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Psychic Vampires

Psychic Vampires: The Truth About Psychic Scams

Bogus psychics and soothsayers have been preying on our fears probably since the beginning of time. Now, thanks to modern technology, it is a lot easier to reach out and scam folks. Be warned, don’t waste your time and money on psychic vampires, the predators who prey on your fears.

In the past month alone, in addition to dozens of scurrilous reports of the curse scam, we have received reports of three other types of psychic scams floating around the web right now.

The easiest way to identify a psychic vampire’s scam is notice what fear buttons are being pushed. Even when they say that something good is coming your way, they will lace the news with words designed to trigger your fears that you might miss the opportunity…

Rather than name the perpetrators of these scams, (their names and addresses change regularly anyway) we prefer to describe the types of scams that you are likely to encounter from psychic vampires. Here are three that are commonly used.

  • “Good – or Bad – Luck in the stars…” By email or through the post, you may get what seems like a personal letter telling you that on a certain date coming up, the stars are perfectly aligned for some good fortune to come your way. But, as always, these predators prey on your fears, warn you that you might miss out unless you contact them immediately and purchase a “personalized” report that will tell you what to do, when, about this good luck. The trouble is that this is a computer produced report that is sent word for word to thousands of unsuspecting hopefuls. A waste of money – and fear!
  • “Good News” – similar to the one above, but with a twist. Here you are told that you are about to be rewarded, a huge karmic debt is due to be repaid, but the psychic needs $25/month to guide you to it. This one is reported here at the How to Complain site, a good place to report such scams if you come across them.
  • “Free Psychic Service” No services are really free, all are a come on for more work, and some end up actually costing you, so beware. In one case, a psychic offers free service which will include 15 pages plus a free talisman. All she asked is to enclose 33cents stamps or $5 if you don’t have stamps to help first-class shipping costs when she returns her detailed study of 15 pages. Again, thousands of people will receive the same report, it is usually not worth your time and money… and too often leads to more demands for even more money… once they have you “on the line” they will do their best to hook you… again, a waste of your money and time….

They Trigger Your Fears…

I’m going through a difficult time in my life, and I went to a psychic and I’m worried that I’m being scammed. I am 33- and she told me that my 7 year cycle is ending at the end of this month. And that bad things keep happening to me because I was a horrible person in my past life, and someone (named Omar) I mistreated is stuck in limbo and determined to make my life hell any way that he can. She said that all my doors to the past are open, but my future doors are shut. She wants to free Omar who is to return me and to close the past doors and open the future doors. My aura is missing colors. She said that I am destined for success in this life but will never attain it with Omar stuck on my case. I have already given her more money than I should have. Now she wants more to buy gold to melt down to make a shield for me. I have no more money to give her, but she wants me to use my credit card. I don’t want to do it. I’m getting a bad feeling. Does any of this sound remotely legit?? She also didn’t want me to tell anyone… Michelle

You are being scammed, please don’t spend any more money here, a gold shield is a ridiculous idea!!! she wants the gold because it makes a good investment for her… please don’t waste any more money here!!!! Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Thanks so much for your advice! The whole thing seemed far-fetched, but when you are down about things it’s funny/scary how easy it is to let your guard down. I’m keeping my chin up- and since I’ve decided to have nothing to do with her, it’s amazing how my outlook on everything has lifted. She was really being manipulative and trying to keep me focused on the bad things in my life, when I really needed to move on. Sigh. Well, thanks again! ~M

I am very glad I read your website. I understand that this is a tough question, but I visited a psychic who is listed in the yellow pages. I paid around $75 for both of my palms to be read yesterday. She seemed accurate. Now that being said, I do have a curse. It is an evil eye. This was not brought up by her, but from myself. I have seen People’s jealous glance on several occasions, and it has left me with no peace and a fearful mind. That being said, she confirmed that I still have it. What is bothering me is that the lady seems sincere, but she told me that I would have to pay $600 for her to remove the curse, and visit her for a few appointments and she will cure it for me. I know she has to make money, but the fact that I have to pay so much makes me a little suspicious. Or do some good psychics work this way?

