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The Truth About Psychic Scams

The Truth About Psychic Scams

Bogus psychics use all kinds of tricks to get your money… burning special candles, using eggs and other tricks to prey on your fears and get you to open your wallet. Here are some typical stories to help you avoid the psychic scams.

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The Candle Scam

One of the most common ways of running the curse scam is to tell folks they need to purchase special candles that must be burnt to remove the negativity. Here is a typical scenario.

I know you’re really busy, but I have a question (which probably sounds like a lot of other questions you’ve already been asked.) I went to this psychic, on a whim (I drove by and stopped). She was the third psychic I’ve seen in the last two years, and there was one thing that was the same in all of they’re readings, that generations ago a person put a curse on one of my ancestors which has “trickled” down to me (they’re explanations were a bit more elaborate), and cursed us on love, money and health (all on my mother’s side). The weird thing is that my maternal grandmother was adopted so I don’t know much beyond her, but her, my, mother, and me are always sick and are unlucky in love (and who doesn’t have money problems?) (None of my mother’s sisters are in the same category). Anyway, they all wanted to help me, for free but wanted me to pay for the supplies. One wanted $400.00 to pay for amethyst, gold, and silver. I didn’t have it so I didn’t go back. Anyway, as for my current situation, the lady wants me to give her $600.00 for 25lb beeswax candles (she said if I could buy 2, she would buy the third one because she said she really wanted to help me. She told me I could pay $400 ea if I bought them myself, or $300 ea if I let her buy them. However, when I looked on the internet I could get them custom made or me for $180.) Anyway, she made me sign this paper that if she got the candles I would promise to pay the church back. But I really don’t know about it. A lot of her reading was accurate, actually nothing was really wrong.

What do you think? And all I did was write a statement on a piece of paper and sign my name. Can she put a curse on me if I don’t go back? And does it make sense for a church to give away $300 candles on a promise? And can a curse from “generations” ago really be affecting me?? Does God let that happen? I would appreciate any input you may have, I don’t know what to do. Thank you. Rachel

Sorry, hon but this is the typical scam… and it keeps getting repeated because of the psychics you are choosing – those working “off the street” so to speak, the ones with signs in the windows where you can just walk in are all pretty much the same… yes, they have some psychic ability, but their objective is to make money by scaring you – please don’t fall for it – she can’t hurt you… check out the jinx and curse articles on our site and the cleansing bath “how to unhex and unvex yourself” – You might also find that getting the book “the Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Dr Joseph Murphy is helpful in getting you to see how your thoughts and feelings have created some of your problems – and what you can do about it. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

A candle or a therapist?

I went to a pyschic two days ago, and I gave her $45 for a tarot card reading. She told me that I was to call her and she would tell me how to get rid of a curse that was put on my mother or father and that I and my sisters and brother would never find happiness until the curse was removed. It just so happens that they are all divorced and I’m going through a tough time in my second marriage so I gave her another $90.00 for a candle. Today she asked my what I had in my savings, credit cards, bank. I didn’t give her much info because I started to get suspicious. She said I would receive 7 times the amount of money if she removed the curse. Now she wants to see me everyday and I’m sure she is going to ask me for more money. She said not to be upset if she asks for a note on a certain amount. I asked her how much and she said it might be extensive work that has to be done and it might cost alot but not to worry because I’m coming into lots of money and it will make up for the loss I might be feeling. I’m going to start my first therapy tonight with a professional counselor and she told me not to go because she would not be able to help me only she could help me because I need spiritual cleansing and a therapist could not help in that . That is was a waste of money going to her. Help me please before I go bankrupt/ Heidi

Oh dear, hon, I hope you ignored her and went to your counselling session – the only reason she didn’t want you to go was because she was afraid you would tell the therapist and the therapist would tell you the same thing I am – DO NOT SEE THIS WOMAN AGAIN! She is feeding on your fears and your pain and will bankrupt you – you will get a lot more from a counsellor… she is wrong also about spiritual cleansing – this can come in many forms, and work with a good therapist who will help us process our pain and dig into our psyche to see what makes us tick can be as valid a form of spiritual cleansing as any energy work might… in fact I believe that it takes many forms of cleansing – everything from a cleansing diet, to cleansing one’s home, massage, spiritual healing, dancing, prayer, laughter simple loving, are also part of the spiritual cleansing process… they all serve to help us release old fears and pains and make room for higher frequencies of light and love to enter our space…

Please don’t waste any more money on her… get the book The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr Joseph Murphy – it will help you see how you and probably your whole family have been kind of programmed/conditioned to create failure in your lives through the thoughts and feelings that have been imbedded in your consciousness… and it will help you figure out how to start changing things… also check out the article on our site about Jinxes and Curses and look up the cleansing bath “How to Unhex and Unvex Youself” – many folks have found this very helpful… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Releasing Negativity… yeah, right!

