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When Curses are Real: How to Remove Them

When Curses are Real: How to Remove Them

It IS possible to have curse removed when it is indeed at the root of a long series of problems… but it can be tricky and takes a very special set of circumstances….

Notes on Removing Curses

Throughout this section, our stated position is that it is NOT possible to have a curse removed… that paying money for such services will only make the problems worse… however, we have received several letters over the years disputing our position… and since these opinions are valid, we present them here… but before we do, more on what we recommend…

There is an old saying, “change your attitude and you can change your life”. This especially applies when it comes to removing a curse. We believe that the most effective long-term solution to clearing a curse, jinx, or getting past a “black hole” in your life is rooted in a change in attitude.

This is because the first remedy for clearing a curse is to raise your vibrational frequency so that the negative energy can no longer infect your life… and to do this, you must start trusting yourself to heal yourself, and to start loving yourself, seeing the purpose and value in your challenges, learning to laugh at yourself and to be grateful, to appreciate your life as it is… Easier said than done, I know… but when you lose the victim in you and decide to take control in a most loving non-judgmental way, you take the first steps to disempowering any curse that might be at work on your life.

The next important step in clearing a curse is to perform a service… the more you get into helping others, the easier it is to raise your vibrational frequency, and this also clears any karma associated with the old charge of a curse… I often suggest that people give away something they really care for and at the same time, to do a complete clearing of their home, to get rid of anything they don’t need, don’t like or don’t use…scrub the walls, clear the cobwebs from all the hidden spaces…. it is also important to do this work yourself as a kind of “active meditation”. This can be an incredibly effective way of clearing out old negative energy,

An Objection….

I feel I must object to the article on curses by Ms. Danielle Daoust. The Newage suggestion that curses are only negatively charged words that cannot affect someone who maintains a positive outlook and does not “give negative energy” to the curse, and that those who offer to remove a curse are fraudsters, is both naive and objectional.

I am a practicing magician of over 30 years experience who has had encountered many folk who have been cursed, often long-range, often without a word being said. The victims of this kind of psychic/magical abuse can suffer severe health and mental problems, and in some cases death. A positive and sunny outlook can be of some help – but is not especially effective against someone who knows what they are doing and carries enough hate and anger that they can direct at will.

(Parenthetically, I am glad that Ms. Daoust seems not to have encountered such malicious and sadistic souls in her travels – but this does not mean they do not exist.)
My own company, Athanor Consulting, does in fact specialize in an effective (and, for us, quite dangerous) service where we can protect against and remove such attacks – and, yes, we do charge money for this, as I am sure Ms. Daoust charges for her time, knowledge and services. I do agree there are a *lot* of fraudulent psychics, healers and such in the world – but this is no reason to insult those of us who are sincere, caring and professional in this specialized field. To myself and my colleagues, honour, compassion and responsible attitudes are part of who we are, not just what we do – and I cannot in all good conscience stand by and have our efforts to rid the world of “negative energy” in this way maligned by crude generalizations. I would also add that according to the oldest surviving shamanic traditions, especially Tibetan practice, the first duty of any shaman or healer is *to kill demons* – whether the demons of our souls or the admittedly rare but still extant forms of non-human sentient energy bent on harm that plague some peoples lives.

Yourselves or Ms. Daoust may contact me at the given email address or via my website at if you wish to debate this point further. Ian

The Ensuing Discussion

Says Danielle: the trouble is that too often this is just used as a bogus way to make money and feed off folks’ fears….

Says Ian: Oh, absolutely – but in this field, there are so many possible opportunities for fraud, as the numinous is a rather hard thing to prove one’s qualifications in!

D: and I do believe that if one raises one’s vibrational frequency it is difficult for a curse to get you…

I: I agree, tentatively – I have found in my years of specializing in curse removal/protection (not, I should add, by choice – my Path just seemed to take me that way) that those who throw curses around have a knack for demoralizing the target to the point where such energy raising is well nigh impossible.

D: I can’t encourage a client to pay to have a curse lifted, first because there are few people capable of doing it, and second because it is disempowering…

I: In such cases, I merely charge for my time and expertise, sometimes with a “danger money” stipend if I actually come under fire – I have a strong geas against taking money for Art, so I only charge for skill and knowledge passed on. I also teach the target person defensive skills (some “raising vibration” exercises and basic psi shielding).

An example – a recent client of mine thought he was under psychic attack, but was in fact simply mildly depressed and somewhat aimless in his life path. I cleaned his ch’i, suggested some possible directions for him and generally empowered him. For this I charged half my usual hourly rate for the hour I was with him.

D: and that is what is at the bottom of the curse’s ability in the first place… when folks start taking back their power to create and disallow the victim in them, they will not be affected by other’s thought, no matter how powerful…

I: My experience in the field has shown me that it would take a Boddhisatva to manage this on a 24/7 basis… as I mentioned in the previous letter, I suspect I’ve seen somewhat more of the nasty side of magick than your good self (something for which you should be thankful – and I rather envy you for!)… there are some surprisingly effective and malicious curse-mongers out there – genuine sadists with even a mild psychic skill can cause a great deal of harm.

