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The Truth About Curses

The Truth About Curses

While curses may be real, paying money to remove a curse, if anything, will only make the situation worse…
The power of the curse is in your beliefs – choose to live lovingly and fearlessly and none can affect you…

The Curse Scam

by M.L. Danielle Daoust

One of the easiest and ugliest of scams perpetrated by so-called fortune-tellers and psychics is the promise to change your luck by removing a curse, a jinx or “the negativity from your aura”. These psychic vampires prey on our fears and drain our energy in more ways than one.We published our first warnings several years ago in the hopes that it would prevent others from wasting their money. Still, this is such a common way of preying of people’s fears that we continue to receive calls and letters (in the first 4 months of 2004 alone, more than 100) from clients who have been frightened by threats of a curse and want assurance that they should not pay the money requested to remove it…. in all cases we respond with this information:

You cannot remove a curse by paying money to anyone……While curses are, at least within some cultures, very real and can produce ‘bad luck” even for generations, paying money to remove it hurts more than it helps… although there are some among the spiritual community who disagree with us on this point, the general consensus is that most people are being scammed when a curse is suggested as the cause of their problems…. so, it is a very safe general rule to refuse to pay to have a curse removed.A curse is simply a set of words that have been empowered with ‘negative’ energy…A curse cannot harm us unless we allow it to by giving the negative energy some entry point, empowering it to act as through our negative beliefs about ourselves or our world, our fears, guilt, negative beliefs and attitudes. In any case, paying a fee to remove a curse will have very little effect on changing your luck or making you well again! Why? because the curse is working on an energetic level gaining access through your fears and negative beliefs… as long as you continue to hold onto these beliefs and fears, you are caught in a negative vortex in which a curse can operate…Most of the curses identified by such fortune-tellers are not real, but are figments of their corrupted and greedy imaginations.

Avoid the street psychics, those psychics who “hang out a shingle” and work the fairs are most often the culprits behind the curse scams, (although we have heard of a number operating on the web now). It is unfortunate that these fortune tellers have enough psychic ability (or observational skills) to be able to identify a good potential “con”, and then to give their mark enough valid information to hook them. These frauds are predators who focus on folks who are fearful and have therefore probably attracted a lot of “bad luck’ in recent times. Then they use the curse as a way of explaining away the bad luck – and offer to change the person’s luck, for a price of course.

Sad to say, clients have quoted prices ranging from $300 to $10,000 for removing curses. Recent reports have been much higher… one woman told us she had been taken for over $1 million over the course of three years, another for more than $300K. A high price, no matter what the cost, for being afraid…. of words… of looking within, of loving oneself, of learning to uplift oneself from within… and usually of nothing.

While many of us might like to believe that our lives have been cursed, – it’s so much easier to set the blame outside ourselves when things go wrong – the truth is that only in extremely rare circumstances are we ever victims of anything more than our own beliefs, fears and unloving actions.

Look up our Jinxed and Role of Fear articles for more insights here.

The past two decades have seen a tremendous increase in the number of psychics, astrologers, new age, and other ‘metaphysicians’ offering a wide variety of services to the general public. Most of these practitioners are honestly concerned for their clients and sincere about their work.

But then there are those who are all about the money. Following are some examples of a typical scam, and there are lots more in this section to help you be informed, and avoid such situations.

Some Typical Scams

I’m very thankful for your website for it brings a clear insight of the reality about the scams of Psychics. I have been victimized by promising that my negativity will be removed and I will have a “cleansed” chakra but the truth is thousand of dollars have been taken out of my pocket to the point of me making cash advances on my credit cards. I just can’t believe that those psychics have no remorse for all they care is how to take advantage of your money and vulnerability. Thank you for exposing these psychic acts!

I am so sorry for your bad experiences… on the other hand, these scams teach us important lessons about trusting ourselves and not giving away our power… it is sad that we have been so conditioned to being victims that we get caught up in these painful lessons… it takes courage to walk away… congratulate yourself!!!! Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

I was unsure about my boyfriend of 8 years. I loved him, but some things were ‘unbalanced’ in the relationship. I consulted a psychic, hoping that she would be able to give me some insight on myself and my ‘moody’ relationship. She claimed that I’d have to pay $500, and she’d be able to make my life complete and happy. All she needed was a picture of my boyfriend and our birthdates. I reluctantly handed over the money because our two earlier free readings were quite impelling!

A week later (after a couple more free consultations) the psychic told me that my boyfriend had a curse to never marry…it was a horrible thing that would eventually break us up. Her information sounded interesting~ my boyfriend’s older siblings are also unmarried, and she claimed that they too had the curse. She asked for $1000 to buy materials, and she’d be able to break the curse. In addition, she wanted to hear about my dreams and she insisted that I pray intensely every day. She supposedly called upon her guardian angels to accompany my boyfriend and me….OH YEAH, she also insisted that I keep all this between her and me “because other’s thoughts could get in the way of (her) work.” I thought that was a bit suspicious, but it didn’t stop me. The relationship, improved dramatically a couple weeks later! I was so happy! The psychic had reeled me in for sure; I was a believer.

