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When Are Curses Real?

When Are Curses Real?

Curses are words that have been highly charged with negative energy. They DO have power in certain circumstances. While too often reports of curses are openings to a scam, in some cases the curse is real… the good news is that there is something you can do to get out from under the power of the curse – and it doesn’t involve spending a lot of money.

There are times when we wish bad things on others with such power that bad things start to happen… the trouble is that the negativity usually rebounds back on us…

My ex cheated on me. I stored so much angry energy inside against him and have been unable to forgive him. Well since then he has had unbelievable bad luck. Almost everything I wished on him has happened. I can’t bring myself to forgive him, but I do regret all the pain that he is going through. He called me today and asked me to remove my curse from him. I still have so much anger inside for him, I can’t see straight. If it is possible that I cursed him, how do I remove it so that we can both move on with our lives?

Oh dear, this is how a curse functions, words so loaded with emotion that they act like a magnetic charge, drawing the dark energy towards them… Yes, there is something you can do to help your ex… one of the best ways to reverse the energy of a curse is to perform some service for your him… do something for him… if possible something that you can repeat – for example cleaning his kitchen once a week for a few weeks…

That said, you cannot take complete responsibility for what has happened to him – we are only affected by curses when we have some dark energy in us that it can resonate to…. so your ex has to face up to the guilt he is feeling for what he did, for his own anger in your relationship… he needs to look at how his negative thinking is infecting his life… get him the book “the Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Dr Joseph Murphy – will helps him to notice his negative thinking and give him some tools to start getting things on a more positive path. Hope that helps, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Uncovering Curses Can Negate Them!

I encountered something that I believe is a curse on me and am very worried. I would appreciate any advice or information you have regarding my incident. I am 24 years old and live with my boyfriend. We live in my grandmother’s building in a basement apartment. I am almost 3 months pregnant and very excited about having a baby. Despite problems that I’ve had with my boyfriend (we’ve been together for the past 11 years) he is also very happy and we have finally grown up dealt with our past issues. We are very happy and plan on getting married when we can afford to. My grandmother however is not happy. She had a very negative reaction when I told her my good news but now pretends she is overjoyed.

Well one day I went up in her house to remove a frozen lasagna she was holding in her freezer for me but I found something very unnerving. In the back of her freezer was a lemon with a small slit cut out of the middle. Inside was a piece of brown paper, torn from a bag. It was folded in half and on one side was my full name written in the form of a cross and on the other my boyfriends full name written the same way.

This is completely driving me crazy. I know if I confront her she will tell me some bull about it being good luck or something of the sort. I have the feeling it is a bad hex. Lemons are sour and it seems as though she split us down the middle or something. I don’t know what to make of this and don’t know if I’m just being paranoid. I would like to know if you’ve ever heard anything about this. I’ve searched online and found a curse involving a split lemon but not the way she has it….It involves a slit, with a picture of the person and a bowl of oiled water. Well that curse is supposed to bring bad luck about the person and since it’s kinda similar it scared me as well.

Please I would appreciate any information you have or anything you know about this. I have the lemon now but don’t know what to do with it. I would appreciate it greatly if you contact me by email. Angelina

So, you have a choice here… you can choose to accept that you are cursed… or you can choose to see this as amusing, simply your grandmother’s old ways and her own silly way of expressing her disapproval… counteract it by surrounding yourselves with love – and also her…. love is a pink or green light, so visualize this light filling your home, and surrounding you – and also your grandmother…

Something else strikes me here… you found the lemon, and my sense is that the fact that you uncovered what she had done probably negates this work… this kind of dark work needs to be done in the dark in order to be effective… having shed light on it, you probably took away any power it might have had. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Reversing a Curse

Maybe I am being paranoid, but for the past 7-8 yrs everything that could go wrong has. I then remembered that back then (ABOUT 8YRS AGO) I had an employee that I fired. She became abusive verbally and swore that she would put a curse on me that everything I did would fail. Which brings me to present. I never really thought about what she said until now. Because everything I have tried to do has in fact failed and I don’t know whether it is due to some “curse” for just fate. Any recommendations or help?? Please, I am feeling desperate at this point. Michelle

Well our words do have power, and when we charge them with enough emotion, as this woman did, they can act as a curse… and now that enough stuff has gone wrong for you, your fear buttons have been so triggered that it is hard to stop the downward flow of the spiral of energy… but it can be done… there is a good article and a cleansing bath on our site – look up the Jinxed article in our tips section, then get the book The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr Joseph Murphy and start actively reprogramming your thoughts, replacing the negative, fear-based thinking with more life-affirming, positive, loving thoughts and words… really work at actively invoking the love vibration in your life – thinking loving thoughts of yourself an others, avoiding judgment…

One of the excellent ways to move the energy of a curse off is to perform some service work – think of something you can do for your community – something perhaps that this woman from years ago might have benefited from – and do it… this isn’t about giving money away, but about doing something kind and loving for someone else – with the objective of clearing the karma from the past. Hope that helps, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Clearing the Past

