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Getting Your Money Back from Psychic Scams

Getting Your Money Back from Psychic Scams

It isn’t easy, but it does happen…. unfortunately, not often….

I have been working with a couple of psychics in my area ( Chicago ) for a number of years now. My story is pretty long but I will try to summarize it.

In 1997, during a period of person crisis, I went to a psychic for help. The young woman that did the reading said that although my future looked very bright, there was a lot of negative energy surrounding me and she recommended a spiritual cleanse for $1000. Upon subsequent visits, she told me that the negative energy was very powerful and that she had to bring her mother into the work. After her mother got involved, they told me that there was a family curse that had to be removed. They asked me about my family members and they said that they were going to bless and protect each one of them from this “curse”. After a few more visits, including one where they asked me about my finances, they said that in order to complete the work I had to make a “sacrifice”. They asked me how much I was willing to sacrifice for my family. I said that I would do anything for my family and before I knew it I was pledging my life savings.

Of course I was very concerned at this point but they kept reassuring me that this was needed and that they saw “millions” in my future, also that I had healing power in my hands and that I was destined to become a powerful healer and leader myself. I don’t know the exact sum of what I ended up giving them, but it was my life savings totaling over $70,000.

When I asked them why they needed this money and they said it was to buy materials “giant torches” (candles) from Israel and other materials that were very expensive. They kept repeating that the work was “guaranteed”, that if they saw it in the work, these things were guaranteed to come to pass. They gave me a bunch of “blessed” stones and crystals to meditate with, constantly asked me to pray for them, and gave me holy water and oil to rub on my body. I visited them on a regular basis, and still am in contact with them 7 years later.

On the surface, this would seem like an open and shut fraud case. I never came into any money or became a healer. They continue to this day to insist that everything is guaranteed and that the work in on track and is looking really good, etc. But the thing is, these women do not appear to be fly-by-night charlatans. They have been in the same location all this time. They are highly active in the church, doing work like giving food to the poor around the holidays, and they are involved with local spiritual groups. They spend time at places like Holy Hill inWisconsin, and other spiritual retreats, where they tell me they spend all their waking hours in prayer and meditation. They are involved in special prayer services whenever there is a disaster, like recently with the Tsunami disaster, and for the past year the daughter has been out of town constantly, travelling with spiritual groups on retreats. They even lent me $2000 a few years back when I had a real crisis. Even though the daughter is mostly out of town now, she calls me to check in, but I am mostly in touch with the mother, who continues to counsel me. They do not avoid me.

Since this first happened, I have had a lot of problems, many of them related to this loss of money, and I am in deep debt. I have been too embarrassed to tell anyone, even my wife, about the money I gave them. They remain available for counselling whenever I need them, and in fact I have become very close to them. I enjoy the counselling sessions and they are friendly and helpful and I can call on them whenever I want, and they are there for support. Had I not given them such a large sum of money, I would have absolutely no argument with them. However, whenever I do bring up the money and the fact that I never did recover financially, they continue to tell me that money will be coming, they give advice and prayer that my work will improve, but if I push it, they get hurt and say that I don’t trust them and the work will not come through if I don’t continue to trust them. However, I am in serious-SERIOUS debt as a result of all this, and getting them to acknowledge the gravity of my situation is difficult.

So my question is, should I take legal steps to try to recover my money? Who would I contact about this? I absolutely don’t want to see them go to jail or anything, they are almost like family at this point, and the mother is in her 70s.. I have never pushed the issue to the point of threatening legal action. For most of this time, I have had faith in them. I truly believe that THEY believe their work is sincere. If not, then they are REALLY good. Basically I think that they DO perform prayers and meditation, I am convinced that they believe this is their life calling, but I also believe that they overcharged me big time. I have tried a number of times to get some type of accounting of how the money was spent for “materials” but they have always been evasive about that. Whenever I bring up the money now they just say that , I’m just upset right now, we see good things in the work, continue to pray for us, etc.

Please advise me if you think I should take action or if I should take this as a life lesson and try to move on. As I say, I gave them the money 7 years ago so it may be too late anyway. Thanks, David S.

You are not the first to have an experience like this. Please know that.Take this as a lesson and move on. I know that it may not be easy to release the money that you feel is owed back to you. However, we all make choices in our lives. There are no easy ways out or easy answers at times of crisis except to trust your higher power and your ability to overcome anything. We all have the power to make changes in our lives through our thoughts, actions, and intentions. May I remind you that you are loved and surrounded by many angels every moment of your life. They wait to guide you and support on especially with troubles you may feel you have no way out of. Talk to them. Your angels are always listening and trust that all is well.

