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Psychic Addiction

Psychic Addiction

Our work is about empowerment. We offer our readings as a kind of ‘second opinion”, providing advice, insights and answers that help our clients to make wise decisions… As professionals in a field for which there are no professional standards, we have felt obligated to notice those times when a client has become too dependent on our insights.

For some it’s a problem of psychic addiction, for others it is simply the fear that they cannot gain control over their life circumstances. In every case it’s about learning to trust yourself and to feel secure in the knowledge that you can take care of yourself…

How I Recovered….

by Kalua Brown

Editor’s note: Kalua wrote a while back encouraging us to write an article about psychic addiction, feeling, as we do, that this is an important issue… we agreed, and encouraged her to write the article for us… we couldn’t have said it better… If you’ve been spending a lot of money on readings – more than $100/month is probably too much – we urge you to read this note and to take Kalua up on her advice to find something else to spend your money on… It’s sound advice! I have been known to send clients off for massages, counselling, and to buy a new blouse in lieu of a session… treating yourself when you’re down is good medicine, and at the end of the day may be much more valuable than a reading.

How does a college educated, everyday girl become addicted to psychics?

I wish I could tell you the first moment I realized that it was no longer a quick answer or a curiosity for me. I wish I could go back to that moment in time and explain to you when I realized that going to two psychics in one night was not only expensive it was crazy. Follow that up with calling psychic hotlines and having phone bills in the thousands and you’ve journeyed with me to a person I really have difficulty recognizing now.

It’s about trust mostly. I had lost trust in myself and my own abilities. I had lost trust in my own intuition. I had my own tarot cards and was quite good at reading for others but I didn’t trust my own readings, nor did I believe them. I started to think that I was obsessive compulsive. I told my friends to not ask me for readings anymore. I threw out my cards. That happened too many times to count.

Finally some rationale came to me. What if I replaced getting readings with something else? What if everytime I had an urge to get a reading I’d buy myself a new outfit instead? I went to a therapist and she validated my “reward system”. She also asked me to keep a journal to document when the urge was the strongest. It turned out that my urge was strongest when I was pre-menstral. I suffer from fibroid tumors and the periods are very painful and long. Before I get my period I get emotional and depressed. I’ve suffered a very sad break-up in my relationship and each month it would intensify. I realized that I just wanted someone to talk to and that psychics were for me (the guru to my friends) an oasis in a desert.

Everyone on the outside thought that I was balanced and happy, but I knew that I was hurt, lonely and sick. I began my journey back to mental health. I took holistic treatments for my fibroids (acupunture, herbs) and I lost weight which helped a lot. I developed a spiritual life for myself, in my case I became a Catholic and I included prayer everyday. This process has taken 2 years.

Again, It’s About Trust!

I went to a psychic about two months ago and it was more like a conversation than it was a fortunetelling pronouncement. When I get the urge to visit a psychic I ask myself what is really bothering me. I ask myself what I am not trusting or what am I feeling that makes me too insecure to go to God. We all have natural instincts and if we listen to that still, quiet voice inside we will find that “we know the answer.”

Addiction is no respector of persons. It’s like gambling, alcoholism, or drug addiction. When we allow something to dominate us we are lost.

Come out of yourself and your self pity. Do something kind for yourself, for someone else. If a lover is gone try to let go. If a job is not working out, look someplace else. Maintain your sanity. Don’t make one thing too evil and the other too good. I’ve done that too. That only makes it more enticing.

I hope that this helps whoever reads this. I’m still recovering but I have no cards of my own nor do I wish to have them. I avoid going to a psychic for mundane questions that I can answer myself. I feel better, I have a much nicer wardrobe and I can actually pay my phone bills. God Bless, Kalua Brown

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