I went to see a psychic lady for a reading. I explained told her that I’ve had bad luck in love all my life. She gave me a reading which seemed very accurate. She now says that there is a male spirit around me, preventing me from being able to meet the right men or have good relationships. She says this spirit has been around me since U was 7 years old (U am now 37!) when someone on my father’s side of the family bad-wished my parents. Certainly, my father was successful and happy until I was about 7 and then he lost his job and things were pretty difficult for him until he died last August. My brother has suffered from mental illness and drug addiction. Neither of us have children. I am aware that there are a lot of psychics out there scaring people and ripping people off and I’ve read letters on your site with interest. This lady says it will cost £700 and take 8 weeks to get rid of this spirit. I don’t want to go for it – and I can’t afford it anyway – but can you tell me – is it possible this could be true? And where can I get a 2nd opinion on this kind of thing from someone? I’m in London. I look forward to hearing from you. Your site is lovely and a great comfort. Joanna x

First off, spending so much money for this kind of clearing is a scam… rather find a spiritualist church in your community and attend some of their services – they offer free healings and are generally a reputable ethical group… if there is something there, one of their good people will be able to see it and remove it, at a very low cost, if there is any expense at all – usually they ask for a small donation in the service – $5 in Canada, so it won’t be much.

I wouldn’t say this is a curse, but rather the result of a negative vortex of energy having descended on the family as a result of some problem in your father’s business when you were seven… a long story about how this works, but it is based in the fear that surrounded the family at that time… check out our curses and the section on jinxes and the cleansing bath – this also may help. hope that helps some, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Curses can be a cultural thing…

I found your site about 2 weeks ago and since then I have noticed a big difference in my life. I have read many self-help books and listened to many tapes but never got any permanent results. I would like to thank you for the wonderful things you are doing.

I have a couple of questions I hope you can help me with. I come from a country (Morocco) where they believe a lot in hexes and superstition. I come from a family of six children (one female 52 years old and five males, from 50 to 28 years old.) I’m turning 44 in January.

The problem has always been that my sister has always done very good in life financially and in her marriage, but none of the males have, we have always struggled financially and none of us have a good marriage or family life. Growing up I could feel something was wrong, I was always told (through tea readings or psychics in Morocco) that I was going to be very wealthy but it has been a struggle and nothing seems to work ) but never could figure it out.

Last year I went to a psychic and she told me that my father had a curse on him that all his sons will suffer in life. She said that someone in Morocco was jealous of him or something (she was not very clear on that) and put that curse on him and his sons.

She made me come back several times and tried to get more money out of me. I just told her I did not have any money to give her. I would give her $20 or $30 once in a while. The last time I went there she took $3000 and burned it and told me that I had to pay it back and the curse would go away. Well I did not believe that she burned that money but I never told her that. She just kept calling me to see when I could give that money back to the church cause that was church money she burned. I finally told her that I feel that I am buying a car or something because she keeps calling and asking if I could pay anything even $30 or $40 dollars or more. Once I told her that she stopped calling and I have not heard from her in months.

The funny thing is that since that time every deal that I make (I am a real estate investor) I make $3000 or less, even deals that I knew I was going to make $10,000 would turn out to be $3000 deals.

My question is even though I know she did not burn that money and I know she is a fake, how come this is happening? Through your site I have started to meditate more and learn how to contact my Higher self, my guide and angels I am still learning but would like to get a boost to make it happen faster. What would you suggest? Larbi

Given your cultural background, there is almost a genetic belief in curses and therefore it is likely that your family is indeed being haunted by this old jealousy… but neither burning candles, nor money will lift this curse… if anything it will only make things worse. As you suspected this was a scam and either she didn’t burn real money or she used some trick to make it look like the money had been burnt… in any case you were wise to choose not to respond. If she should call again, threaten to report her to the police, the IRS and any business licensing agencies you can think of…

So, if paying to have a curse removed doesn’t work, what does? That’s easy… SERVICE… If you could get all of the men in your family to do the same thing, it would help you clear it from the entire family… what I am referring to is that the way to clear an old curse is to put yourself into unconditional service… choose whatever appeals to you, whatever could get your interest, and decide to support it wholeheartedly… this can be anything from choosing to care for a needy family in your neighbourhood, to participating in a community work program or supporting some charity… whatever this is, it needs more than just a bit of your money, but it demands your loving energy. Choose to do one random act of kindness every day… then actively look at the ways that you can be more loving of yourself and others in your life… believe me, this conscious move to take a positive, helpful and nurturing outlook on life will have a powerful effect on you and make it a lot easier for you to start attracting those $10000 lumps.. Look up the Jinxed article on our site and try the cleansing bath and get the book the Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr Joseph Murphy… this will help you understand how your thoughts and feelings have contributed to your problems and what you can do to kind of reprogram yourself so good things are easier to draw into your lives. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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