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Seeing Light

Seeing Light

New Agers everywhere talk about “lightening up”, and being lightworkers. Here are some of visitors stories… Some of us truly are Light Bodies..

Seeing the Light

A couple of years ago I had been in a meditation group and the presence of God was very strong. After we left the group a friend and I went to a shop. A few minutes later 3 kiddies came in with their mother. The most amazing thing happened……these kiddies kept smiling at me and wanting to touch me, I just couldn’t believe it. My friend just stood and stared…it was so very humbling & I was close to tears, I have to admit. The strange part about it, my friend didn’t get the same reaction. What that was all about I don’t know, but was a really beautiful & touching experience. Judie

The Global Psychics Team Responds:

Danielle: Judie, what a wonderful experience, and a real affirmation of the value of meditation… I have forwarded your note to one of the senior psychics on our team to see how they would comment, but it seems to me that the children were reacting to difference in your energies… while you and your friend may have been attending the same class and doing the same work, you were each working at different levels… she may have been feeling angry or upset and even with the meditation might not have fully cleared her energy… or the meditation may have enabled you to tap into the Universal Love that’s available to all of us, and with this shining so strongly through you, the children wouldn’t help but be attracted to you… or you may have especially needed an affirmation of love that day… in any case, the children were responding to a light and loving vibration that was especially strong in you that day and for whatever reasons, could have been as simple as her mood, it wasn’t in your friends… hope that information is useful to you, best wishes and Lotsa LLLove… Danielle

Geri: Danielle just about said it all. . . and I have just a bit to add! First off, this IS a very sweet and direct affirmation of the power of meditation to “shift” ones vibratory rate. Literally, the energy can shift into a much higher frequency and “sounds” and “looks” like the Lightbody we hear referred to in metaphysics.

Every person is born with a different signature. Their aura and chakra system, right at birth, is the accumulation of bahkti (subtle energies) that have been gathered lifetime after lifetime as a result of gathering grace or merit. That’s why some babies, at birth just seem to “glow” and are so alert and present. (I should know! I’ve had the privilege to witness over 400 births in this life!)

And, often that Light or signature can get temporarily “dulled” by family patterns, trauma, forgetfulness (!), the culture, etc. However, through practices such as meditation, one can reactivate that signature and the Light, touched by the presence of God, Source, shines through!! Literally, the personality can change. Personality from the Latin per sonare. .. .infers the “sound of God” shining through.

You and your friend evidently have a different signature. Through meditation, your signature was activated to its former, clearer, birth state! And children naturally can see and feel this vibratory rate. Especially children who have their own signature of a high vibratory rate. They will naturally be attracted to the Light and the energy. Which, to them feels safe and familiar, since they “remember” what it’s like to be united with Source before they took on a physical body, once again!!

This leads me to a possibility: through a daily practice of meditation and your ability to “hold that space of Light” you may be the perfect person to:

  • Volunteer at your local hospital for the neo-natal and baby nursery to hold children. Many hospitals have seen the wisdom of having babies, especially the really sick little ones, held a lot. It accelerates their healing process. . .and an another level, “welcomes” them into a safer world. Some of these babies are AIDS babies. . .drug impacted babies. . . .and NEED the healing touch! Even if these children end up in really hard circumstances in life, they “imprint” these early days of healing and it forms a ground of being for them to source from. and
  • Working with older children that are diagnosed as disturbed. . .autistic. . . . even autistic children can see the

Light!! This is just a thought!! I have a feeling that no matter what you do in life, it will impact your fellow travelers in a most positive way!! Geri De Stefano, Ph.D.

Victoria: I had something similar happen to me about four years ago. Like yours, it was a beautiful experience. I think that young children who have not been closed down are probably responding to aura emanations and possibly a spiritual presence both seen and felt. Children like animals, are very sensitive to spirit and are often far more aware than adults to the change in a persons energies and aura. They see and feel much more than most adults. Victoria

Judie Responds:

Dear Geri, Victoria & Danielle

Thank you so much for your replies…..I never expected it, what a wonderful surprise and so helpful. I really respected your comments as no-one has been able to explain this experience. On thinking about it, I do believe my friend may have been in a somewhat negative mood, due to circumstances at the time in her life….this, as you say, would explain why she was on a different level of vibration. That would make a lot of sense. That’s interesting you should mention being involved with children as a clairvoyant once told me that I could be working as a healer, particularly with children. Thank you once again for taking the time out to respond and I will certainly keep them. I do believe you have really helped me to see what my real purpose is here, and I’m so excited! In much appreciation & gratefulness, love & light, Judie

VS Seeing Lights

I began seeing lights in ’78 when I was first learning to really meditate. Now I want to reach others with lights. Could you forward my email address to anywone who might be interested: carey

I didn’t pay the lights much mind until I met a lady that could bring hers to the center of her eyes and show them to others.. this seeming control of them blew me away for a while and by the time I thought to talk with her she was gone. I have been on the look out for others with eye lights ever since.

