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The Value of Meditation

The Value of Meditation

Meditation is one of the best ways to start tuning in…. Meditation is:

a Spiritual Practice,
a Psychic Exercise,
a Stress Reliever,
a Healing Exercise,
and so much more….

I was reading your section on “Use it or lose it”. I wanted to share my story. I am a 24 year old female. When I was younger I always knew when people were going to die before they died. Often family members would call me to inform me of a death, only to hear me inform them first. This followed me thru my adult years too. I constantly wondered why I knew these things! I can’t stop death… so why should I know? It was frustrating to say the least.

In the beginning of this year my husband and I were having marital problems. I decided we should go to a counselor. She was a very spiritual woman and she taught me how to meditate. That was the first time I had ever tried meditation. That night when I was laying in bed, I saw my first spirit. It was my husband’s cousin who passed away of cancer and fortunately, my husband was there and able to validate the information that the cousin gave me (thank goodness or I’d of thought I was going crazy).

Because of that experience, I feel strongly that meditation is one huge key in developing psychic gifts and holding onto them. Had I not meditated that day, I really feel that I might not of been able to taken my gift to the next level. Since that day on, I have meditated every night and my gift continues to grow. And I really feel everyone can get help if they are stuck… just by meditating. Thank you for your time. :o) Sincerely, Montie Morris

I’m so glad that you discovered meditation – we recommend it as one of the essential steps for anyone wishing to develop their abilities… it is useful for clearing, focusing, connecting and just plain de-stressing… Thanks for sharing! Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Meditation and Telepathy

My question is… When attempting telepathy how do I know that its not my own thoughts that are telling me what that person is thinking? I would appreciate it very much if you would reply. Thank you greatly. The site is excellent, the best on the web. Thank you for your time. Chris Pollard.

From Victoria: Meditation is very useful for helping to develop your telepathic skills… I find trying to empty my mind, asking for a picture or a phrase to come and then focusing on a point of light or a leaf… whatever, and holding my focus there. The thought should spring into your mind on its own. Try not to think. The biggest problem in ESP is an active mind getting in the way. Victoria

From Danielle: Chris, you ask a good question… I usually respond by telling folks to trust… their imaginations know what they’re doing… in other words, there is a reason why a specific phrase or thought might come to you – and there are many ways to read a person’s thoughts, not just through telepathy…. we get hundreds of non-verbal queues when we pay attention…

Those who practice will notice a difference in tone, use of language and so on as ways of identifying “who” is speaking in their minds…. but again, thoughts are transmitted in many ways… words are just one way… we can transmit thoughts in images, sensations, sounds, smells and so on… so, when words come, one of the ways to affirm whether they are yours or not is to notice what other signals are coming along to affirm…

I strongly recommend that you begin to practice regular meditation and keep a journal of what you see, sense and “receive”… learning to mediate will help you learn to keep your energy – and your mind – clear, and thus gain trust in what you receive telepathically. Mediation will also help you open to other senses, to test your insights on your emotional and physical bodies and in your heart… the more you learn to notice and listen inwardly, the more queues and validation you’ll find for the telepathic messages…Hope that helps, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Lots of Ways to Trigger a Meditative State

Over the past few months I have been looking into meditation and trying to enter a trance state. No matter how hard I try thoughts always enter my mind and I open my eyes and I have to start over .. I have never reached complete relaxation because of a overwhelming amount of thoughts in my mind.. Is it because I’m a Gemini or is it just that I am too emotional or have a too active mind?? also are there any better ways of trying to meditate??? thanks, Daniel

You may find that chanting, or meditating to some of the wonderful tapes that are on the market today helps you to relax and go deeper into the meditative state… and there are some technologies available, machines, bio-feedback and hemisync from the Monroe Institute that can help you go deeper…

That said, those thoughts come up for a good reason, so take a moment to register them and then actively let them go… keep focussing on your breathing, and keep practicing… sometimes the value is in what comes later, not necessarily what goes on during the actual meditation… regardless of whether I was able to get all the way into a trance state, or whether I just sort of floated on the surface, I find that every experience is worthwhile, helps me to calm and center, and insights invariably come, either then or later… so just keep at it, don’t be discouraged…

Try different times of day and different positions, as well as locations… for example, I can have some of my best meditations laying close to the water covered by sand… but I often find that trying to meditate in my back yard is just too distracting…

Try working with a group, check around for like-minded spiritual communities in your area, you may also find this helps to bolster your attention span. Hope these insights help, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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