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by Shelly Stokes

” When a man addresses another from a distance he has to speak more loudly…if he is close he can whisper into his ear… If it were possible to come into close contact with the spirit of the soul he would need no speach. All he wanted to say would reach the hearer by a soundless way.” – Psellus

We are all acquainted with the term “mind-reading” even though we may not clearly understand all that is involved. Basically, Telepathy can be described as a mind to mind communication, and it is often referred to as ESP. However, Extra Sensory Perception is the carpet of all Psychic occurrences, while Telepathy deals specifically with thought transmissions.

Basically, Telepathy is the silent language of thoughts, carried out by mind to mind communications. It is possible that mind communications were entirely successful in pre-historic days long before we were dependent on words as a means of expression.

Long ago, science discovered that distance is no barrier to a successful telepathic communication. Although Telepathic ability is present in all of us, laboratory tests show that greater success is possible where there is an emotional rapport between the participants. Perhaps this is the reason why “people in love” are able to sense each others unspoken expression of affection.

A fun “test” of this ability can be done by two persons with notebooks and pencils. They simply take turns drawing an image or doodle and having the other attempt to copy it “telepathically”. This process not only will work, but will give insights into the true nature of Telepathy.

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