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Recovering Your Psychic Abilities

Recovering Your Psychic Abilities

Childhood Trauma Can Shut Down Natural Psychic Ability

I just found your site and it is absolutely wonderful!! I was reading the Tips on how to turn your psychic abilities back on and it pushed me to write to you.

When I was a very little girl (I’m 28 now) I was very intuitive. It was well known in my family and no one thought it strange. I was able to tell who was about to ring the phone, find lost items, communicate with “beings” and animals. I was also gifted in being able to “foretell” of things to come. However, a severe trauma when I was 10 might have turned these powers off for good, and I could use your help.

I awoke one night in hysterics. My mother was going on a camping trip with my God-parents and my new step-father the next morning. My mother ran into the room, and immediately knew that something was terribly wrong (she was a gifted intuitive in her own right). After she had calmed me down, she had asked what was wrong. My Mom had always told me that when it came to my gift, to always tell the truth, and so I did. I had told her that I had seen her going down a set of rapids in a canoe with my step-father, along with my God-parents next to them. I told her that the canoe had capsized and that she got pulled under and drowned. At first, my Mom was a little frightened by my dream, but then, in that motherly way, told me that it was normal to get worried about things like that when people were going on a trip and not to worry. With that, she tucked me back in.

The next day, after my mother and the group had left for the camping trip, I was left with my God-brothers and sisters. I was very agitated and cried at the drop of a hat that day. I remember getting more and more frightened during the progression of the day. Then, at about 6 that night I remember the group coming back and the whole family gathered in the kitchen. My step-father had called me into the kitchen where everyone was, and had told me what happened. They were in a canoe, and they had had an accident. My mother was gone. I was so traumatized that I don’t think I spoke for about 3 months.

Since then, I haven’t been able to “percept” anything. I’ve tried a few times, but highly unsuccessfully. Just recently however, I have felt that “something” has been trying to contact me. For some reason, I’m not able to make the contact. I’m not sure if it’s because of the trauma I had experienced or not.

It’s moved me to tears of frustration for I feel that there’s such a void in my life. When I had that connection with everything, I felt complete. Now, it’s been almost 20 years with this void.

I would love to be able to retrieve this gift, but I don’t feel that I can do it alone. Any insights, tips and suggestions that you have would be wholly appreciated. Please help me become the person I once was. Sincerely, Crystal Adorno

It is not surprising that such a trauma would make it difficult to reconnect with your natural abilities – or that you could not speak for three months after… Your soul must have needed the extra day of preparation causing you to live through this experience twice… and probably many times since.

The first thing I want to suggest is some work with meditation, to take a class and get into the practice of it, and perhaps to invest some time and money in a little counseling with a good therapist to help you deal with the emotional trauma and the scars it left… One of the lessons that every psychic learns is that our emotional baggage gets in the way of our clarity, and if we are ill or traumatized in any way, we can not easily access our abilities to get a clear fix on things… Also, a child so young is easily “programmed” – the fear that you experienced at that young age is almost indelibly printed on your aura, and it takes quite awhile to clear these old pains and the fears and programs they leave behind… so a bit of work with a therapist at this time in your life could benefit you in lots of important ways…

At the end of the day, my best advice to you is to be gentle with yourself. Follow your interests in the world of metaphysics, read and study and hold onto the intent to recover your gifts, and they will eventually start opening up again. Working also with your chakras, doing chakra meditations and working with the colours of each chakra can be very helpful in finally healing these old pains.

Trust that your inner senses are still alert and operating, and over time you can connect with yourself again…

I hope these notes are useful to you, best wishes and Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Use It or Lose It?

Our visitors ask about recovering one’s psychic abilities….

When I was younger (in my teens and twenties) I knew things before they happened. I became frightened when this happened as it was always of a negative nature. No one dying, just negative situations. One day I explained this to a boss of mine (a gentle older man) and he said his aunt also had this ability, that it was a gift, but if you’re afraid it will go away. I said I was very apprehensive about this as I did not understand what to do with this information when I knew it. I could not tell anyone because it would cause anxiety, etc. Well, this ability went away. In my later years I understand what an extraordinary gift this was, however I can’t bring it back. Any suggestions? Toto

and again…

When I’m alone in the house I feel like someone is there with me. I don’t see them physically but I often see them as a shadowy figure in my mind. Sometimes I feel their presence so intensely that I become uncomfortable. When I was younger I would see spirits and have amazing clairvoyance that seemed more than real, I mean I thought the things I saw where actually happening. But I never thought much of it. Back then I didn’t realize that I am psychic. I guess the real reason why I emailed you is so you could help me get it back, I mean I have it now, but what I lack is that really intense power to see like I used to. How can I bring it back out, how can I reconnect to it. Sincerely, Manuel

The First Step – Start Meditating

Unfortunately there is some truth to the statement “use it or lose it” when it comes to psychic ability…

The good thing is that our psychic ability never really goes away, it just goes to sleep, dormant, waiting for the day when you’re ready to access it.