I started going to a psychic in the beginning of the year. The first reading was pretty accurate, though she was off on some things. The second reading was very positive as well. Anyway, on my second reading, she suggested (with no pressure) that I get a pinkish-purple 3 wick candle to get the man I was in love with closer to me and to help me with my focus. The candle was $40 which was no biggie for me.

I’ve been lighting the candle everyday for about 3 weeks now, and I’ve observed that it was violently flickering on its own, even without wind or a breeze. So I gave my psychic a call to ask if I should be worried about anything. She told me that that was a sign of negativity, and that I had to come back and see her (free of charge) for her to observe the candle herself.

Apparently, my candle was burning wrong. She showed me the other used 3wick candles she had, and they all looked the same. The candles sank in the middle, while mine sank individually according to each wick. She said that something was very wrong here and that someone who is jealous of me, is using some type of black magic or wicca against me. She said that she could meditate for me to investigate what’s really going on. She even said that she’d tell me the name of the person who’s responsible of this. The process would cost $100 instead of the regular price of $250 (since I’m a regular, she chopped the price). She said she’d give me crystals, oils and whatever to help. She said that my candle can’t keep burning wrong this way and that if it keeps up, my wishes won’t come true and it may get worse. I agreed to this, yet don’t have to pay her till Friday (It’s Wednesday today). What should I do?? Cecilia

Hey hon, this is a fairly typical situation, one we tend to call a scam… here are some answers for you from other members of our team… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Well, in my honest opinion I do feel that you do not need this woman to keep the negativity from you if there is any that is surrounding you. I feel that you can ward off your own evils so to speak by using incense and carrying an opal for some reason I get. or something that is of a white stone quality. I do not think that anyone needs to charge in order to get the negativity away from you. I do not personally believe in this being good practice. Though this woman may truly be able to help you I think personally that I would fend for myself and save the money because it feels the money and help will just have to increase as time goes on. It does feel to me as if she is reeling you in. Hope this helps, Love n’ Laughter Kimmi

One thing we should not do is get so caught up on psychic’s to let them run your life.. Set your own path.. You are ok and the negativity is due to you not truly believing in yourself.. Be wary of psychic’s that keep wanting money from you .

GO buy your own crystals and hang them in areas that are dark and where beams exist..Light white candles if you must..

Go get your self a book on Feng Shui.. It will help to control your energy in your home and around you.. Also always put white light around you.. Hope this helps, Love and Light Barbi

I’m just letting you know that I didn’t go back to that psychic when I said I would because my gut feeling told me that this was just plain ridiculous. First of all, at the time, I was feeling pure positivity….. which confused me when she said that she had to remove my “negativity”. Then I realized that the only reason why my candle was “burning wrong” was because it was wrongly made! Two of the three wicks were waaay over on the side, which would obviously cause it to drip and melt over there and not onto the center. I really don’t believe that someone is doing black magic on me…… Her selling point to me was “And I’m going to tell you who’s doing this to you…” but I mean, COME ON! If it turns out that no one is actually doing black magic on me, she’s just going to pick a name out of my brain to tell me that they’re the culprit! She was a very good mind reader in my psychic session with her. *sigh* And one last thing, she confirmed to me that the guy I’m in love with is my soulmate……so I’m wondering why did she get me to have to buy one of her $40 candles to bring him closer to me?? if it’s meant to be, it’ll happen, right? Sheesh……I was so vulnerable at the time to buy the candle…… but the meditation thing, that’s just ridiculous. Thanks guys! Cecilia

I’m so glad you trusted your instincts here… chances are she sold you the bad candle for the very purpose of being able to tell you you were cursed – an interesting slant on an old scam! Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

The Egg Scam

I recently visited a tarot reader. i initially went to her to get advice about a love interest. My tarot reading told her that some one was in love with me but is to shy to tell me, I have pain and that a curse was put upon me by a woman I know. The curse included that I have a cancer that doctors could not detect, broken love, never become successful and just have very bad luck which all was already occurring in my life except I don’t know about the cancer thing. She told me she could tell me who put the curse on me and who loves me through seeing my candles.

