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Protect Yourself from Psychic Fraud

Protect Yourself from Psychic Fraud

We must learn to trust what we know inside…

One of the first ways you can protect yourself from psychic scams is by trusting your instincts… a visitor tells her story….

I have been almost a victim of these frauds, I will explain: Since I was very small like 7 I used to tell my mother what was going to happen and in long or short term it happened, although they never truly believe in me but always said ok baby ok… When I enter a home I can feel vibrations in the house and sometimes I can feel and see what happened and around people I can sense vibration – I sometimes want to run away very fast from some people .

I was once letting my fears get hold of me and one day I decided to find some astrologer or some one that reads cards to find some confusing answer to my questions. I walked around my neighborhood and I felt and said to myself there is someone around very close but where …………………………….. well a couple of days after that I was given a flyer on the streets by a man so I went there the next morning. It was a girl my age, she looked at me and very very friendly said the ball ( set price ) or the cards ( set price ) so I said cards ok ……………………… so I felt ok satisfied but I instantly felt something I can’t really tell what but ……………… so I left and was told to come tomorrow. When I went, I sat and I saw her eyes so deeply I could see through her eyes and she was trying to avoid me looking at her so firmly. I have to confess that I in a moment felt she was afraid of something, but do not know why ……….. the strange thing here is that she asked me before starting, please let me ask you a question: how did u come here?

So I looked at her deeply at the moment and stayed silent for a moment. I felt I was reading her insight amazingly and I could feel her thinking… so I am still silent and she comments “you have something special and you will also see it in your children when you have them” …….. what she did not know is that I have a boy my beautiful boy so then I replied and said I have a boy .. she said you will see it …….

Bottom line I was nice as a sister to her but ran way and was nice for a moment talking to her but never went back she was telling me that evil was around me and wanted to charge me 1,000 dollars for the job. I really do not know why but she said that it is her mother who has to do the job because she is the high priestess of the church nearby

I never never went back and what I think is that we allowed these negative thoughts in us a we start trusting someone else more than our inner self .. Thank you for taking the time to read. peace & love Isis Rainbow Eyes

This is how it works

Dear Danielle, I too have been the victim of one of these horrid scams. Only this psychic told me I had to send her two CASH installments of $8100. She insisted these horrible losses would occur in my life if I did not do this. So stupidly I did and now she denies ever asking me to do this. Can the authorities help? She should not be in this business!!!! Mary

Oh dear, we hear so many of these stories, I always feel a little broken hearted about the big ones like this. I feel it is unlikely now that you can ever recover this money, that is why she wanted it in cash installments, so there would be no way to prove it, and of course she will deny your having given it to her. I strongly recommend you report this to the police however. And to any other consumer protection agencies including the better business bureau and the newspapers and television stations… If everyone who got scammed in this way would report the incidences, the police would eventually have enough complaints that they would find a way to take these people out of business. Or the newspapers would find there was a good enough story to print and therefore warn others.

In any case, I hope you won’t ever consider this kind of payoff to a psychic again… we can be good advisors and seers, we can even help folks move a lot of energy in their lives and I know I have helped folks change their luck… but the help came through good advice, insights that helped them see how they were causing their pains and how they could change the situation – for themselves. The issue here is about owning your power… our clients often want us to take their power, willingly give it to us if we’d just make their decisions for them and fix up the mess they’ve gotten into, if we could just magically twitch our noses and heal their sorrows… and certainly there’s some good energy work available these days which really does perform miracles… but these miracles never come at a high price, at least not a material price… the price we pay is in the internal changes we make in our attitudes and beliefs and lifestyles…

Even the best energy workers cannot perform miracles without the client’s willingness to change – and this means that the best will never charge a lot for their services, nor will they ever want your power in any way. In fact, the best psychics work towards helping you own your power so you can heal yourself… you see, the truth is that no one can heal you or magically fix you or transform your life, you are the only person with the power transform yourself… and it’s amazing that when you decide to stop being a victim, when you decide to accept that you create your life and with purpose, that the problems are there to help you grow not to hold you back, how at that moment, miracles suddenly start happening all over the place… hope that helps… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Another One….

I went to see a psychic close to my school for a reading because I just wanted to know if she could see anything with my life’s purpose. She did the Tarot cards on me and I really enjoyed it.

