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The Value of Developing Your Psychic Abilities

The Value of Developing Your Psychic Abilities

By Mary-Anne Alvaro

I am writing this in the midst of recovering from yet another tragedy connected to our private lives. As someone who has lived with her sixth sense as a regular part of life, I have had reason to ponder lately what we are given to know and what we aren’t given to know.

The sixth sense or psychic skill, I believe is a birthright. I also believe that as we have broken that very valuable input system, we have, as is evidenced by the activities on this planet, lost our way. But, as more and more people awaken to this natural ability, I feel that it is important to understand what these abilities can do for you.

Further development of personal psychic skills does not mean you will then “know everything”. Life and the events of life can and will still take you by surprise.

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Some Things We Can’t Know…

Enhancing and working with personal psychic and intuitive senses will always be recommended. But, it will not make you all-knowing. In other words, not everything will be predictable. For example, as far as I know we did not receive any reports of people “seeing” the 9/11 tragedy. We received many reports of folks feeling uneasy or having mystifying dreams that they weren’t able to make sense of, but only in hindsight can one see that they were likely warnings or cautions. These visions and dreams, the inner sensations of fear, the signals could only be interpreted and understood in hindsight. By themselves, they did not hold any meaning and without the incident itself, could not have been identified as psychic knowing of the event.

This world event was clearly being screened from our psychic radar for some good reason, perhaps the global consciousness decreed that 9/11 was a necessary wake-up call?

In another example, a recent tragedy in our circle saw a 17 yr. old young man dead from a hit and run driver. Both Danielle and myself know the people quite well. Did we know this was coming? Honestly, no. The details did take us by surprise.

What did happen was that early in the morning of the day we found out, I was sitting quietly outside. The air was quite peaceful and tranquil and I remember noticing that it was too quiet – clear, sunny and surrealistically calm. I remember thinking quite clearly that this is the kind of day that something bad happens and I honestly thought there would be big news of the terrorist kind that day. Instead, 10 minutes later, I received the call telling me that this young man was dead. That morning Danielle had a vivid dream that once again only in hindsight could be seen to make any sense. She dreamt of her beautiful green bedroom being deliberately painted over all in white (the colour of wholeness). Without knowing what happened, would she have been able to make the connection? No, and she didn’t until after the news was received – then she was immediately reminded of her dream.

(A note from Danielle: We were all at our friend’s cottage a few weeks before Jesse’s death. I was very uncomfortable all week-end, couldn’t sleep – got home from what was supposed to be a relaxing getaway very tired and irritated. I kept having visions of a police car at the top of the hill… and then a hummingbird flew into the house just before we were leaving, and the satellite went out on our last evening… nothing went as planned… but never in my wildest imagination did I see the tragedy unfold as it did…. clearly we weren’t meant to know ahead.)

What We CAN Know!

Conversely, there are times when use of the psychic abilities will tell you exactly what is going on.

A fellow from the Worldcom organization had been quite persistent in trying to sell us their long distance telephone services. I listened and agreed to review the data he was going to send. I did and from the looks of what they were offering, it sounded “pretty good”. He was a confident and assertive fellow and for every question or objection I raised, he was prepared with his answers. So far, so good. However, before I would agree to do any kind of deal with him, Danielle and I went to the thing we always do when facing a decision, the “last thing we do” after all the practical assessments have been made. We did a reading, of course. The reading was incredibly clear that this was not for us – that we would not only not benefit, but that there was “big trouble” somewhere in the upper levels of this company. I told this fellow what we had seen and there was not a thing he could say to that particular objection. Four days later, Worldcom was in the news – huge news as part of the corporate scandals we’ve all heard about this year and last. Without that reading, we might have gone ahead. I’m sure it would not have meant disaster for us, but it sure would have meant a fair amount of administrative detail work and the loss of some money.

So, what’s the point? Well, I truly believe we are wise to develop this natural sense to as great an extent as possible. But I also truly believe we are wise to stay humble and to recognize that for whatever reasons (our own filters and blocks – the “rules of engagement” when we come to planet earth etc.) we will not be given to “see everything” and know everything. I no longer question why – I simply accept what does come and what doesn’t. Using 9/11 as an example, I can’t help but wonder what value in our world it would have had for someone to have been given a clear view of this incident. Would anyone with that view have been able to do anything about it? Would anyone have believed that person? Not likely.

Why some things are given to be known and some aren’t is likely due to the complex agreements made between us collectively and individually, as well as with the Source of All. I feel also that many of us with enhanced psychic or intuitive ability (subconsciously) only allow so much information in because of that natural screen: “what would I do about it anyway” – and also because we like our surprises along the way.

Why Are We Given to Know?

There are good reasons why we are given not to know, and also reasons for the times when we are given to know. Often when we are given something to know, it follows that there is something for us to do with that information.

The night my father died, we were with him all day. As we were driving home, I was overwhelmed by a sudden instinct to turn around and get back to the hospital. I telephoned to discover that a process had started for him and he was bleeding to death. We ran right back there, without question and were able to be with him all the way through to his death. It was important that we were there. I will be forever grateful for the sense that came and told me – you must go back right now. Those were the last 3 hours of his life and we were able to spend them together. My job was to listen and understand what to do about it. I’m so glad I did that because had my “mind” decided to override with all those logical arguments (we were there all day, we’re planning to come back first thing in the morning, and so forth) – the intuition/psychic sense told me forget about all that and just get there. The value of listening. Was it “destined” that we would be there? Perhaps, but we could have decided to just drive home and not been there. Had that been the case, I might have regrets now and forever about that, but as it is, because I listened, I don’t.

If something huge happens in your life and you perceive yourself as psychic or intuitive and you didn’t know it was coming, have you failed? I think not. Once again, psychic senses are not about being able to delineate all the details of your life and lay them out for you. That certainly would take away any choice, responsibility or action around your life. But I do believe it is a subtle system of intelligence and input to allow you to evaluate and make more informed decisions.

I believe psychic knowing also comes as a way to calm down human anxiety when we are stressed or worried over a particular situation. Many folks report that upon meeting a certain someone, they “just knew” that this person was for them. Mind you, often the details don’t look like they support that knowing – everything from trouble pulling the relationship together to break ups no one understands – yet somehow the story rights itself and the folks get together. The value of the initial intuition is that the person is able to stay calm through the storm, deeply knowing and trusting that the outcome is assured.

In a sentence, I would sum up the value of practical psychism in anyone’s life as honouring the receptive and feminine energy which communicates in subtle vibrations and feelings and allowing it to enhance your own perspective as you make your own decisions in life. Never are we forced to follow it or not – it is always our choice. However, most of us have experienced what happens when we override our psychic or intuitive sense – generally it is a big “I knew I should have listened to my gut!” I find
it’s greatest gift is the gift of calm – because no matter what information is given, psychic knowledge most always comes with a calming undertone.

And of course, it follows also that the more you use it, the more it will be there for you. Calmly, quietly, subtly showing you what the best choices are in the moment, and for the future.

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