Later, the psychic claimed that she needed to “refresh” the materials for $300 because my boyfriend’s case was a huge one. I reluctantly went along with it. We have since then ‘refreshed’ the materials a couple more times for multiples of $100. She said things like: “come on Erin, we’ve come so far. It’s not that much money. If you don’t, things could turn around. This is for the one you love. You know, the relationship would not had lasted had we not done this… remember, he’s your soul mate, and if the curse were still here, he’d never commit and eventually he’d go insane….Erin, you’re a strong person…” I found myself becoming increasingly dependent on the psychic that I gave her an additional $1000 to work other aspects of my life. In the end, I believe I’ve dished out approximately $3000 to her…and that’s crazy because I’m now sitting in $3000 credit card debt (what a coincidence!)

I softly attempted to question her credibility and the true price of the “materials” on several occasions. She always got back with the responses such as “it hurts me that you don’t believe; I’ve done so much for you.. and this is how you repay me. look at how happy you are now…Erin stop thinking this way! Yada, yada, yada!” I ended the conversations with apologies for questioning her.

In December 03′, I’d just given her my last $500 to “refresh” the materials. That did it for me. I had ZERO in the bank account after rent was paid. I was fet up with paying money for something that I questioned. I called her for the last time with the intent to strongly question all the money I’ve given her. The psychic put a huge guilt trip on me, but I didn’t let it effect me this time. I, since then, have not answered or returned any of her phone calls. I’m hoping to be able to put her in the past and begin crawling out of my debt.

NOW, please read this next part~ there’s something that happened to me in the beginning of my psychic consultations that really scared me and caused me to believe the psychic. For the slightest instant I lost complete control of my thoughts. In that instant I saw myself stab a guest that was in my home. It felt 100% real. The next instant I was able to shake my head and return to my real self. After I realized that I had not killed anyone, I went to the next room to find my my guest coincidently crying because my dog was barking at her. She politely said that she needed to get going, and quickly exited my home; she has since avoided seeing me. Later that day I frantically called the psychic who described this experience as very real. She claimed that the evil spirit that had been lurking around my boyfriend and me had taken control of my mind. NOW DANIELLE, what could this be all about? Is it possible that the psychic created this experience with her ‘supernatural abilities’ to put fear in me?

Thank you for your time!

A note following… I would also say that this is about telling you take more control of your life, to set yourself up so that this can never occur again… it is telling you to shore up the inner weaknesses, to start tapping into your own power, trusting and believing in yourself… a hard lesson for anyone!!! Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

This happened to a person I know. After the first visit to the psychic she called me. I told her not to pay another cent and not to return to this psychic. I then called the police. Not much can be done to these evil people. But the police then keep an eye on them in hopes of catching them on something in the future. Most times they fowl up and are caught. Never ever believe in a psychic that asks for money in ways you have mentioned. Put white light around you and ask a reliable psychic to help you put good energy out for you and to ward off the evil from this psychic. I hope this helps you Love and light Barbi

Another One

Please help me. I went to this psychic six months ago because I was feeling desperate and vulnerable. After reading the stories on your website, I now know that I am victim to her scams and she has already taken quite a sum of money from me. She has also managed to convince me to pay her $500 a month and threatens that if she drops her work for me, then everything good happening in my life will stop. I don’t know how to get out of this situation. She has my telephone number and my home address, so what if she continues to bother me? Should I just ignore her from now on or tell her I don’t require her services any longer? Thanks for all your help. Lily

Two responses for you…

Tell her that if she persists in bothering you in what you now realize is a scam you will report her to the police for fraud.

Get yourself a book called THE POWER OF YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND by Joseph Murphy and make it your bible. You do not need this person you just need to find the strength inside yourself. The mind can be a tricky thing until you learn to understand it. Victoria

Oh dear. . . .it’s so difficult to deal with having been “taken”. . . . .we all know we have been. . .but the :”need” is so great. . .that we simply persist. . . in the HOPE that all will be well. However, you need to know and think about the fact that YOU and YOU alone are the architect of your fate. . . . .the good things that happen to you. . . .the challenging things that happen. . .you are making it all happen. The Gypsy fortune teller-type psychic will prey upon your need, your hopes and your fears. . . .we THINK that someone like that can influence our destiny. . .help us in our time of need. . . and THEN. . .when we are really feeling the economic crunch of their demands upon us. . . .that is when they pull out the big guns: something BAD will happen. . . .and if you don’t keep us on the payroll you will suffer. . . . . .NOT!!

I had a client, one time, who wrote me to tell me that a woman had given her a reading where she said that her refrigerator had “bad energies”. . . .and that she needed to exorcise it. . . .WELL!!, these two guys showed up one day. . . carted her frig away. . . .and that was the LAST she saw of that refrigerator!!!. . . . another reported that a woman had told her that her money was cursed. . .and that she would take it to the cemetery at night. . . and “clean” it. . . . .YUP!! cleaned it right out. . . . .

At the time these ideas are presented. . .they almost seem logical. . . . and our need and desperation feed the con we are about to go through. . . .

Don’t beat yourself up too badly. . . .very intelligent folks get taken it by these cons. . . .learn how to discriminate. . . .and you won’t make the same mistake ever again. . .

As for anything “bad” that may happen. . . .don’t even go there. . . .it’s more about fear and intimidation on her part to get you to part with your money. . . .honestly, there’s nothing she can do to you. . . or that can happen to you. . . unless you create it!!

So be strong. . . .be courageous. . . .and let go of this “psychic vampire”. . . .!! Warmest regards Geri De Stefano, Ph.D.

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