Release any blame, judgment, criticism, and resentment towards this situation. Ask your angels to show you compassion for yourself and all involved in this. If you are willing to fully release this matter to your angels so the burden is no longer weighing on your heart, hold the intention of Archangel Michael and Archangel Raguel holding you up and taking this request to the heavens so you no longer hold this. Trust that the burden is gone and know that only new and wonderful opportunities await.

They were correct in one thing that you may be blocking the flow of abundance this is not a curse it is a common condition brought on by our ego and fear and YOU do have the power to change this not through exorcism but through your choices and intentions- when we hold on to fear it blocks us from realizing our joy. Don’t worry about HOW the universe and your angels will help you just ASK- BELIEVE that you deserve it and that it is on it’s way to you no ifs ands or buts, feel GRATITUDE to your angels and the universe for assisting you with your request because even though you may not see any real signs of it manifesting you know it is, and lastly RELEASE your request to the heavens (Let Go Let God) so they can bring it to you.

I trust that your life will start to unfold in wondrous ways. Be conscious of little signs along your path because the angels are constantly sending you guidance. It could be a TV show, a billboard, a book, or the radio, maybe a conversation you may have overheard no matter how you hear, see, feel or know the message trust that it’s for you. How you will know is if it aligns with what you are needing to hear. I wish you love, Sally Bates, Angel Consultant

Getting Your Money Back

I don’t know if you remember me or not, but this past September I contacted you regarding any suggested advice for an unfortunate incident that I had went through of a lady claiming to be psychic. She said that someone had placed a curse on me and scammed me out of over $1,000 for supposedly getting rid of it. Well I have successful news, I was able to get my money back and wanted to thank you for all your help and advice you gave me.

Congratulations, well done… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

I have just been a victim of psychic scam of over $1,400. I went to the police to file a complaint and they said they couldn’t really do anything about it. The police said I couldn’t really file a complaint since I willingly gave this individual money and that she did essentially provided a “supposed service” of “supposedly removing the darkness around me” and even giving me some incense, candles and crystals later on. I am outraged and feel incredibly stupid and want my money back. I am am about ask for my money back and remembered throughout the whole thing and on the day I came to collect the incense and crystals that if I felt I had any doubt or disbelief that she did not do her job to the best of her ability she would give me my money back. I was just wondering if you got any postive testimonals from any victim who has contacted you that eventually did get their money back and how did they go about asking for it or if you have any advice on how to go about it? Most likely I probably won’t, she most likely run or avoid me when I try to call her about it, but I am crossing my fingers, hoping and praying she will have conscience to do the right thing in giving me back my money. Wish me luck and please pray for me.

Yes, we have had a number of people report that they were able to get at least part of their money back, but in every case that we know of, this has required some legal action, a threat from a lawyer, or the police. In New York, the District Attorney became directly involved in actions. However, it depends on the state you are in, and what was promised or said. The advantage of at least having reported it to the police is that when they get enough complaints about the same person, they will take action. You need to report this as a fraud – they pay more attention when you use these words. There are also a number of other agencies that you can report this to – for example, you can try taking her to small claims court, or to report this to . the Better Business Bureau and any State business licensing agencies… she is probably operating without a license and can be put out of business on this basis. Even the IRS can be interested in these activities since the person is probably not reporting the income from these sources. Call the Consumer Protection agencies in your area and see what they have to say.

You can try calling her and simply asking for your money back, try being gentle first, simply saying that you don’t believe this will work, and if that doesn’t work, try insisting that she is a fraud and that you will take legal action. Sometimes, just the aggravation of an unhappy client will push her to take some action. Good luck, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

I contacted a psychic who claims to be a member of the Louisiana Psychic Assoc. I wanted her to cast a spell. I saw no real results. The she told me that she will send a prayer cloth for $1000. She then said that she will give me guaranteed results to remove a block that stopped this man from getting to me and that it would cost $2200. I said I could not afford that and the amount was reduced to $750.

The 10 days are almost gone and I have seen nothing and she made arrangements for me to call her today. I have been told that she is out of Town for 4 days.

I think that she has conned me.

I will contact her daughter and give her 24 hours to contact me. Otherwise I am happy to provide names.

What else can I do? Shanthini

Threaten to expose her as a fraud, report her to the police and the better business bureaus in your area… even threaten to sue her and to report her to the IRS – these are the things that have worked in the past… HOWEVER – the police are likely to say that they can’t help, a judge might say that the rule is BUYER BEWARE and that she did perform some service for you… this is not something you should have been trying to do in the first place… the trouble is that spells break the rules of free will, not a good plan! You can’t and shouldn’t try to force someone to come back to you… why would you want someone to come back unless it was under their own free will? How could you be happy knowing that you made him come back? How could you ever trust that the relationship was real unless he comes of his own free will??? Let go and let God, and don’t be wasting any more money… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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