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Tap Into Your Higher Intelligence

Tap Into Your Higher Intelligence

By Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler

When we think of intelligence, IQ immediately comes to mind. But IQ may in fact be the most limited aspect of our human intelligence.

Early in the 20th century, the concept of IQ came roaring to the forefront of psychology and education. IQ tests quickly became a popular means of measuring human intelligence.

IQ scores were used to sort people into “levels” of estimated intelligence. The theory was: The higher a person’s IQ, the brighter they were.

The Discovery of EQ
Then in the 1990’s science writer Daniel Goldman wrote a book summarizing years of neuroscience research. The research included in his book – “Emotional Intelligence” – packed a tremendous impact. His book raised emotional intelligence (EQ) to an equal standing with IQ.

IQ vs EQ
IQ is a measure of our familiar “straight-line, analytical intelligence.” Emotional intelligence (EQ), on the other hand, is driven by feelings and intuition. EQ is “associative thinking,” as it allows us to discover associations between our actions, and the results.

And as author Goldman pointed out, our emotional intelligence (EQ) also controls our ability to fully use our IQ intelligence. This occurs because if the areas of the brain in which we “feel” are damaged – we are less able to think effectively.

There is a huge gap between IQ’s straight-line logic and EQ’s associative thinking – and our amazing human capability to think “outside the box.” Neither IQ nor EQ are adequate to explain the full richness of our human intelligence.

The Discovery of HQ
The modern discovery of an even more complex human intelligence first unfolded in the 1990’s, when two neurologists – Wolf Singer and Rodolfo Llinas -began to investigate our brain’s mysterious electro-magnetic fields.

Their work led to the discovery of a previously unidentified form of human intelligence – a very surprising higher intelligence (HQ) that causes our entire cortex (our “thinking center”) to vibrate like a bowl of jello in a single coherent frequency.

During the past few years, exciting research using such high-tech equipment as fMRI and PET scans has proven that these higher intelligence (HQ) whole-brain vibrations are the aspect of our brain we use to aspire to higher levels of achievement and consciousness.

Our higher intelligence (HQ) is the aspect of our intelligence that allows us to create meaning in our lives — to reach beyond our rational and emotional thinking.

How the Brain Organizes Our Intelligence
Our three intelligences (IQ, EQ and HQ) work both alone . and cooperatively. But each has its own distinct purpose:

IQ lets us logically analyze a situation.

EQ lets us judge the emotional meaning of the situation, and select an appropriate response.

HQ lets us transform the situation by creating an entirely new “reality.”

Each of our three intelligences has quite different physical characteristics. This is

How you Use HQ
We all have and use HQ. It allows is to not only “make sense” of new situations and conditions, but also to evaluate our lives. And it is the core of all invention and creativity.

Our higher intelligence (HQ) is also our ultimate creative problem-solving intelligence. When you solve a seemingly “insolvable” problem, you are using your HQ to rise beyond your analytical reason and ability to associate.

HQ is also dominant during “ah ha” insights, and spontaneous “spiritual” or “higher meaning” experiences.

How to Develop Your HQ
As with muscular development, some folks have build their HQ through frequent use. Basically such people have made regular use of HQ by searching for connections between situations or events.

These people tend to ask “why,” and to identify and challenge their own assumptions. They look for meaning, and strive to increase their self-awareness. And they seek to create goals leading to a meaningful life-path.

You can refine and develop your own HQ by focusing on the following types of questions:

What is the meaning of my life?

Is there anything I would like to change?

What makes my life truly worth living?

What lifestyle do I want 5 years from toda

The secret is to literally exhaust your rational (IQ) and associative (EQ) intelligences in your search for an answer. Then take a break — a nap or walk. Your relaxed (and probably exhausted) surrender will bring a wholly unexpected answer to your question. The great creative genius Albert Einstein claimed to have his greatest HQ insights in the shower.

The author, Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler, is a renowned brain/mind researcher, and was one of the first in the world to introduce brainwave training to the corporate world. She is the co-developer of the web’s first brain gym – the

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