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Psychic Scams All Over The World

Psychic Scams All Over The World

By Ken Page

I have shared many stories about people being taken advantage of by spiritual teachers and healers. The story we share below in the next section shows how an ashram in India was using fear to get money from one of my clients. Other stories that I have heard over the last ten years also stick in my mind. One story concerned a person on the east coast who did depossessions or entity releases. He told his clients that they had an attached discarnate soul taking their energy or hurting them. The entity release process would take several months and cost $15,000. He would create a statue of the client and place the discarnate spirit into the statue, freeing the client of its influence.

Another story was of a man who lived in the eastern part of the country, far from others on a mountaintop. He would free you of spirit attachments. You had to go to his home by yourself, take off all your clothes, and lie down on a table. Then he would take Polaroid pictures of you naked and hang the pictures on a clothesline. This was supposed to free the attached spirit.

We often hear stories about psychics who tell their clients that they have spells, curses, ET attachments, etc. and that to free themselves they must see the psychic repeatedly or that it will cost them so much money to release the attachment. The psychic may also tell the client of some ominous problem and then leave them without any answers or solutions. Taking advantage of another person when they are vulnerable and frightened is one of the worst spiritual violations that anyone can commit.

It upsets me to hear these stories — and there are so many. When we are desperate, we will do anything to free or heal ourselves. We must use discernment and look for our answers within. Others can help us, but always listen to your inner guidance. You will know when the work of a healer feels right for you.

If you feel that you have something energetically within you or within your field that does not feel right, use the following technique to free the energy yourself.

Get in a quiet place. Put both hands on your chest, above your breasts. Close your eyes. Look up with your spiritual eyes and call for your guides and angels to be with you. Ask them to hold the being, spirit, or energy that is inside of you or around you. Be sure that they have it tight. Feel how heavy this energy has been on you. Then, on the count of three, send it back to Source with your intention by pushing lightly on your chest with your hands and asking your guides and angels to take the energy, all of its effects, and any of this kind of weight or feeling with them when they return to Source. Count to three and release your hands from your chest.

Follow the above release by practicing the clearing techniques on my web site. They work under all situations. Go to “The Way It Works,” Read Chapter 8 : Being Energetically Clear; Chapter 17: Lucid Dreaming; and Chapter 24: The Living Light Breath.

Below are some warning signs that you may be dealing with a healer or psychic who is not in integrity.

WARNING: When they use fear or predict doom and gloom for you.
WARNING: When they tell you that you must see them repeatedly for help, but the problem never gets resolved.
WARNING: When you feel that you are being used.
WARNING: When they tell you that you must leave your husband, wife, or family to spiritually evolve.
WARNING: When things just do not feel right.
WARNING: When they tell you that they are angelic, channel a great master, or are from some other star system and then they are mean or cruel.
WARNING: When they tell you that you are not ready to know certain information until you do something to prove that you are ready.
WARNING: When they do not walk their talk.

I think you get the idea.


Some of the perils of looking outside of yourself for answers are illustrated in a story sent to me by one of my clients who avoided getting ripped-off. Instead, she used discernment, listened to her Higher Self, and held on to her power and hard earned wages.

An advertisement from an ashram in India attracted my client, who is very spiritual. It offered a free metaphysical financial analysis. She sent off her information and a month later received a fear-laden response.

She was told in astrological terms that her Sun was “afflicted” and she would “have problem saving money.” She was also told that she could become a liar, “You may not keep your word.”

The dire predictions continued, “Mars is afflicted by Mercury, and hence, stability may not be there in your profession. Hidden enemies will be working against you in your career. At the same time, Mars will also give you courage and brilliance to tackle your problems.”

The affliction of her Sun and Moon was apparently blocking great wealth from reaching her, although she was also advised that “Venus is well placed. You will get a sudden status in your life. You will acquire costly vehicles and lead a luxurious life.”