Clearly we have a few differences in our attitudes and philosophy – my own training and style do not derive from the New Age schools as much as from a wide range of ancient styles (3-Aspect Taoist magic, Sufi, Tantra, shamanic and martial arts) as well as more modern approaches (Thelema, Chaos Magick, cybermagic and other more improvised forms) and my philosophy is basically that *no* philosophy holds all truths, especially my own! I am very glad we can speak to these matters in a place of mutual respect.

Thanks again.

Yours in The One, Ian

“Understanding is a three edged sword.
Your truth, their truth… and the real truth between.”

Another Perspective

I’m Matt (used to be in Texas) and you have read for me several times in the past. I recently read your write-up on curses and thought I’d share my perspective.

I’m a medical intuitive and I do distance reading/healing work over the phone by looking at a person’s aura. I never used to even believe in curses, but in the course of my work I have seen them and I know how real and damaging they are. They look slightly different than disease.

In one case it looked almost exactly like a disease I knew well, and it was only on a second look that I noticed the difference. It was extremely difficult to remove, because it’s intent was to remain and harm.

Anyways, what I wanted to say is that, as a psychic, we can indeed remove some curses and I think it’s important that we do so. I have seen dramatic improvement in all cases where a true curse is lifted. I just wanted also to say that in most cases the curse is unacknowledged by the sender. I don’t think they were even aware of the power their thoughts could have for evil, but the effect was damaging nonetheless. Matt

I wanted to wait until I had heard back from some of our team, and could sit down myself and respond thoughtfully… I am interested in having a bit of dialogue with you on this subject, in the hopes that we can produce another useful piece for our curses and scam pages… Following mine, you’ll find notes from both Laura and Mary-Anne commenting on your note…

We don’t disagree with you. In fact just this week I ran into a situation myself where a real curse was affecting an entire family. In that case, I gave them a number of suggestions for how they could move out of the problem.

There are several issues though with psychics removing curses. The first is that this is a favourite scam for a number of old school and even some not so old psychics. At least once a month – sometimes more often, we get complaints of folks having lost anywhere from a few hundred dollars, to many thousands of dollars, in one case more than one hundred thousand dollars, in another a million, to remove bogus curses… by the time these psychics finished with these folks, they were cursed, if they hadn’t been already, just based on the fear buttons that were activated and then reinforced. Telling a client you’re cursed and that’s why your life is sh… is an easy cop-out on doing the real work we should be doing, and also an easy way of getting a client to come back, again and again, and to part with their hard-earned cash for anything from burning candles to saying special prayers.

The second issue we have with what we call the curse scam is related to something I said earlier… it reinforces folks’ fears about their personal inadequacies, disempowers them, builds on the whole belief that we are victims… and this is at the root of our concerns with any work around someone removing a curse.

My sense is that those of your clients who improved after the work on their energy were also doing something from within themselves to facilitate the healing process… In other words, they were on the road to lifting their vibrational frequencies so they could move above the curse, – the work you did gave them the push they needed at the right time. But I would be concerned that any energetic work by a psychic would come to naught unless the person were shifting their personal belief systems to consciously raise the vibrational frequency that was attracting their bad luck in the first place.

Mary-Anne speaks of this in her note, so I won’t belabor the point… but the issue is that we create our realities through our thoughts and feelings… and the lower vibrational stuff – eg the results of a curse, can’t get to us unless some part of us resonates with it… so the ultimate cure is really to raise one’s frequency – and keep it there…

So, you’ll find notes following from both Mary-Anne and Laura… will be interested in your feedback. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

From Laura:

I think Matt is right on and very insightful about his observation that many times the person who “sent” the curse was not aware of doing what happened.

A good reminder to keep our thoughts as positive as possible about people even if their behavior angers us.

Thoughts are powerful! As my Grandmother, Mo Mo used to tell me, “If there is someone who angers you, the best thing you can do is give them love. If you retaliate it will only harm you in the long run. You don’t know what set them off. It might not have been you at all. The trouble you had was being you the one there when the anger reached them.” Laura

From Mary-Anne

I don’t disagree – we have often said that thought energy, sent with that level of vehemence can “stick to” our auras. Our issue is with those who charge such high figures to remove them etc. and the fact that no matter what, this phenomenon is not as common as the luck peddlers would have us believe. I believe Matt has seen what he reports and that it is focused and intense hateful thoughts sent to a person but that person has to have an opening somewhere – a sense of feeling that way about themselves for this to attach to. Think of famous people – especially controversial ones. They have more thought energy (hateful and jealous) poured on them every day by many many others. Their lives do not necessarily tank. It won’t attach itself to them because they don’t believe it – they do not see themselves that way nor do they see themselves that way in denial, hence all that thought stuff going at them deflects. Folks can have these low level things attach themselves to their energy field, but only if there is a corresponding belief within the self that this is so about them – even if buried or in denial at this point. Remember, the “devil” works with your own thoughts using them against you. That’s why there is a “ring of truth” to the tricks – something in you relates. This brings us back to the true power to remove such things is in the self – with God and guides and angels of course as well as another person sometimes who may have agreed to be a conduit for prayer or something, but ultimately it can only be removed once the condition within the person themselves is healed. They must begin to believe not the negative concepts being thrown at them, but more to instill more positive beliefs about themselves. We are in most cases our own worst enemies and hold a lot of disparate and negative thoughts about ourselves.

