared me and would they please back off and let me pass. Then I would lower my head, avert my eyes and get on my way. This worked so well that I got braver over time, and allowed a few to approach me – always with the warning that I was scared of them, but I’d still like to be friends… and sure enough, eventually I found a few friends waiting to greet me as I walked home. Without knowing it, I had learned my first lessons in communicating with animals… I spoke from my heart.

Global Psychics believes that learning to communicate with animals and nature, connecting spiritually, from the heart is one of the first steps in developing one’s psychic ability – and essential to learning to live comfortably with our environment. So, we offer this section on how to communicate with animals…

10 Ways to Communicate With Your Pets

I did what y’all said with my black cat, Lumbre. I asked him this: “Do you love me?” and guess what? He answered, in a tired kind of voice (in my head), “I don’t know, I will if you give me spaghetti” I thought that to be a really weird response…) Anyway, I didn’t know what my mom was cooking, and I couldn’t smell it. AT ALL. After Lumbre gave me that response, I asked my mom, “Mom, what are you cooking?” And she responded….. “Some of this spaghetti stuff.” I was SO shocked! I was, like, wow, awesome, I can TALK to my cat! And I was like, this is amazing, I thought I couldn’t do that! YAAA!

Laura Simpson offers her insights on getting started on some heart to heart communications with the animals in your life.

  • Start noticing what your pet is paying attention to. What interests them and what’s their reaction.
  • Start noticing your pet’s facial expressions when you are talking to them. Relate that to what you’ve learned about reading other’s faces to see what they are saying in their expressions. (Remember, babies can get their wants and desires across to their mothers and fathers with out crying out.) It’s the beginning of communication.
  • Quiet your mind center yourself or learn how to meditate. It will quiet “the committee” in your head that try to check and recheck and triple check then categorizes the information that goes in and out of your thought process all day long. It will help you to detach from the, so called, logic override in your speech so you can speak to and for the animals.
  • Gently reach out and ask a simple question in your head. Is this question your issue or the pets? Be simple with it. Don’t expect a complicated lengthy answer.
  • Allow the FIRST thing that comes into your mind to be verbalized by you. Then see what your pets reaction is. You might be surprised at their facial or vocal answer.
  • Don’t think about, “Is this real?”, “It can’t be that!” Just try and observe your pets answer, facial, body, and vocal. Be detached from the outcome.
  • Try the new information out. See if it’s a viable answer or if your pet has a sense of humor. Sometimes they will try and interject some humor when we take ourselves too seriously. Be light with it. Animals often feel humans are too serious with questions.
  • Now, have some play with your pet and lighten up. Practice talking to your pet about everything, like you would your friend or child. Love them. You can sing made up songs about them. Have fun!! Include their input in your household decisions. Keep it easy so then will feel free to come to you if something big is up for them.
  • Allow them their independence. No one likes to feel that their thoughts are constantly listened to, or that someone is trying to intrude into their space.
  • Practice and be easy with the questions and your intuition. No straining or you’ll miss the meaning. Remember they “talk” to each other all the time without vocalizing. It’s us, humans, that think we have to make noise to talk, not the animals

Animals can be persistent about getting our attention…

I used to allow my three cats to sleep with me. Then they competed for the best spot (near my face). Then, I only allowed one cat to sleep with me. I chose the one with the best manners about sharing space. Because this cat began to wake me up when he wanted to leave the room, or because he wanted a middle-of-the-night snack, I now choose to sleep alone (door closed).

There have been MANY times that I am lying on my bed awake, and I feel the movement on my mattress that I recognize as one of the cats walking on my bed. This morning (4 am) I was awakend by the feeling of a cat jumping on my bed. This happened two or three times, until I was fully awake. When I opened the door, two of my cats took off running toward the front door because they wanted outside.

I am a moderate person. I do not look the extra-sensory. I do not choose to believe in those type of things, but I do not rule them out. Have you ever heard any reports of cats projecting out of their bodies, or of their ability to move objects at a distance?

I hear about animals, cats – maybe more because they tend to be less vocal, and experience these things myself all the time. I never thought it was a”weird” thing until others told me it was weird – because they had not noticed yet. I still don’t thing it’s “weird” it just feels like somehow they feel threatened because they don’t allow the message to be valid. Let go of those labels. They stop your progress.

This is how your cats try to communicate their needs to you because you have shut them out of your room. They need to kinetically project themselves to you in your sleep until they get through to you.

Now that your cats have been so persistent with you, (in order to help break your boundaries of “reality”) are you starting to believe? There are many aspects of nature that are trying to communicate with us if we only start to notice them and acknowledge their wisdom. It’s okay to take it with a grain of salt, but allow the message and see what transpires. Be easy with it. Keep it simple and don’t think about it too much, Analysis = Paralysis. In other words “See the job. Do the job” = “Hear the message. Acknowledge the source and allow yourself to receive the message.” Love, Laura

On Being Open to the Messages

Our dog Lacey had cancer and had to be put to sleep a few days ago. We are devastated, but Lacey has sent some comforting signs. My partner, however, is very spiritual and much better at communicating than I am. How can I open myself up to messages from Lacey? She was the first dog I ever had, and she was perfect for us. My partner had Lacey before, when she was a child, and we think she will come to us again. How can we be open to that? Carolyn

You get Lacey’s messages too but on a different level. Not everyone has the same experiences and you can block your experience by having expectations of how it should be, etc. Just relax, meditate to calm your mind, then just allow what ever the message Lacey wants you to have manifest. It might even be seeing something or a new awareness. I don’t want to plant things in your process, just be open to all the varied ways that Lacey will try to get through.

When you are looking for the “new model” of Lacey you will recognize her by the feeling in your heart. It’s important to give her a new name. She doesn’t need to repeat the same life lesson that the name Lacey gave her. She needs to move on to her new set of lessons. Be easy with it, be good to yourself. Love, Laura

I discovered that my cat Leo could hear my thoughts one night… I believed right away and logic never took over to make me forget! That was about 3-4 months ago. I am now absolutely convinced that animals are telepathic. Ever since that day, I sit with Leo every day and try to hear what he has to say… but without any results. I’m sure you know that Leo and I are getting pretty frustrated at this point… I just want to hear what he and the other cats I live with want to tell me & be able to talk with any animal I encounter..

Does it work on humans too? about the discovery channel and how I think the animals on TV can hear me… I’d love to hear more about that cos lemme tell ya it scares the shit out of me! (actually just venturing into this unknown territory does, and I’m sure it has repercussions on Leo as well) Hoping to hear from you soon, Sebastian

The difference between animals and people is that their minds aren’t working all the time the way ours are – so it is no wonder that there is nothing there when you try to tune into Leo, he may not have anything on his mind… cats operate from instinct and feeling, and read not only our tone and the words, but the way that we feel to them… cats especially are good at seeing energy and can probably see our auras, so Leo is reading a lot more than your mind.

Read Art Myers’ book Animal Communications, the Spiritual Connection between people and animals – and look up Penelope Smith’s work… there’s a lot out there to help you learn… the key is to listen from you heart, not your mind. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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