Unfortunately, she was able to find my weak area regarding my relationship. It’s not at all a bad relationship but somehow me being unclear about it at the time, she was able to make it my focus point, not my life’s purpose anymore. She had me pay $180 for clearing the negativity within my relationship, otherwise just for the card reading it would be $50. So I went ahead and did that $180 thing to get it cleared. She told me to come back in 3 days to do the “healing”. Then I did and she started saying things that related to my situation and said she needed $500 to create something and put it in the church on the alter. I questioned her, “why the $500,” because right away I was skeptical (and I should’ve stayed that way). I now realize how defensive she became, like I was wasting her time. She totally gave me the guilt trip because she knew I would fall for that. She even offered to refund me the $180. Because she did that, I believed that her work may be real and gave her the $500. She said to pick it up in 4 weeks. She always had me go back to see her; now I am aware it was just a hook she wanted to make sure I was still on. The 4th week came I went to her expecting my money. To make it short, she didn’t give it back because more work had to be done and asked for $900 more plus a black leather Dooney and Burke purse she would again put on the alter at church. I questioned again but gave the $900 plus she offered to buy the purse for me which was $300. So total was $1200.

This last happened on Tuesday. It is now Thursday and I again went to see her, not because she asked me to, but because I felt something fishy was going on. I wasn’t up front with her face to face that I wanted my money back because I wasn’t clear on how I was going to approach the situation.

She turned everything around and spoke the most and hardly let a word in for me to speak. I left not accomplishing my goal, was to demand the process be stopped and that I wanted my money back. I came home and went on the internet right away and saw your website about scams and my suspicion was right on. I called her right away to request my money back and that I no longer needed her services and that I was okay now to do it on my own. She of course tried to manipulate me again, but I kept my word and integrity to end it all. She said that she would give me the money back but it would have to be after New Year’s. She said to call her Jan. 5 to give her a day and time when I was going to pick up the whole amount of $1700. I agreed to it that I would wait until then. My question to you is that do see any fishiness going on with her not giving me the money back up front? She agreed to give it back but do you know of instances where people had said that and then didn’t follow through? I’m really praying to the universe for their support and finding it within myself to no longer be afraid. Should I take immediate action to get it back now or wait until Jan. 5th? She claims that the work she has so deeply gone into has to now be undone, which will take 3 weeks for her to do. Please respond to tell me what you think. Sincerely, Gigi T.

Dear Gigi, well, you walked into this one, hon! I’m glad that you listened to your instincts finally and took some positive action. Frankly, I doubt that you will see the money ever again… my sense is that the Jan date was about her buying herself some time, either to skip town or to come up with some small portion of the money – or a new scam… The only option you have at this time is to report this to the police and whatever consumer protection groups operate in your area… eg, the Chamber of Commerce… At the end of the day, you may have to simply “thank the thief” and let this situation go as a lesson well learned… as we say on our site, the surest way to get out of difficult times is to work on shifting your own energy, raising your vibrational frequency so troubles can’t get to you so easily. You’re the only one who can work any real long-lasting magic in your life!!!! Best wishes and Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

A Scam or Not?

Our visitors inquire. Here’s a recent letter from one of our visitors describing a very typical situation…. and reaction.

I am a 26 year old single mother of one. I work for a living as a receptionist. As you probably know, it’s not the best money. I enjoy going for psychic readings, however, for the past 2 years now every psychic that I’ve seen (about 4 different people in total) have all told me that I will never find love or happiness from a man. Each had told me that they can remove the curse for me with prices ranging from $700 – $2000. I am very unhappy in my love life and gave in to one of them. It started with $900 for candles that she would light for me in a church. After that money was paid out there were still no results. She then told me it would cost me another $700 to remove the rest. I told her I didn’t have the money at the time, and needed to think about it for a while. I never responded. She called me the other day, now about 3 months later and told me that I owe her the $700 because she decided that I needed the work and went ahead with it.

What do you think I should do?? Can she put a curse on me if I don’t pay the money?? How can they be so accurate about my love life?? Please help me, I am so confused. Thank you. Georgette

Our response…..

No she cannot curse you for not coming up with the money – and in fact if she should call once more, I would suggest your contacting the police. This is a very popular scam these days – these folks prey on those who are fearful, feeling a bit victimized by life, folks who may have had a run of bad luck…

Please, darling, don’t allow yourself to be taken in here – no amount of money in the end can fix the fact that you’re feeling down on yourself and as long as you feel that way, it’s pretty hard to attract a loving supportive mate.

Also, as a psychic in practice for more than 30 years now, and working with others of equal experience, I can assure you, that only under rare circumstances would any psychic work cost more than a few hundred dollars. This woman has no basis for her demand and while she might send you some bad vibes, you can avoid any of their harm simply by remaining in a very loving place inside yourself, and unafraid of the future, or this woman. Trust that when the time is right and you are able to receive love more, there will be a perfect mate for you.