But she could not see it yet because my candles are broken and would not light. She told me to go home and say the Lord’s Prayer while rubbing an egg on the part of my body that ailed me which was my pelvis. I did just that and placed the egg in a white t-shirt, put in underneath the couch where I slept.

I went to her the next day. We chanted the Lord’s Prayer as she rubbed the egg all over my body. I was looking at her move the egg from side to side. As I was looking I saw blood coming from the egg. I told her that i saw it and she quickly opened the shirt and told me to hit the egg three times. When it opened it was a disgusting blood clot. I was so afraid. She appeared scared as well. How could if see blood coming from the egg if it wasn’t opened yet? She said that the church saw in my candles that I have the third eye. She said that she had to call the church and ask them what she must do next. She came back and told me that blood was the cancer and the bad luck that was put on me. And that it had to be buried because it was the curse of the dead man that this woman had put on me.. It had to be laid to rest with a suit, shoes and tombstone and all. Also, she said a shield would be put on me so no one could harm me again.

She said the fee for this would be between $650 and $700. I told her I don’t have that kind of money she said that if I could not give her the money, the task could not be carried out and the curse would return, because the only way to get rid of it was by burying it. And if that happened she could no longer help me. She said if I could come up with a deposit of at least a $100.? I said I didn’t have it. She was confident that I could come up with at least that amount. So she told me to come back in a few hours. I came back with the $100 with a balance of $450.00. She’s expecting me to pay her $100 dollars weekly when I told her I could only afford it monthly. She told me that I would get my period and that I would experience discomfort but not to worry because that is my body being cleansed and moving around inside. She told me to bathe in some bath crystals and give her a sample of the bath water in a jar to see if the egg thing was successful in removing the curse. She also requested some salt, pepper, sugar, and some rose petals to fix my love life. What she said would happen to my body, it did. I got my period, and it was not due cause I just recently had it before visiting her. I experienced pain all over my body. The pain that was located on my pelvis moved to my groin. Still, I have the pain today. I am so afraid. What should I do? Can she harm me if I don’t pay her the rest of the money? Was she telling the truth? What was that in the egg? Please help.

This is a typical scam, no she can’t hurt you, and the best thing to do in a situation like this is to report her to the police fraud squad… at the very least, don’t go back… look up the jinxed article on our site and the cleansing bath “How to Unhex and Unvex Yourself” – I think you’ll find it very useful. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

I am very much relieved to find your site to discuss my daughter’s case. She lives in upper east side in Manhattan , and 28 years old who doesn’t have much experience with psychics. Recently, she visited one of her neighborhood psychic. First, she paid $30 for reading, followed by $90 more for a certain specified help. She was further instructed to cash $900 twice with rituals she supposed to perform without telling what it would lead to…then, she was demanded $6400 total to “remove her negativity” (the number 64 was generated adding her age and her boyfriend’s age). The psychic was taking initially instructed sum of $1800…conveniently, now the entire cash was ready to be taken. She was instructed to bring two eggs…later cracking to show her blackness, the proof of negativity. This was the way my daughter was tricked. (Egg yolk contains sulfur which can be turned easily to black using chemical reactions.)

Upon my daughter’s reporting the situation last week, I urged her to go right back to the psychic and demand the money back. She was unable to retrieve the money; instead, she was offered an alternative way: the psychic would place $2400 of her own money, what a non-sense (she told her that she had to put $6400 to make it work), asking her the remainder, $4000. Therefore, my daughter lost $4000 cash to her.

My daughter has been very rational person who has never been tricked by any scam like this. I can hardly imagine how she was unable to spot the fraud during the process of her fetching huge sum of cash from her.

Please let me know the best way to retrieve the money my daughter placed in the hands of the manipulating psychic reader. Thank you in advance, Walker

It is unlikely that she can get her money back here. Suggestions are to threaten to report her to the police, – you can report fraud and extortion, the IRS, the Better Business Bureau, etc. In some states the District Attorney’s offices are keen to find these people, but in others, you won’t get any help at all… often the threats are enough to be able to collect back… hope that helps some, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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