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Voice Diagnosis in Psychic Work

Voice Diagnosis in Psychic Work

As a psychic, my job is to read energy, so I have been fascinated with the work in Quantum Physics which is beginning to explain how energy moves and how information is stored in the body. I first became aware of the value of muscle testing when my naturopath tested me for various supplements many years ago. Muscle testing is a way of reading the body’s energy to determine what it needs – a very useful and typically accurate way of tuning into your body. In the years since I first learned about the technique, I have seen many variations – for example, muscle testing to test for the validity of information – using the body to tune into what is going on around it as opposed to testing to see what the body needs. Muscle testing can be a good way of getting a quick “yes/no” answer to almost any question.

I was very interested then, when I noticed a comment from one of our visitors about her use of voice diagnosis.This article might be a bit of a mind-bender for some readers, but I believe that techniques such as Voice Diagnosis are the way of the future. So it is worth taking time to absorb.

Says Ursula-Maria of If I say for example “This is the ability to sense future political events of Ursula-Maria, the voice needs to resonate within my body, all words including my name. If for example the words “political events” do not resonate within my body, I am not detached and maybe hold cellular memory of fear such as the fear of what Bush may do next, which then makes me unavailable to accurately sense any “political” events.

If the voice does not resonate from within the body saying my name, there are other blocks, as the soul usually requires a clear brain and clear heart circuits to relay future events.

Since everything in the body is interrelated, there could be any problem which throws off the voice of the name. It is my specialty to detect where the imbalance is and how to balance it. Once this is clear, I can then narrow this down to how many days I can sense. The reason for the name has to do with the interface of the eternal, which is the soul, which is always connected to God, and the way the soul interfaces with the body. As far as I can see, only the Eternal can see beyond time and space according to me.

I learned this type of voice assessment though a French homeopathic system. I usually can sense future events in my life up to 24 hrs, such as phone calls or clients that are booking. Big events, which affect many people and therefore our common holographic reality, such as who wins the US presidency, my voice has been showing 100% two days ahead and I have been 100% accurate two days ahead. I do not do psychic readings or future forecasts unless I am truly guided by my High Self. Earth events such as earthquakes I can be accurate in my area (California) up to 31 days.

My true interest is not prediction but how to shift the physical body into light, or how to prepare for ascension. You will find some preliminary information about the voice assessment under “Cellular Harmonics” Very interesting in this regard are the scientific links to Cleve Bakster and Bruce Lipton, author of “The Biology of Belief”.

The research by Cleve Backster documented in his book “Primary Perception” describes how cells in plants as well in humans respond to stimuli from the environment. He has measured the cellular memory of plants with plant electrodes. He proves that if for example a violent act happens in the presence of a plant, the plant will remember the person who did the violent act and will react to the person whenever the person enters the room.

The Voice as Indicator

There are several sound healing systems where the sound therapist records the voice of the client and then analyses the graph of the frequencies from the voice. There is huge data that can be seen in this graph from details what nutrients are missing in the body to which organ or meridian is in imbalance and more. The more coherent the spectrum of frequencies is, the more is the balance of the client’s body. For more information on sound research go to

In short we can say that the voice reflects the cellular reality and therefore listening to the voice of my client is important in Cellular Harmonics. Usually my client can also hear when he or she is not on their identity (meaning Yin/Yang negative). When the client returns to Yin/Yang balance the feed-back that I usually get is that there is a feeling of clarity, as if a fog has lifted, more energy, more sense of well being, feeling more light

From “Cells may have a survival instinct but is there such a thing as a cellular memory? The medical profession is becoming increasingly aware that the cellular structure of transplanted organs carry with them a memory content to a degree never before considered possible. After heart implants, food and music likes and dislikes sometimes change dramatically, a persons behavior such as their approach to sexual activities can suddenly be modified, and recipients occasionally even use words they never spoke before.

For lots more information on this topic, check out his relative links at

Ursula-Maria’s understanding is that true healing is to recognize and embody our inherent wholeness,well-being, and health – not only physically, emotionally and mentally, but also spiritually. Sacred Transformation™ is a unique and synergistic combination of several healing modalities, including Cellular Harmonics™, which is developed by Ursula-Maria.

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