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Using Psychic Abilities to Change the Future

Using Psychic Abilities for Changing the Future

With visualization, prayer and meditation, you can change the future.

A few years ago, one of the psychics on the Global Psychics team called me in some distress a few days before Christmas. She sensed that her ex-husband was on his way for a surprise visit and was very concerned that he would would create a drunken scene.

I suggested that she use her skills to change the future instead of just reading it. Then I told her to visualize her ex in a bubble of pink and green light, the colours of Divine Love, (invoking this energy brings balance and healing) and to see herself, her family and the entire house glowing pink and green. Then I suggested that she spend some time visualizing a wonderful peaceful Christmas with her family, and then to pray, to call on God as well as her angels and guides for help. Two days later she called me again, this time relaxed and laughing. “You’ll never believe what happened. He was on his way here, as I thought, but there was such a terrible storm, he couldn’t get through. He had to turn back. We’ve had a wonderful Christmas.”

I believed it… I know it is within our power to change the future. My guides taught me long ago to be brave enough to look at my fears, to accept the negative images and information that might come up in a reading.

This is how we change the future – we must first acknowledge and accept the scary information that comes to us, whether in a vision, a dream, or as in my friend’s case, a simple clear knowing, and then we do what we can to change the outcome of whatever troublesome event that our mind’s “saw”. Sometimes, we can take actions that will avoid the problem but very often we don’t have direct control over the events that appear in precognitive dreams and visions. Still, instead of being afraid of what we know is coming, we can set our fears aside – we can change the future.

When I was around 5 to 8 years old, in my slumber, I believe what I saw was a series of premonitions. One of the premonitions really stuck out from the others, however. Of the other premonitions, about 40% of them came true so far. Although, that isn’t much of a surprise to me as I’m only 15 years old as I write this. In the following paragraph, I’m going to describe, what I believe to be a premonition, that stuck out from the others:

I remember I was in some sort of building. It was well lit, and neatly organized. It appeared to be a back room of some sort. It had white walls, and some sort of counter in front of me. Standing in front of the counter, was what I think may have been one of my friends. We were talking and joking around, and that was the beginning of the end. I remember laughing and beginning to walk to my right side, towards a back door of some sort that was wide open. I waved to my friend and ironically said “Yeah, See you tomorrow.”. As I walked out the door into the darkness of the night, I slowly began to walk down an ally-way of some sort. It was dark, with a fence to my right side and the brick wall of the building I was in to my left. As I walked down the allyway towards a parking lot, presumably towards my car, I could see a bright city light shining down to the pavement. As I walked towards it, suddenly somebody seemed to walk out from around the corner or something, and the next thing I know, he had me at gunpoint. I remember gasping, and feeling my heart race to what it would be if somebody was to sprint as hard as they could. I remember thinking “I was right.” before the gunholder, a Spanish-looking man with sweaty-looking skin and long black hair said something in another language. Then, I heard a blast, and I felt the sharp pain right in my heart. I remember falling to the ground, before floating, and then nothingness.

After I saw that last premonition I woke up, daring never to say it to my family. Recently I’ve been meditating and working on strengthening my sixth sense, and this has come to mind. Please, help me understand what this means. Thanks a whole ton! Brian

I am living in Spain for the past 34 years, so maybe I am the one to answer this. Thanks to God we do not have such attacks here in Spain and people using guns at their wish is very difficult, so we live rather peacefully.

If, as you say, your premotions have been right so far, you also have the power to change the outcome…not only seeing it before it happens. In that case, I would check with your fears and in case you do have some dark emotions or negative thoughts about Spanish or people from other cultures, forgive and let go 100%.

Next thing, sit down with your eyes closed, “see” the situation again and change the outcome to something positive for both, you and your attacker, like maybe asking him why he wants to shoot you, or what he needs, or why he is angry with you ? With your eyes closed give it a positive turn like making friendship with him and helping him out of ….. as it is plain your spirits have a debt to settle in this life. May peace and deep love be with you. Mischa

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