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Your Neighbours Aura

by Carmen

For anyone living in an apartment or condo complex, the question arises as to how living with other people’s energies can be managed. Not only can I hear my neighbours well – not only on occasion have we wished each other a happy ‘bless you’ over a particularly loud sneeze through the walls – but often I can hear the walking, stomping or chatting going on around me. For the most part, I do not mind – I had spent a few years existing only amongst the chatter of the morning seagulls and their competitors, the crows so I do find comfort in being amongst my own species.

The issue I ask and I wonder about is how we all cope in each other’s 3 foot to 30 foot buffer zone between me and my neighbours. Theory has it that the aura can extend that far, in a giant egg like shape. One can see the thin layers of electromagnetism with Kirlian photography – and if you gaze into nature you can often see a thin electric ‘haze’ around trees or plants. This is entirely possible because of the electrical conductivity of water – the charge within it.

I have often had very friendly, extremely comfortable neighbours – people often feel they can knock on my door and walk in unannounced. This is the life of a counsellor – at once you become the aunt/mother/best friend to the most varied personality types, drawing in a curious crowd of mixed good and bad energies that want to be trusted. Add to that that my  friends always want to talk about ‘psychic stuff’ and I often find myself battling to accept or repel energy around me.

As an empath I can feel the person’s aura as if it were a scent. I can smell the angry, the bothered, the false, the anxious or the sadness. Auras I can feel well are depression and rage – my first litmus test being a walk in a downtown part of Africa where I lived many years ago from a charged and truly intense melange of human auras that will carry life experience to its most intense form. I remember being ‘hit’ by a dark, violent energy of two men that cut through the crowd. I had never felt such dark evil energies – these are not the energies of frustrated and anxious bankers or businessmen – this was the rage of people having survived a difficult life and justifying their bitter survival. I was able to spot the man who stole my friend’s wallet in the same area of town by just by sensing the thief’s aura as he seemed aware of me as well  – I walked up to him afterwards and asked for it back – he was about 4 feet away – and he returned it. This training set me up well in life to discern the good from the bad from the very very bad.

This soupy curious kinetic energy is supplanted in all of us – and depending on our day, our natures, we can call on that to ‘judge’ a person. As for the problem or opportunity of having people walk around or on top of my small apartment every day, I do find myself often having to employ certain techniques for avoiding a stream of intentions, bad days and agendas.

Here are some basic tips I have found useful:

Take a walk when your neighbours are in. Often even you changing your mind set will help defray the anxiety around your property.  Also, my recommendation is to not get to know them!  A personal encounter with a neighbouring aura can destroy your living situation. Even though many of my best friends have been neighbours, I have also found that I do not warm to knowing all of their secrets, bad days, good days, better days than me days, and all the other things that go with it. After all, with only ten feet between me and some of my neighbours, I believe being privy to each other’s bad days is a disadvantage for everyone.

I am not a user of spells as I seem to have a pretty good spell propensity even without casting them – but for the symbolic gesture I found one that worked quite nicely – and that was writing your neighbours name on a piece of paper and submerging it in water and freezing it. I was surprised as to how it helped me symbolically disengage from the person.

Lastly if it gets too difficult, I employ ‘aura projections’. This is the simple technique of projecting your personality at the person in your mind. It works very well if you have a strong personality – I find weaker personality types cannot project an aura’s as clearly. You can strengthen your character to do that, and I will expound on that in later writings.  You can project love – even momentarily by faking the emotion – by thinking about someone you love as you walk by a person you may have an aura clash with – and by withdrawing your energy.  This is a way of neutralizing your energy so that it can cause less aggravation with your neighbour’s aura.

It’s a fact that you will encounter a different feeling for every person that walks by you, and that it takes a certain amount of mental flexibility to not get annoyed or irritated in crowds. When you think about the fact that most humans are stacked on top of each other in condos or apartments, and even on small properties it’s understood that we could get on each other’s nerves. This is where a profound understanding of your neighbours psyche is helpful – in that there is value in understanding their insecurities, anxieties, fears and instabilities as a natural part of their lives, and to dismiss it as a stage in their existence that has nothing, if every anything to do with you personally.

Copyright Carmen Miro 2012

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