One other comment, something that kind of amused me in your story – if she had already done the work as she said to remove the curse, it would seem to me that you would have the $700 she wanted – having the curse already gone should have opened your life up to greater abundance in every way.

In closing, I want to note for you that lack of money and love in our lives seem to go hand in hand… when we have no love in us, we have no money… I think if you would dedicate the year to learning to love yourself more, to find and grab onto your true inner power, you would find that both your issues with love and with money will disappear…

Best wishes and lotsa LLLove, Danielle

About Being Cursed From a Past Relationship

My question is about a psychic telling you that you have a curse from a past relationship. That someone in this family has put this curse on you. Now consider that all this psychic has said is correct, do you believe it, if an additional fee of $50.00 is requested? Another question. Can you take this curse and interpret it as circumstances from the relationship or bad feeling from this relationship that you cannot let go of? Whereas, to remove the curse one would only need to let go of bad feeling. If it’s possible and a curse is that real can you please give me some advice on how to get rid of this? Thank you Tina

At least this is one of the mildest cases I have heard of – and I think you are right in perceiving that “bad feelings” from an old relationship that you have been unable to release yet act in effect like a curse… while your $50 might be well spent (provided that she doesn’t find some other reason to charge for something more later…) just to help you believe that the energy is shifting and you can let go, you might also invest it in a few counselling sessions or in some Reiki or other energy work that will help you move away emotionally from that old experience… each of us is ‘scarred’ in some ways by the pains of the past, and these can be considered our personal “curses”. Spiritual or energy work can be effective in helping us heal, especially if we undertake the work with a conscious intent. I’ve also found reflexology, shiatsu, aromatherapy, massage and creative work of all kinds to be very effective in helping me get free of my “personal curses”… In this case, since the expense is small and the psychic has advised you well, I might be willing to take a chance, especially since you seem to know what this is about… on the other hand, you risk the psychic using these kinds of fear tactics again… as we explained in our article on curses, most of the psychics/fortune tellers who use this technique or scam are pretty skilled at reading their victims and can give some pretty accurate information – the issue is that they are using their ability to frighten you and disempower you, and to take more from you than they have a right to… Hope that helps, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

About Removing Negativity

Hello there. I read your little article about being cautious about psychic scams. Well, I would like to ask you to please take some time to read about my situation and tell me if I should continue getting help from this individual.

This psychic, whom I am sure has the abilities, gave me a reading and said that my chakra points (all of them) were extremely unbalanced. She promised to help me realign them. Well after a week she said she needed 500 dollars to order a stone from Jerusalem that she said she would use to help absorb the negativity that I have accumulated. I was a bit weary but I gave her the money anyway. She requested that I meditate and write down my dreams. I did so. After a while I actually started to feel a lot better and my mind was a lot clearer.

Now she says that the reason for my negativity is as a result of my past life. She says that In my past life a black candle was lit in my name. Now, the negativity has emerged from my past life into this one and may go into the next ones too. I was a bit disappointed that she could not detect the improvement that I myself was aware of. Namely, that I was feeling alot better.

Anyway, she said the reason for the whole mess in my past life had to do with money. So, she says that the only way to clear this is to give her $50 dollars for each year of life. For me that would be 22 years. That’s $1100. That triggered alot of skepticism but I am having a hard time not believing her because I really do respect what she is doing for me. She says a great amount of risk is involved in my case and that all of her family told her not to do my case at first. In other words this case is dangerous for her. The money, she said, must first be cleansed and blessed. Then buried and lost forever. Oh well no big deal. But the problem is that I am not rich nor am I well off. I, however have no respect for money but I do recognize it as an essential thing.

So could you please tell me if what she is doing is a scam or not. I feel bad that I am going behind her back and doing this which she will most likely detect eventually. I am not normally distrustful but I’ve already lost $500 dollars.

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter. I removed some details to make this letter a bit shorter but the main points were stated. If you have any questions please write to this address. But in any case I hope you write back to tell me if I should go on and give her the money which I don’t really have. Please write back quick. Thanks. Delerium

Sweetheart, You’re being scammed – the reason you began feeling good is because you started focusing on what’s going on – and through meditation began to release yourself from some of the anxiety – at the end of the day, no one can get rid of your troubles but you…. even though some of us may have ability, some are more interested in making money than in helping folks… I suggest you not spend any more money… as good an exercise to help shift the energy from negative to positive in these moments is giving away something you love…trusting that all that you need and want will come to you easily when you love yourself and live fearlessly. Be assured, the psychic can neither hurt nor benefit you, at least not in this way… you’d be better off taking the money and going on a holiday… best wishes and lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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