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Clearing a Curse

Clearing a Curse

While curses may be real, the Global Psychics’ position is that paying money for clearing a curse, if anything, will only make the situation worse…

Still, there are some who dispute our position, so in order to present a balanced picture, here you’ll find some of their stories, along with some useful information about clearing a curse.

Clearing a Curse … One That Worked!

Just read your website about curses and scams and have to disagree that it is not always in your beliefs. I understand that there are alot of scam artists out there, but I for one am a BIG BELIEVER that someone who knows how to curse people can do it.

When I was 16 years old I saw a Psychic for the first time in downtown Toronto (after moving here from a small town in B.C.). The woman read my hand and basically told me about my personality and then told me that a lady from another country put a curse on me when I was a baby. She said she would light some candles for me and pray.

She didn’t ask me to come back and I never went back to her. I didn’t believe in curses and thought if there was one, she probably removed it.

My boyfriend and I went into business together about 3 years later. I had never thought about this until after the fact but there was alot of negative energy around me. No matter who we did business with, it always ended up in a fight or lawsuit and our partners were always trying to steal our ideas or money that we would bring in. When I wasn’t around, the meetings were smooth and when I would attend there was always conflict or some sort of fighting.

I got to a point where I got very depressed and began praying to GOD. I prayed for several days and at one point swore at GOD and told him that something was wrong with me and I needed help. The strangest things began to happen after this. I had a dream about a black spider and a whiter spider both on strings. The black spider would be at the top of the string while the white one was at the bottom and sometimes vice versa. Well, I didn’t understand what this meant so I yelled out loud in my room to whomever was trying to talk to me to speak English and not show me pictures so that I could understand better.

The next day I had a dream of a woman (my dreams always occurred early in the morning). This woman was reading my palm in a small room where we were sitting at a table. She said I needed to have my aura cleansed because I had something black near me. In my dream I could see a translucent black cloud floating around as she was speaking.

To me this was a sign that I needed help. I looked up psychics and found a couple that I thought would be good. I went to one and she was able to see that a curse was put on me (I did not disclose anything to her). I paid her $10.00 for the reading and she saw how depressed I was and told me that she would begin working on me right away. I did pay her but no alot compared to other people on your site (about $150.00). Whatever she was doing, I could feel slight changes in my energy and outlook. I met with her almost every other day. She said she was having a hard time because this black cloud around me had been with me for so long that it had made a home with me.

I decided to contact the other psychic lady I had found and see if she could see anything. I paid her $5.00 for a reading. This woman was unbelievable. She read my hand for a few seconds and then just looked above my head and began to tell me about myself and my boyfriend and my dead relatives. She told me my energy was unbalanced, she said she could see two color around my head (half black and half purple). She told me just like the other psychics that a lady had put a curse on me. I told her that I just didn’t understand why someone would put a curse on a baby. She said she need to look into the past and see how this all happened.

A few days went by and I went back to see her again. I was born in England and she told me that the lady who had done this did not have the ability to create curses and that she paid someone who knew how to do this. She also said that it wasn’t done to me personally but to my mother. It had spread into the family. The psychic lady also told me that the woman was very close friends to my Father before my mother married him and became very jealous of my mother because she was very beautiful.

I contacted my mother and asked her who was close friends with my dad when she first married him. Apparently it was my aunt (married to my dad’s brother). My grandmother had warned my mother about her and had told her that my aunt used to do weird things to people she didn’t like. Rumor had it that she had also put curses on her own brothers.

The lady in my dreams kept appearing every morning for about two weeks, letting me know that the cleansing was needed. I was cleansed in about 2 weeks with the use of crystals and candles and meditation that the psychic did. I have to tell you I had never felt so happy in my life. I literally felt and saw changes happening in my life. I was shocked! I had never felt so positive in my whole life! My boyfriend used to tell me how negative I was and I never believed him.

I paid the psychic lady $400 (exactly what she quoted me) and no more. After she was done her work she told me that I didn’t need to see her anymore and to concentrate on my future and business.