I can say that I do not personally know any good psychics that work this way. I have been doing reading for years, and have gotten rid of entities in peoples homes, as well. The charge for me has always been the same as the reading. I agree that they do have to be paid, but I feel this is outrageous. I hope you do not pay her, but look around for one that will work with you, and teach you how to protect yourself from this happening again in the future. Blessings Kimmi

Predators who offer hope…

I am seeking help for my husband. He will be 40 next year and I know that he is currently seeking answers to many unanswered questions in his life. Since May he has been consulting horoscopes (paying money for personalized predictions) and also contacting a woman who claims to be a seer and read runes. She has been sending him frequent “readings” about improving luck, love and money in his life and also sending him items to purchase in order to increase his luck. He has, of course, been paying the money that she has been asking for her to meditate for him at specific hours of the day and night and for her to send him such items as a blue cross of the knight (of something or other).

I notice that this woman only presents her first name in her letters to him and that she utilizes a PO Box (or mail box number). She uses terms like “only you and I can work together to bring the positive energy in your life”, “I will not rest until you have all the things that you desire in your life” etc. At the end of each letter (in order to keep him contacting her) she says that for her to do further services for him that she charges (a specific sum of money such as £80) but just for him she will charge a sum such as £19 or £29.

I am very concerned that my husband is being coaxed into wasting our hard earned money and that this woman is a fraud. Please can you advise me, as I am terribly concerned for him. Michelle

You are right, and I am sorry, but your husband is just a cash machine for this woman, and she is probably offering the same deal to many others… he is wasting his money and would be better advised to use that cash to purchase some good books – for example Dr Joseph Murphy’s “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” – will explain how our thoughts affect our realities, and Sonaya Roman’s work, Creating Money – and there are others of that ilk that can help him to make the changes from within that will attract more positive circumstances to you… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Note this article on “How to Get a Good Reading“. In it we state that every reading must be complete – and uplifting. If it is not, the client should not return. And if you’re being asked for more money, whether to remove a curse, cast a spell, purchase candles, regain your health, or change your luck, leave immediately and don’t look back.

Cursed as a child??????

I was born a Druid. At the age of six I was cursed by a witch, I still remember the blister on my forehead that appeared after she did it. My mother knew what was done and she did nothing to protect me. I’m thirty now and I have spent most of my adult life looking for away to undo it. I even thought of finding the witch and confronting her, but in terms of knowledge she would surpass me. Please I implore you help me my knowledge is limited and I need help. Ashton Creed

The biggest curse the woman put on you was to have you fear and doubt your power. She obviously felt intimidated by the energy she felt from you or she would not have felt that you were a threat. You give your power to her by fearing what she did and so she remains corded into your energy. She is still using your energy to this day by the cording of fear that you have with her. Do you know how to decord yourself? Ask your guides to help you and stop accepting the “curse”. Often the very things that we think are obstacles are put there as teaching tools. You have learned much about the laws of nature, cause and effect. You have gone to great lengths to find out what to do. Had this not have happened to you, you might have ignored a lot of your teachings. This curse has in truth been a blessing.

Turn it around and thank her for the gift. Only send her love and the curse will be lifted. You hold yourself bound to her by fear and resistance. In the service of the Light Laura

Thank you Laura yet again I find someone teaching me a lesson I could not see. Your advice may yet set me free but she will try again to snare me, if what you are telling me is accurate this maybe a long and trying road. May the light of the Goddess guide you always. Ashton

Already you are fearing what “might” happen. What we think we manifest. You are falling into the fear trap again. That is what keeps you bound. The road can be either long or short depending on your thoughts. Again I urge you to send only love and thanks to her in order to be free. Stop the doubt and anxiousness and the energy will be lifted.

Trust me when I tell you that I have learned this lesson over and over so I have a lot of practice in seeing the results. You’ll get it. Laura

Blessings Ashton. The marking of someone as to make it look like they have been cursed is a very old trick used by many skilled scam artists. This is usually done by putting some sort of herb or chemical on someone without them seeing it. The next step is to ask for large amounts of money to remove the curse. Your mother probably knew this was a scam that’s why she didn’t do anything at all. This is along the same lines as the old gypsy giving someone the “evil” eye and asking for money to remove it. There are NO such things as curses sweetie. To believe in something and give it the energy of worrying about it gives it power and strength. As someone who has been walking the Wicca path now for over 20 years I can honestly tell you “witches” don’t harm people, That’s against our laws, and if someone says there a “witch” and there going to curse you this is a scam. Please do not give this woman or this occurrence anymore thought or worry. You will live a very long and happy life!! Many Blessings and Happiness Jody

Beware the cons, they can really hurt!

