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Water Scrying: Using Water to Enhance Psychic Ability

Water Scrying: Using Water to Enhance Psychic Ability

by Cate Cavanagh

Many people have been asking how to develop or increase their psychic ability lately. There are many ways to do this and every psychic receives their impressions in a different way. For example I see images or pictures that I then ‘translate’ into the actual message. For me, it became like learning another language and then learning to trust that my impressions and translations were accurate. I began to realize I get into a “zone” which, for me, is a mental place in which there are no emotions and where there is a blank screen of sorts upon which the images play like a movie. This is clairvoyance. Others “hear” whispers which is clairaudience. I also get “nudges” with sudden information that comes into my mind and I have often surprised people by just walking up and telling them something they need to know. I also read cards and when I read cards I receive a combination of images and words that seem printed imprinted on my mind.

For those seeking to develop their abilities it is important to note that when you are developing you might, as I did, experience a rush of information that is confusing and difficult to decipher in any way intelligible. This is all par for the course. So, it is helpful to find a way to both still the mind and receive images. Sometimes, in the beginning, that is all that will happen for a long, long time but with time accuracy and clarity does come if one works at it.

The first thing to learn to do is to find your own “zone” which is that secret place in your own mind which is your mental haven upon which nothing intrudes. Learning to meditate is very helpful but to learn how to water scry does not require intensive meditative work. What it does require is the ability to sit still, uninterrupted, breathing slowly in and out and having your mind be blank for long periods of time. Needless to say just learning to do this can be very difficult. there was a time when I could not do this for a minute much less for hours. Now I can tap into the Universal knowledge pretty much whenever I want and do comprehensive readings without having a problem. So, having said this, the first thing one needs to do is to learn this mental discipline which, over time will become easier but it does take work and dedication to reach this point before one can focus on receiving information. In the beginning start by doing this only five minutes each day until you can do this for at least twenty minutes a day. Because keeping the mind blank is indeed very difficult what I did when I had problems with this was to think of the color black. You see it is impossible for the brain to think of more than one thing at a time. Oh, it can seem at times that we are thinking of many things but the fact is we are merely thinking in a rapid fire manner which feels as if our mind is all over the place. By my thinking of the color black I was able to not let other thoughts come in. Someone else may like the color white or blue or green. It does not matter just find something for your mind to focus on that does not entail pictures or thoughts and you will in time find your “zone.”

Scrying (or seeking ) with water is similar to using a crystal ball but it is much easier. When one uses a crystal ball one must star without blinking until the eyes tears (as a rule for people who do not water scry). After a while one can see things in the crystal ball. With water scrying it is a matter of breathing (as above) and being in one’s zone. It is not a matter of seeing pictures in the water, although some people do, so much as what pictures do you see in your mind? To slow down images focus on your breathing intensely and with your inner eye look at just one image until you can feel what the picture is telling you.

After a while this will become easier and easier to do but keep in mind that the discipline is one thing while the “translation” is another. The translation part of scrying is a matter of practice and trusting your first impressions. Do not second guess your first impression. It is often the right one. Water scrying can be a precursor to using a crystal ball which is often easier for people who have learned to work with water.

How quickly one learns water scrying depends on a number of factors. One is whether or not a person can separate themselves from their own lives long enough to do it. Another factor is the patience of the person as learning to scry can take some time. Yet another factor is learning to trust what you are receiving. You will have to take the chance and begin doing this with people to see if you are right or not. If you are off base don’t give up. Being wrong helps you figure out how you interpreted incorrectly so you can add to your scrying language “vocabulary.”

Scrying is also very relaxing. It gives someone a chance to be still and focus on the inner spirit and all knowingness that is within us all. Even if you never get to “see” anything it is an easy form of meditation with which you can begin to learn more about yourself which is always an important thing on a spiritual path.

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