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Remote Viewing: the Psychic’s Way

By Danielle

I realize that there are many schools of thought around the “how’s” of remote viewing, most of which are a lot more scientific in their approach than mine is… for me, remote viewing is simply a matter of projecting one’s consciousness into a specific place, or onto a specific object a person.

For me it is a matter of focus. Here’s an example of what I mean. Some weeks ago I was in our Chat room with Lady Gaia who lives in South Africa… we were quite intent on our conversation when I found myself kind of displaced. For a moment I felt like I was in a completely different place, looking out big picture window as I typed. I described the scene that I was overlooking below me to Lady Gaia, and sure enough, I was describing the room that she was in and the scene below her.

Group work with remote viewing exercises produces a much more complete picture, I believe, than an individual’s single perspective. In some of my workshops I often do a remote viewing exercise with the group in which I will give them an address somewhere out of town and ask them to go visit there. I tell them to knock on the front door, see it being opened and see themselves entering and wandering around the house. Then I ask them to describe what they see and we list everything that every member sees. When the exercise is complete, we call the person who resides at that home and read the list off to them… invariably, we come away with a pretty accurate description of the person’s home and what’s going on in the home at that time.

It seems that our consciousness can be projected, or focused, wherever we want it to go… Most of us are so rooted in present time and space that we don’t think to go looking somewhere else, so we don’t realize that we can. Yet it is as simple as shifting your focus from the present space, to another, allowing your inner eyes to explore, and then trusting that you see what you see… yes, your imagination knows what it is doing…

Now here’s Craig with a more scientific methodology:

Remote Viewing in a Nutshell

by Craig Grant

Back during the Cold War, the CIA got wind of rumours that the Russians were investigating psi phenomena as a possible weapon against them. In the mentality of the time – which finally led to Reagan implementing Star Wars, in the successful attempt to simply bankrupt the Russians out of the arms race – the CIA felt they had to keep up with the Joneses, so to speak, and so they started investigating psi phenomena as well, at CIA HQ in Fort Meade.

What they discovered, after spending millions of dollars, in their experiments with psychic phenomena, is that there is a way to contact what Carl Jung called ‘the collective unconsciousness’, and they called it ‘remote-viewing’.

The best book on the subject that I’ve read is Jim Schnabel’s REMOTE VIEWERS: The Secret History of America’s Psychic Spies.

I’d never heard of remote-viewing until I heard an interview with Major Ed Dames on Art Bell, back in 1997.

The major used to be on the CIA’s remote-viewing team but when the program was was disbanded – allegedly – (many believe that it’s merely gone underground, after public hue and cry about the government spending tax payers’ money on psychic ‘mumbo jumbo’) – he went into private practice.

Over the years, I’ve listened to Ed Dames talk about remote-viewing Jesus Christ – he was an emissary from an alien race, Satan – he’s a cold white light, crop circles – there was a crop circle in Whitefish in the summer of 2000 which seems to be warning us of an impending pole shift, “shadow people” – ghosts throw shadows, apparently, the Mark of the Beast – a computer chip implant dreamed up by the World Corporation or however you want to call it….. ufos – yeah, they’re real, and on and on…..

The idea is basically that if you can put a group of two or more people into a situation where they don’t know anything about the event, object, situation, they are trying to glean information about, and they all come up with the same information, then you can be reasonably certain that the information is accurate. You can imagine how the CIA might feel that this was very important, say, in the event of a situation like the hostage crisis in Iran, where remote-viewing teams were used.

How does a typical remote – viewing session work?

There has to be a monitor – someone who knows what’s in the picture in the brown, sealed, manila envelope on the table. Or the question on the piece of paper. Whatever.

The project in question is assigned two four digit numbers, which each remote-viewer writes in the upper left hand corner. In the upper right hand corner, he writes down the time, date and location of the session.

Then he is instructed to draw an ideogram. An ideogram is his key to unlock the door to the collective unconsciousness. If he draws a straight line, for example, that would mean he’s remote-viewing a piece of flat geography. An inverted v would mean a mountain. A wavy line would mean something associated with water. Two lines at a sharp right angle to each other – l_ – something man-made, perhaps a building.

And then the remote-viewers start to sketch.

And then they start to write down any impressions they get: colours, tones, textures, taste, any sensory impressions at all.

Whenever they feel they’re losing contact or that their imagination is starting to play a role, they drop the pencil, give themselves a shake, pick it back up, touch that ideogram again, and go back to work.

After working perhaps ten to twenty minutes – this varies from project to projct – they then assimilate the information they’ve received and draw a new sketch.

This is where it all comes together.

A session usually lasts forty-five minutes. (Some projects demand multiple sessons.)

And if the remote-viewing session has been successful, everybody in the team comes up with a similar sketch.

It can come out of the distant past, or the distant future.

Everybody can do it.

Well…. not quite everybody. According to Ed Dames, in his most recent interview with Art Bell – see the archives at – about four per cent of the population can’t, and those people, he said, are usually drug addicts.

Numbers and dates, apparently, are very hard to remote view.

Although I have heard that a few remote-viewers have come up with lottery wins.

For more information, go to and punch in remote viewing.

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