The ashram people then offered remedies for the badly afflicted planets. For the affliction of the Sun, she needed to perform rituals and offer prayers at a temple in India , and that would give “more comfort, stability, and satisfaction in your professional life.”

For relief from the affliction of Mars by Mercury she needed to go to a different temple in India and perform rituals and offer prayers that would relieve “tension and also decrease your debts, litigations, and health problems.”

Continuing, they advised, “To increase your luck and fortune, you should wear Pearl embedded in the open setting in a gold ring, on your left-hand ring finger.”

Then they advised her that over the next year (2002) she would have “problems in your personal life. Your financial inflow will be minimized.” Chanting a mantra, which was enclosed in the e-mail, 108 times a day for the year 2002 would, “handle this problem.”

In the following paragraph, this dire prediction was extended until the end of 2003. During this period, she was told she would lose her job, “and more financial problems could be seen for you. Your health will deteriorate.” She was giving a different mantra to chant 108 times a day for the next two years.

This young woman must have initially wondered what was the point of all the chanting and temple rituals, for the long term prospect for her did not look too good. The ashram further advised that, “Between June 8, 2011 and April 14, 2014, your health problems and medical problems will increase steeply.” Therefore, they added another mantra and suggested she add this to her chanting schedule until 2014.

Therefore, even if she had decided to start chanting the mantras, they would not be sufficient. What about the temple work she needed to do in India ? Saving for an airline ticket to India and back would take time. Then she would need money to live in India during the months (perhaps years) she ping-ponged back and forth between the two temples trying to appease the gods in charge of the Sun, Mars, and Mercury. They wrote that if she could not afford to go to India to perform the endless pilgrimage she could hire a substitute. For the cost of $420 a year, the ashram offered to send “surrogates” to do the rituals and offer prayers at the temples in her name. This arrangement, apparently, would need to extend to April 2014.

The ashram also offered to make and “energize” for her “a gold, pearl, and personal” ring for an unspecified sum. This could perhaps have been a bargain, for if she ordered the ring, my client would also receive “sacred powder” every month that was to be applied to her third eye before meditation. Meditation? They used the word only once, but I suspect my client was wondering how long she would now have to spend in meditation everyday.

The ashram’s offer to “energize” her “personal” ring could be a problem. I believe we need to be aware that is very easy to imprint metal or crystals with a program. These imprinted items are called talismans and are usually created for benevolent purposes.

If you feel you have an object that has been imprinted, you can use your intention to clear it if you choose. Clearing items is explained in Chapter 21 of “The Way It Works.”

Cautioned is also advised in the application of any “sacred powder” The information about jewels also applies to anything you might rub onto your skin, especially onto your third eye. Perhaps all this work would increase her income or that some day she would “acquire some costly vehicles and lead a luxurious life.” Whatever the truth, when I read their last suggestions for her I was sure they were not only trying to scare her into sending off international money orders until 2014, but also wanted to steal her power and energy.

The message from the ashram concluded, “In order to alleviate all challenges and attain the highest achievement and fulfillment,” my client was advised to chant a mantra containing the guru’s name 108 times a day. By following this procedure, the young woman would directly allow the guru to tap into her energy on a daily basis.

If you decide to chant using the name of a spiritual being, always say your name first. This way, you will add the wisdom of the spiritual being to your awareness without their energy superceding yours.

I was very proud of my client when I read her letter of response to the ashram. It reads, in part:

Dear India Ashram,

I have been doing an “analysis” of the financial analysis you sent me . . .and to be quite honest with you, it has left me feeling very dismayed and distraught. When I first read about this “free” analysis, I was very excited. I looked forward with great anticipation to receiving it. However, after reading it, my initial reaction was one of shock. I must learn to pay attention and trust that first reaction since that is the voice of my Higher Self telling me to put a red flag up.

