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Psychic Interference

Psychic Interference

Yes, it is possible to “jam” the psychic airwaves and it is very likely that geomagnetic, solar, lunar and a wide variety of other planetary influences affect our ability to read or perform psychically. However, the most direct and obvious reasons for non-performance come from within.

The Question… What’s the Source of the Interference?

Danielle: I was contacted by someone doing a story about paranormal activity. He asked to get a film of me doing telekinesis. For several days before I made that straw do 4 360’s in a row, 3 360’s in a row and shift positions numerous times but when I went to film, I sat there for an hour and could not get it to budge.

I heard that the incidents of telekinesis was very high at a time when the Earth’s geomagnetic field was strong. I logged onto the website of the U.S. geological society or similar to that. If I read it correctly, it shows a very significant drop in geomagnetism for the time period I was attempting to film. I was successful at it before and if I read it right there was a peak in geomagnetism. Have you ever heard of telekinetics being effected by geomagnetism or could it have just been my nerves?

I was trying to relax but I was getting frustrated. I was trying between 15:30 and 16:30 E.S.T. (3:30 – 4:30). At around 14:00 (2:00) I saw that there was a high point. In any case, I want to keep track of my telekinetic frequency and the general geomagnetism. It would make an interesting piece to your website. Maybe I should try and see if putting one of those magnetic strips behind my neck would enhance telekinesis. I read evidence that the pituitary gland might be the transmitter of telekinesis. Whenever I’ve had reiki done the practitioner sensed a lot of energy flowing through that area. Sincerely, Dave

What Inhibits Psychic Performance?

Most “psychic interference” is generated by the psychic themselves, as the notes following indicate.

Dave, you pose some very interesting questions, and I wish I had some solid answers for you…here are some thoughts for you to consider…

While there is indeed something to your scientific approach – ie there IS a correlation between geomagnetic activity and psychic activity, ability, telekinetic ability and so on… there are also a number of other factors that influence the situation….

Fear, the First Inhibitor

For example, In your specific situation, the filming would bring all your fears and questions of your ability to the fore – I invariably “fail” when I try to test myself, and usually “pass” with flying colours when I am being tested in a live situation with a client… I refuse to do a reading though when I know it’s just about a test because I know I will probably fail dismally… in my case, I think it’s because I get annoyed with tests, find them a waste of time… at the end of the day, it’s the living of your ability that counts, not what you can show people you can do on a stage…

Readiness, the Next Inhibitor

Which brings me to the next point… you may have been “stopped” by your guides at the moment of going public with what you can do for a very good reason… You may not be ready yet… and you may find that there’s a more important purpose for you to have this ability, or that it is just the opening to even more powerful talents and gifts that you can acquire…

Electrical and Environmental Factors

Another reason that you may not have been able to perform is because of the electrical interference caused by the lighting and camera equipment… in order to work in this environment, most of us take some time – often as much as a week, to mentally and physically prepare, and to “tune” the equipment and our environment so we can work effectively in it. (Crystals around will often help you to amplify your energy and counter or absorb some of the electrical interference caused by the equipment) All of us will pray and meditate before “going on”, doing a variety of focusing exercises so we are sharp not only mentally but physically and emotionally as well as psychically…

Physical Well-being, Another Inhibitor

Your physical state also has a great deal to do with how well you can read or perform any “supernatural” task… it’s important to avoid alcohol and most drugs for quite some time before you are planning to perform any work like you describe… and to have slept and eaten well, but lightly in the days ahead, avoiding red meat especially as you get close to the time that you are doing the work…

So…. there’s a lot more I could tell you about “setting the stage”, both from an inner perspective and an outer view (ie how to manage and work with your physical world) so you can do the work successfully and consistently, but my point was to identify clearly for you that there’s a lot more than geomagnetic activity that can influence the work we do…

I think it’s a most valuable exercise to track the relationship between geo-magnetic and geoseismic activity and psychic ability – since it is one of the significant variables that we can probably most easily identify and relate to… this is measurable and can be useful in understanding why we get “waves” of psychic activity – and what signals to listen for an how to respond to them… And I’d be most interested in any article or research you might want to follow thorough on…

Consistent Performance Demands Consistent Inner Work

It would be a gross error to see geomagnetic activity as the only explanation, or even one of the only factors that influence psychic activity and performance… what I am saying here, is that to fully understand our abilities – and learn to use them consistently, we must each take the journey inwards, to learn how we ourselves influence our reality.

Delivering the Goods, No Matter What Interferes

Which brings me to the final point… I believe that we create our own reality, with purpose, through our thoughts, feelings and loving actions…. so, to me it is somewhat dangerous to depend on charts of geomagnetic activity to know when one is “strong” psychically – we will simply begin to react in synchronicity to the charts because we believe…

I think the real test of our ability – the time when science can finally accept that there is something to our inner senses – is being able to deliver the goods any time, any place, no matter what… to me the value in knowing what the correlation between the scientific factors and psychic ability are is in knowing when I will have “the energy” working with me, and when I will have to come from deeper levels in order to achieve the same result… in other words… when the geomagnetic activity is working with me, I will know I can relax, and “ride the wave”, and when it’s not here, I will know that I have to prepare, dig deep within me…

One closing remark, Mercury was retrograde and I believe also Mars… and other planets getting ready to move into retrograde, this also could have had an influence… as you see there are many reasons why or why not… I encourage any and all exploration of the many reasons… it would be nice to be able to explain exactly what I do every day and why it works, or doesn’t… some days you’re on and some you’re not, and it’s just that simple… and that complex! Lotsa LLLove, hope these insights are useful to you. Danielle

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