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Wicca: The Good Witch

 The Good Witch


Caring, loving, reverent, open, accepting, flexible, honorable, respectful, humble, loyal, responsible, forthright, magical, resourceful, honest, forgiving, wise…

The good witch works “for the good of all, according to the free will of all”

The Good Witch Values:

Cleanliness, Truth, Clarity Purity, HonestyFree will: works for the good of all, according to the free will of all

Inclusiveness – sees purpose in all, accepts the reflections in all

Secrecy, knowing when to keep silent building energy and when to open up to release energy…

Natural laws and nature, seeks the natural wayThe power of our heartfelt intent





Creativity, Action, IndustriousnessAtOneness





Once upon a time, before we fell into fear of them, the community witches were known as the village caregivers and their role was akin to the Native Shaman. They offered the same services as the medicine men and women of various tribal communities. What we commonly think of as Witch today is a quite twisted version of the witch’s true intent and purpose. For example, we’ve identified the witch with a broom because they practiced cleanliness of mind, body and spirit. Their boiling cauldrons most often contained herbal concoctions, the healing potions needed by the local villagers.

The Good Witch or Wizard understands very well the universal truth in the statement ‘you get what you give’. His or her strength and creative power comes from an understanding of the basic universal principles that enable us to create exactly what we want in life.

When a witch or wizard ‘casts a spell’, s/he is simply working within the realms of universal consciousness – and truths, to invoke natural laws. S/He is using the power of a highly focused intent to program the energy of the universe to begin moving in a prescribed manner. And s/he knows that it requires a pure and loving heart to produce long-lasting positive results from such work.

As Halloween approaches, witches and wizards become increasingly familiar – and acceptable – figures around us… But few of us really understand what it is we’re celebrating and who the witch really is. That crooked little figure, dressed in black, warts on her face, cackling merrily at the thought of eating you for breakfast is a reflection of our fear of the power of the witch… yet in reality, she has warts on her nose and is living in very unhappy circumstances, angry and resentful of the world because “she got what she gave”…

The Good Witch would not wish harm on another, knowing it will come back on her… from as many as three to ten times, depending on which tradition you follow.

Today there are hundreds of thousands of witches on the planet… some of them, like the Wiccans and Voodoo priests actively practicing the ancient rituals, some of them perhaps for dark purposes, most for Light. But I believe there are many more witches than admit to their practices… Many who were burned so long ago are still reticent to admit their natural, powerful ways, and there are many more who are yet unaware of their natural powers.

If you’d like to activate your natural witch’s powers, get out your brooms for this terrific fall exercise.

A Good Witch’s Exercise:

Sweeping with Intent:

At this time of year, every Good Witch gets out her broom for some inner travels, to make some magic. You too can create some magic with your own brooms by carefully sweeping every inch of your home and property – and doing it with the intent of clearing out the old stale energy and making room for some new life to enter your space.

Here’s how it works. Make a ritual of the exercise by planning it, setting aside a specific time to do the clearing work – you could also decide that this is a great time to make a family event of the work so you can also wash the walls, woodwork and floors, giving your entire home a real fall cleaning, but that’s up to you… Choose some upbeat music to play in the background while you work indoors, do everything you can to set the mood for your work. Begin by saying a private prayer (no one else needs to now what you’re really up to), giving thanks for your home and all that it represents to you… Light a candle, and keep it burning while you work…. then get started.

Room by room, sweep the ceiling and walls to clear any of the cobwebs that might have collected over the summer, then do the floors- be sure to sweep the corners, and to sweep every inch, moving everything out of the way to do under the beds and cupboards – regardless of whether you think it needs it or not. As you work, keep your mind focused first on your gratitude for everything that makes you feel safe and secure in your life, then on clearing away any old energy that might be interfering in your progress, and finally on what it is you wish to create in your life over the next months. If your home is carpeted, use a vacuum, but try to use a broom for the ceiling and walls and any tiled or wood surfaces.

Then be sure to dust everywhere, again, picking up and moving everything out of the way so you have cleared the dust completely from your home (even if it’s only for an hour… we live on a very busy street and the most we can ever hope for is a couple of hours dust-free…)

Be especially careful to dust and scrub your phones, intercoms and all areas associated with communications from your home.

This is a good time too to tend to anything living in your home. Clearing any dead leaves and twigs from your plants and giving them some extra food for the winter is an especially good ‘active meditation’ to include with this exercise.

Remembering your witchly intents of clearing out the old stale energy to make room for new life, it is important to be thorough with this particular exercise!

When you’ve swept and dusted every inch of your home, head outdoors. Rake the garden, sweep the deck, the patio, and with special care, sweep the entrances to your home, including the driveway and surrounding sidewalks.

If you live in an apartment, sweep the hallways all the way to the elevators or whatever outer doors allow you entrance to your home. Even if this is the responsibility of a caretaker, this is one time when you want to do the job yourself. If anyone questions you, just laugh and tell them you’re in the mood for some serious fall cleaning and your own apartment just didn’t give you enough to do… They may think you’re a little nuts, but I doubt you’ll find anyone objecting to your giving the area an extra polish.

Keep in mind as you work that you are clearing the way, making it easy for everything and everyone you need in life to reach you easily… So be sure that you’ve swept around your mailbox too!

When you’ve finished your work, take a moment to once more give thanks, now for all the blessings to unfold this winter… The Good Witch will have stocked her shelves by now, and the completion of this task signals her readiness to plan the annual thanksgiving feast for her friends… now that your home is clear, you’ll be ready! Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

At the end of your ‘good witch’ story, you said Good Luck, this is not a good thing to do. I base this on stories and events told to me by my nonna. About hexeswith human hair, or black hearted wishes.. good luck is anti even if actually meant sincerely, harm from this can come even when harmless. La Befana.. a good, old Italian witch.. represents all of the olde world qualities which are consistent of a good witch. and I was taught to spit, or form my hand into the ‘horns’ which breaks the evil eye. I thought you may want to know this. Good Story…not so good an ending. Best Wishes, is a better ending. Lucia

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