One of the easiest and best ways to help begin recovering your natural psychic ability is to begin a practice of regular meditation – if you could take some classes at this time, it would be very helpful to you. And there are lots of very good books on meditation as well as on developing your abilities…. let this be your first psychic exercise – go to a local bookstore, check the spiritual, psychology, self-help and paranormal sections, then let your inner self guide you to the books that are right for you now… it’s interesting how often just the right book catches your attention when you shop with intention and ask your guides to come along on the trip with you.

We also have lots of useful exercises on the web site which can help you to activate the abilities again… and often just setting the intention to reclaim our birthright will have the effect of opening us up…

Just about every good psychic I know speaks of a time when their abilities “went underground”, for a variety of reasons… I shut myself off as a child and didn’t allow it to come up again until I was in my late 20’s, and for years I danced around it, regularly withdrawing from any active interest.

Most often we shut it off because it scares us, or our personal lives are needing our attention, or we are ill or depressed.

Rarely though will it be shut off permanently… and the more you use and trust your abilities, the more active and useful they become. I hope these notes are useful to you, best wishes and Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Remember, We’re Products of our Beliefs

Dr Geri Webre encourages you to start believing you are psychic as a first step in the recovery process

What we THINK forms our notion of reality. If you THINK that by not using these abilities they will go away, then they will! Receiving this information from a man you so obviously respected and was an “authority” figure for you, adds extra “weight” to this thought form. Over the years, you haven’t questioned this notion and, as a result, your conscious and subconscious mind has taken this as a given.

So, my advice to you, is to question this notion! AND, more importantly, change your thinking to include the POSSIBILITY of retrieving your abilities!

In my personal history, as a psychic, I have encountered this through personal experience! After working as a psychic for 10+ years I went into a huge “burnout” phase where all of my energetic centers completely shut down. I had never realized how I had come to depend on my abilities until I had “lost” them!! For six months I felt hopeless and in complete despair! At one point, I finally allowed myself to accept the fact that I was no longer “psychic” and prepared my mind to find other things to do in my life. It was a very bleak and dark period for me. I was SO sure I’d never be able to re-generate that energy or abilities!

Someone suggested that I take a workshop with Marcel Vogel. He was a very gifted man who worked with crystal technology both on a scientific and healing level. I remember feeling completely out of it in the workshop: everyone was SO gifted and SO psychic. . . and I was merely a lump!! He focused on me at one point, dragged me up on the stage. . . and in front of everyone said, “Oh, you’re a very gifted psychic and you’re totally burned out! Well, we can take care of that!!” He proceeded to do a healing on me. . . .his huge energy and intention wrapping me in a field of energies. . . that just seemed to blast through my pain. . . . .THEN, he forced me to read and heal every single person that came up on the stage!! He was very wise. . . .to force me. . . . I stumbled around, felt self-conscious. . . .and finally broke through. . . . .he changed my thinking. . . . and while it took me several more months to “heal” and get up to level. . . .HE gave me permission to change my notion of reality and the confidence to persevere!

And one more thing. . . .when people start out with their psychic abilities. . . they often “read” the negative or the more scarey stuff first!! It’s because the negative carries such a stronger “vibe” and our own fear pictures hook in and generate more energies (it’s easier information to access and read). . . .but, through training and discipline one CAN push past the negative or the fear pictures and go to the more subtle information.

One of the things a psychic must learn is how to go into “neutral” and “box” their fears and personal issues. . . .so that the information becomes objective. . . .rather than subjective!!

I always demand of my students that they tackle their personal issues in therapy when they’re training psychically. So. . .change your notion of reality and what’s possible in your life. . . .everyone has psychic abilities to a greater or lesser degree. . . .it’s only your belief system and your fear that is holding you back!! Good Luck. . . .and perseverance furthers. . . . .Geri De Stefano Ph.D.

Our Visitors Respond:

Thank you much for your positive comments. This is very much appreciated as I am in the ‘what if I still can’ mode. It’s wonderful being able to communicate with persons such as yourself who can understand and also willing to share thoughts and ideas. I thank you and bless you!

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