I’m not so sure those negative thoughts are born with us or natural, but can take hold as the world “beats us down”. It can only be effective if we allow it. We may not be conscious of where we allow it, but it has to connect somewhere in order to stick. And I’m equally sure it is a case of some of the nicest people you know having been affected in this way. To me, it is one of the recesses in the mind and soul that harbour the belief that there is something unworthy or hateful or whatever about the individual. Sometimes it could simply be the individuals belief that another does hold power.

Although we concur that there is pointed “evil eyes” or very focused negative thoughts that can attach themselves to us, all the things that the folks who use this scam try to tell you they will do will not ever be effective without the corresponding change in belief about self that is required. External persons can’t do your own work for you. They promise that though, as though they can treat you without you treating yourself and this is where we have a problem.

In any case, I hope this helps. Mary-Anne

Matt’s reply:

Wow, lots of food for thought here.

First, let me say that I understood that your main point in the article is to get folks to stay away from charlatans that are only after their money and I strongly support that.

My concern was that the article seemed to warn people away from dealing with any psychics who remove curses, implying that curses weren’t real. My concern was based on my own experience that showed me that curses are real and often very dangerous.

I agree completely that clients should be empowered to assume responsibility for their own psychic well-being. Unfortunately, my experience suggests that this can (and usually does) take a very long time. Most people just want the quick fix and aren’t willing to do the work to raise their energy levels. I have found that, in general, the act of nurturing a person’s spiritual growth can take years.

In the meantime, they’re in pain. I think it’s incumbent on me to help alleviate their pain as quickly as I can.

I don’t have enough experience with curses concerning luck to comment on whether people have a predisposition for the energy manifested in the curse or not. My sense is that this is likely. The curses i have seen were meant to attack and debilitate the body. As I mentioned earlier, most of my practice is with medically ill people.

Actually, what’s interesting is that in my opinion, most (but definitely not all) disease is a self-directed curse. It’s what we do to ourselves based on our wounds and belief systems. Curses, as we have defined them in this discussion, can appear very similar to disease, it’s just that they arrived from someone other than ourselves and they look a little different.

I agree that telling a client that they are cursed could reinforce a victim mentality, but a lot depends on the client themselves, and, even more importantly on how we as healers deal with the client.

When my tooth hurts I go to the dentist. I go to a specialist because I just don’t have the skills to cure myself. Most people can’t tell they’ve been cursed and if they somehow sense it, they usually haven’t a clue about how to remove the curse or, more importantly, how to ensure that further curses don’t attach to themselves.

One point you made Danielle is key. You mentioned that perhaps the people
from whom a curse was removed had already raised their energy levels to the point where they were almost ready to deal with the curse themselves. My experience is different.

I’m also not too convinced that all clients are actively involved in their own healing. What is definitely clear is that some of them are indeed actively involved in preventing their own healing.

I believe that the power to heal is also the power to harm. Good/Bad it’s all on the bell curve. Me/them, it gets pretty blurry at higher levels.

My personal belief is that time spent with people at a high energy level is itself the most effective way to induce rising energy levels in clients. When you’re around someone with a high energy level, (as you pretty much have to be when doing anything in the realm of the psychic or paranormal), I know as fact (from personal direct experience of this) that some part of you recognizes that higher frequency. At some deep unconscious level, some part of you is reminded of who you really are. I think of it as psychic yeast. I think that’s the greatest benefit we offer any client.

I think that psychic yeast works without words. Personally, I’ve rarely found words useful. I read astrology for many years and time and time again I saw people shut out the stuff they didn’t want to hear. The yeast though, can’t be denied, and once infected, once they feel that higher energy again, there is a drive to manifest it that happens on its own without any intervention on our part, and there is no going back.

I think all of us carry that very high level energy within us, but we have crushed its voice so it is barely a whisper. That psychic yeast I spoke of is identical in each of us, we all have it, and when we sense it, we want more of it.

OK, I’m all over the map here. If I were to summarize I would say it’s unfortunate that some people get scammed by the removing a curse industry. However, real curses exist, some are self-generated, some are external. In my experience, removing a curse is a one-time affair unless the curse is actively generated (in which case you can see the connecting black or gray cord), and then clients need to be instructed in how to protect themselves from the generator.

From my experience with curses I think one of the warning signs of a scam is requiring more than a single visit to remove the same curse. All of the ones I’ve worked on have been a one visit deal. Of course, in the case of actively externally generated curses, unless the client does their homework, the curse can re-manifest.

What a mishmash of concepts, hope you can figure out the sense of it all, Matt

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