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About Curses – Questions and Answers

About Curses – Questions and Answers

Last year, Fame and Fortune magazine asked us to respond to their questions about curses for an article that was published in a fall issue. Here are the questions and our answers.

Do you under any circumstances believe curses actually do exist? (including generational curses)

Yes, unfortunately, some curses are real… words have power, and when a set of words is charged with a great deal of emotional energy, they can infect life… Generational curses are most often found in superstitious cultures: Middle Eastern, Eastern European, Caribbean and some Asian cultures are especially prone to this kind of fearful, negative belief system. My sense is that it is the belief systems, not the curse that affects generation after generation.

If you do think curses can occasionally be real, how can they be lifted?

The question isn’t so much how you lift a curse, but rather how you raise your own vibrational frequency so the curse can no longer infect your life “Lifting a curse” is simple physics. It’s all about the Law of Attraction. We’re electrical beings afterall, vibrating with energy. When our energy is down and we are vibrating at the negative frequencies, due to fear or anxiety, anger or resentment or any of the negative emotions, we automatically attract to us events, people, activities that are vibrating at the same lower frequencies.

A curse is a set of negatively charged words that attacks us through our lower frequencies, magnifiying and amplifying them to attract more negativity to us… soooooooooooo……. when you raise your vibrational frequencies with happy loving thoughts, random acts of kindness, trust and faith in your ability to deal with whatever comes along, a curse can no longer hurt you… .

We recommend two excellent books: The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr Jospeph Murphy and Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting by Lynn Grabhorn to help folks understand the power in our words and feelings and how we can raise our vibrational frequencies.

The trick is to break the victim cycle, to take your power back, to believe that a curse can’t infect you or anyone around you and not to drop into

There are some healing practitioners who do a good job lifting curses through energy work, but most report that the best they can offer is enough temporary relief for the client to find the strength to raise their vibrational frequencies for themselves.

I always urge a client to work on themselves first, then to get some energy work to help them along the way – and then to provide some service, random acts of kindness in their community. Service work helps us lift our energy up and is very effective in counteracting a curse.

How many calls/messages do you deal with each year from people worried they are the victim of a curse?

More like how many a month… at least three or four calls or email messages every month – I’ve stopped tracking them. seems to go in spurts – we’ll get three or four in a week, and then it will drop off for awhile… in the past two weeks I’ve had calls about a gypsy who cursed a house because they wouldn’t buy her amulets – the owners were trying to sell and had lost 6 buyers by the time they wrote in for help, and another about a Toronto psychic doing the candle scam…

In 2005 – in this age of technology – why do you think that belief in the power of curses is still so prevalent?

My flip answer: Because 90% of the world is in a coma, completely oblivious to their creative power… and too afraid of being responsible to wake up. Probably the right answer: From the beginning of time, we have been conditioned to be fearful creatures, made victims by our conditioning and beliefs about ourselves and our world. Religion endorses and encourages these beliefs and so superstition reigns, despite scientific evidence to the contrary… the fact of the matter is that we are afraid of everything… and so we are afraid of folks who send us bad thoughts… and so we are also afraid to believe that we are the victims of our own negative thinking and feeling… taking responsibility for our thoughts and feelings also means we have to take some resposibility for the state of the nation, the planet… and this is more than most folks are capable of understanding, let alone accepting… and so we are stuck believing that others can harm us with their thoughts and feelings… silly, immature, but it is who and where we are right now as a species…

What is the worst example of a curse scam that you’ve heard of?

One woman over three years was bilked of some 2 million dollars by two psychics who kept promising her that the next investment would be the one that would restore her fortunes and her lover… they accurately predicted a number of events during that period, some of which were positive, but then bled the woman of her remaining assets and disappeared.

Do you think people often use the excuse of being ‘cursed’ to explain simple bad luck or mask their own failures?

Absolutely… again, we are afraid to believe in our power… using myself as an example… many years ago when I first encountered the physics of being psychic, that I had created my world through my thoughts and feelings, my life was a terrible mess… My first question was “How, why would I do this to myself?” Why would I invite such pain into my life? (by this time I had had 4 spinal fusions and two broken relationships, lost all I owned in a house fire, to name just a few of the disasters I had been through)… It wasn’t nice to think that I had been so unloving of myself… but it was also tremendously empowering to recognize that if I could rain such disaster on myself, I could also rain some incredibly good things… so I set to working on myself… pushed the dark clouds away from over my head, actively work even today at raising my vibrational frequencies and have been a much happier, more prosperous and clearly stronger – and less fearful – person
ever since…

But for most folks this kind of deep inner work is incomprehensible – impossible… not because I am someone special… but because most folks have not gotten desperate enough to have to do the inner work… As a general population we are too afraid to change our beliefs…. and so we stay in our coma.

Is it true a ‘curse’ cannot have power over you if you do not accept it exists?

Absolutely – where there is no fear, this negative energy cannot function.

And finally, what advice would you give someone who is convinced they are the victim of a curse, ie, is there any sort of mental exercise or affirmations they could do to shake themselves out of this belief?

I would urge them to get the two books I recommended earlier, to offer some service to their community and to work at being loving and happy…

Many thanks again! Fate and Fortune 10 Jamestown Road London NW1 7BY

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