I would first like to let you know that I appreciate you reading my email and responding to it if that is the case. I would like to tell you about something that happened to me a few weeks ago. I was sitting at a coffee place with my friends when this stranger comes up to me and tells me that I have a miserable love life, that I hate school and that I have a curse. He said that I have two ghosts that are always with me, that they are two very ugly men and that they are responsible for this curse and that they are draining all of my energy. He told me that the only way to get rid of this curse is to take a glass of water and drive 175 km with 3 close people and empty it once I get there. I wouldn’t normally believe this but it is true that I do not have a love life, that I do not like school and that bad things keep happening to me since the past year. I can’t find a man for me, I can’t get any job that I want and I am broke. I am always depressed because of this bad luck. This man also told me that when I would get rid of the curse, I would be rich and I would find a man right away. He also told me that if I do not get rid of this curse, things will only get worse and that I will gain 40 pounds! Those anything that this man has said make sense? Thank you, Gisele

The main reason that I am inclined to think that this man did see something in your aura is because he didn’t ask you for money… in your shoes I might try the exercise he gave you, since it can’t hurt and could help. That said, the biggest thing you need to do to help yourself is to get a grip on your feelings and thoughts since they form your reality… get the book the Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr Joseph Murphy – it will help you to begin the process of reprogramming – and check our tips section for the article on being jinxed and the cleansing bath “How to Unhex and Unvex yourself)… Hope that helps, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Thank you so much for responding so quickly! I forgot to mention to you that this man said that he has to be present and that since I have no car it must be a car that he uses to get rid of curses. I do not have a car so if we use my mother’s car, my mother will be jinxed also. I do not trust to go all this way with a man I do not know. Who knows, he could be a murderer! He said all I would have to pay is for the gas. Is it true that his presence is needed to empty a glass of water?

In this case it is a definite NO – this is just another kind of con… and perhaps a pretty nasty one.. if he bothers you again, I’d report him to the police… go with a few of your friends, imagine yourself taking the bad energy in your life in that glass of water and dumping it in the desert – burn a list of all the things you are angry or hurt about at the same time… and then perform some service for someone around you – performing a service is also a very good way of releasing oneself from a curse. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

A Spell that Backfired

I have read your answers from various letters and am so delighted. I’ve been a victim sometime back and this has left me with a negative to the extent that I can’t believe anyone any more. My boyfriend left me and I couldn’t take it I was absolutely mad and tried to get him back but failed. Until I saw a psychic advert in news paper says” I can bring your loved one back”. Made an appointment and I went to see the psychic and paid twenty pounds for the first reading wheather he can deal with my case or not.

After the reading, said he can bring my ex back. Then he asked for about three hundred pounds to get me medicine to use ( I was given white water, which he called sprite) . within a week I had from my ex boyfriend. After three or four weeks never heard from my ex, I was worried and contacted the psychic again, he assured me that he can complete my case if I bring more money which I stupidly did. I spent all my entire student loan money, I nearly failed the exams because of the situation I was in. So far I had paid the psychic fifteen hundred pounds and he still demanded eight hundred more in order to complete my file, but I refused to give him more which I haven’t got anyway. Just can’t afford it and left in the middle of nowhere. I have paid him a huge amount and still can’t afford the rest, I have requested the money back but he won’t give to me either. What can I do? Margret

I’m sorry, hon, you’ve been scammed and in a case like this, it can be very difficult to get your money back… Under no circumstances, would any member of the Global Psychics team consider such a spell, and for a very good reason… first off, spells are always bad news when they are designed to interfere in another’s free will – why would you want a man back unless he came because he wanted to? When you break the rules of free will as such a spell as this would do, we cannot trust the results… and especially given the fact that he hasn’t come back so far, it is clear that his will is stronger than yours in this situation, so for heaven’s sake, stop this, let go of this man! and don’t ever do it again!!!! This kind of spell borders on enslavement and is a definite NO! NO! in my world.

There is a possibility that if you report this as a fraud to the local police, you will get some help… but the gypsies have had a long tradition in the UK , so you may find that you don’t get much sympathy from them… You could try threatening her with reporting her – in which case, you will be forced to follow through if she doesn’t react positively to you.. but in this case, you did actually agree to purchase a service from this woman, and I assume that she didn’t give you any kind of a written guarantee on her results… so you may just have to accept this as a hard lesson and find a job to replace the money you spent… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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