Well, I shared this story with my sister and she also decided to look into it. She actually knew of a woman who had the abilities to remove spells but did not practice it and did not want anyone to know what she did. She went to my sister’s place and used mercury in water and was able to see that two women were involved in creating this curse. She used her own methods of removing the curse from my sister and did not charge her anything.

I am so glad I went through the cleansing. 6 months after my cleansing, my boyfriend and I began another business and have never been more pleased. The kind of money we are making today (with no lawsuits, or fights) was beyond our dreams. We were basically scrambling in the past for every dollar and we had to work way too hard for it. It’s one thing making it and another when you keep getting burned over and over again. We still have the same working habits and have not changed anything about the way we work. Things just seem to be right and balanced now.

I believe I had brought alot of negative energy around my boyfriend. I could see how frustrated he used to get by the events that would take place in our lives.

I thank GOD everyday for guiding me to the right people. I had one last dream after the cleansing was finished. I dreamt of a white church, I was standing outside with some other people that I didn’t recognize. I was told to look up at the sky and I could see a black cloud moving away into the distant and white cloud replacing it above my head. I knew now that I was cured. Naomi

I can appreciate why you would want to write… and I believe you are right….sometimes we are guided to the perfect solution… I want to say though that this probably only worked because you were ready to have it removed and you believed that what she did would work… I notice that the woman who came to your sister didn’t charge anything… also a good sign of a sincere psychic!

The trouble is that so many have taken advantage there and so few of these situations are real… Still, I will publish your story so we present a balanced view here… there are indeed people who do good work and will help us to clear our auras of energy that is holding us back… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

When things go wrong…

This is quite awkward for me to write about, but I have come to a conclusion that there is no other answer. 10 years ago I lived in Savannah Georgia and after a very short courtship married my husband. Prior to us getting married we were both quite “lucky” people. If it went wrong we usually caused it ourselves. That appeared to change immediately after we were married. We walked out of the court house to cold misting rain, when we walked in the sun had been shinning. From there it just got worse. That week my husband came down on orders to go back to Korea, we had our house broken into, his unit went to the field (they had never gone in the 4 years he was in it) I became pregnant and abnormally ill with bouts of numbness in my legs and had to be placed on bed rest. Instead of going to Korea, the put him out of the army. now ten years later it is still the same thing. nothing but adversary. There must be something we can do to counter act this. Thank you, Susan M

The trouble is that once we start on a downward slide, it keeps getting worse because of the way we feel… something about the two of you coming together indeed has had an impact on the universe… this may come from some old karma between you… you might want to have an astrologer do a synastry reading for you to see what combination of energy comes up between you… still, there is something you can do to shift this energy… here is a good start. Try the following and see if it helps. I know it helps ‘cuz I’ve seen it work. Love, Sharon


Ingredients: bay leaves, 1 lemon, flour, 3 handfuls of sea salt

This recipe is used to unhex or unvex yourself. It does not matter whether the negative energy is coming from an internal or an external source. It can also be used to remove any sort of obstacle from your path. Simply add NINE bay leaves, the juice of a whole lemon, three fistfuls of sea salt and a sprinkling of flour to a full tub. Three and nine are numbers of completion. You want to make sure the cleansing is thorough.

Bay is ruled by the sun and is used for protection, and purification. In ancient Greece, the priestesses of the Delphi oracle would chew bay leaves to open their psychic channels. As you sit in the tub, chew on a bay leaf and meditate on the source of your problems. Answers or messages should come. In Rome, bay was used to ward off evil and is still burned or scattered in modern exorcism rites. During the Middle Ages, bay was used to protect against witchcraft. You can carry three leaves in your pocket if you feel someone is actively working magic against you. Flour is used for purification and stabilization. The combination of lemon and salt is used to drive away evil. You must sit in the tub for at least ten minutes and immerse yourself completely three times.

Do not towel off but allow yourself to air-dry

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