I started with one light in each eye. They seem to move more the more love I’m exposed to? During a Unity retreat they doubled and so I now have 2 lights in each eye. Mine are always white. During the 2.5 years I had my own business I never saw them. I suspect they were unhappy with me. When I realized I had to close the business due to health problems they started coming into view again.

I did assign the ones in my right eye to signal when my thinking is on track and the ones in my left to signal when I need to re-think, and this seems to work somewhat. Sometimes they just seem to be happy and active bouncing up and down on the outer edges of my vision. I guess when my thinking is on spiritual things is when they are most active and if I get caught up in worldly things I hardly see them.

A reading once said they are the result of trying to see myself as light. Syliva Browne said they are my guides getting my attention. I have a bit of an idea they could keep on splitting like omoeba, multipling until my body is full of light, if I and a large group of people were all tuned into love. Carey Sullin

For over a month now I have been seeing this reddish-yellow light traveling downward in my peripheral vision. It usually happens when I’m alone, but not always when I’m alone. For example when I’m watching television, reading a book or doing anything meditative like washing dishes, all of a sudden this slightly dim ball of light appears in the top corner of my eye and then slowly, but continuously travels downward until out of my peripheral sight, and it is always seen peripherally. One thing that has happened recently is that is now it sometimes happens in my right eye. It used to always be in the left. Another thing is that more often now I am seeing little specks of whitish blue light flying though the air and from people’s heads, and from my own body.

I intuit that my clairvoyance is representing itself into my life. These things used to happen to me when I was a younger teenager and when I was a child. Do you have any advice on how I can provoke more continous manifestations? I have these urges to see these specks more continously, to see what I can learn and I would also like to know why the ball of light appears when it does. and why it presents itself in the colors that it does (a darkish yellow ball, thickly out lined with dark red). I see it at least once a day.

When I’m alone in the house I feel like someone is there with me. I don’t see them physically but I often see them as a shadowy figure in my mind. Sometimes I feel their presence so intensely that I become uncomfortable. When I was younger I would see spirits and have amazing clairvoyance that seemed more than real, I mean I thought the things I saw where actually happening. But I never thought much of it. Back then I didn’t realize that I am psychic. I guess the real reason why I emailed you is so you could help me get it back, I mean I have it now, but what I lack is that really intense power to see like I used to. How can I bring it back out, how can I reconnect to it. Sincerly, Manuel

The Global Psychics Team Responds:

Victoria: I am a clairvoyant and am actually a physical medium, very rare these days but the lights you describe are not like my own. Before moving another step forward please have your eyes checked. What you are experiencing has certainly opened your awareness. Now please make sure it is not physical at least in part. The flashing lights are experienced by myself but the lights I see and the phenomena attached (Spirit or forms) are not attached to the movement of my eyes. Victoria

Danielle: I feel it is important that you have a good physical about now – seeing light the way you are is a fairly common paranormal experience, but it can also be indicative of physical problems, so before you start focusing on them and attempting to interpret what they mean, it is always a good idea to verify that they don’t mean anything’s wrong. Mention these things to your doctor, get your eyes checked and perhaps get an EEG to be sure your brain is firing properly… please do this asap.

That said, you are probably right in thinking that this phenomenon marks the reawakening of your psychic, intuitive, sensitive self and that it is time to get to work on developing your abilities, or at least on using them… The yellow light circled in red speaks to some frustration around your following your dreams – perhaps the time has come for you to return to your natural self as much as possible, and to take at least a baby step in the direction of your heart’s desires… and perhaps one of your dreams is to be able to see and sense and know far more than you have allowed yourself…

My first recommendation is that you take a meditation program – this is one of the most useful ways of tuning into yourself and your inner knowings… through meditation you can learn to tune in far more effectively and then to interpret, understand and integrate your knowings.

The second is to search our bookstore – there are thousands of excellent books on metaphysics and personal growth, any one of which will help you find more of your power. I always tell folks to follow their noses – let your interests lead you to the right material for you, it really doesn’t matter whether you want to learn about the tarot, numerology, or crystal healing… if you just get started on something that interests you, you’ll find yourself building understanding – and yes, power… the power comes from the confidence and trust, hon as much as it does from knowledge and experience, so you just have to get started somewhere and it will come.

The third is to check around your community for workshops, seminars and other programs that might interest you – there are hundreds of excellent teachers in the metaphysical community, all keen to share their knowledge and skill. So, go for it, hon, get moving! Hope that helps a little, lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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