The entire analysis is completely fear based . . . THAT DID NOT CREATE POSITIVE THINKING BUT WAS AN ATTEMPT AT POISONING MY MIND. I am completely protected by the Light and absolutely NONE of those horrible afflictions will occur because I stand strong in my own GOD Presence. I AM THAT I AM. . . . Why you have chosen to work with the dark forces adding fuel to try to create fear is beyond my comprehension.

As you are well aware, whatever one thinks, one creates. My belief system is . . . I am forever youthful! I am healthy! I am wealthy! I am successful! I am loved! I AM! I have never had a single ailment. I have never spent a single day in a hospital. GOD takes care of all my needs. If I experience the illusion of chaos in my life, I must say “Thank You!” because that only shows me areas of my life that are not in The Divine Flow, where lessons need to be learned, and to clear that fear and transmute it into Light and Love.

We are past the old paradigm of looking for a guru to follow. The time has arrived for each one of us to look within and discover the Savior that we seek is Our Self. No one else can do it for us. I do not need to “pay” someone to do my praying for me in a temple in India . I live in The United Sates!!! I Am ONE with ALL THAT IS . . . my prayers are heard regardless of where I am. Since I Am One With GOD, I am everywhere!!! All I have to do is close my eyes and I am there.

It bothers me immensely to think how many innocent people are going to believe that they “MUST” pay monthly for salvation. That if they are unable to fund their prayers and temple rituals they may fall prey to illness and suffer a financial crisis. Do you know how ridiculous that sounds?!!! What kind of karma is the India Ashram creating? Think about it. I see financial freedom for those responsible for writing the financial analysis. However, financial freedom is mine through my strong belief in GOD, based on faith
not fear.

I must, however, thank you with sincere gratitude. The truth shall set you free!! I am real-eye-zing and recognizing that I AM THAT I AM. I now see my master within. The lesson has been learned. Thank you!”

I could not have said it better.

For details about Ken’s current workshop see

Don’t be Taken….

Hello. I was reading on your website about frauds, and their promises to lift curses. First of all, I would like to tell you my story. I have not been conned yet, and not with curses, but in Thailand , an Indian man came up to my boyfriend and told him he was very lucky and that three good things would happen to him in the next three months. My boyfriend and I looked at each other and grinned: yeah, right, tell us something we don’t know. The man offered to do a free test to prove his abilities, so we were like, OK, whatever, should be good for a laugh. The man took us into a back alley, and we sat down. Then the man said “Think of a number between one and five.” So my boyfriend thought of five. The Indian man wrote down on a piece of paper the number three and said “This is how many people are in your family, yes?” and my boyfriend said “Yes, that’s correct,” but we looked at each other and we were both thinking, lucky guess. Not a very good test. Then the man asked for money if he were to continue, and we were not very impressed by his work, and we wanted to go, so we told him we didn’t have any money, which was the truth anyway, but he didn’t believe us. He said “OK, how much can you pay?” and my boyfriend said, “Not much, so it’s best I not waste your time.”

“How much, how much?”

“Honestly, I have about 20baht. That’s the truth.” – 20baht is like $0.75US I think.

“People offer me 1000baht usually.”

“Well, we don’t have that kind of money. Sorry buddy.”

After that, the man ushered us back onto the busy street: we were clearly wasting his money-making time and he ignored us from then on.

After that, we noticed that there were a lot of Indian men offering the same dodgy service, all of them saying “Sir, you are very lucky. Three good things will happen to you this year yadda yadda yadda…” Not only in Thailand , but in Hong Kong too, and I’m sure other parts of Asia . Don’t be conned by these people. The second time it happened, my boyfriend picked a number between one and five. He chose 3.45!

The second thing I wanted to write to you about is how to tell other frauds. Like if a psychic offers an apprenticeship course on-line ( with a low cost, nothing substantial ) and yet that person can’t tell whether you’re a girl or a boy and refers to you as a “she” when you’re a “he” with a girl’s name.

What do you think? Thanks for your help. Lee Gellatly

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