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Pendulums and Divining Rods

Pendulums and Divining Rods

Working with a Pendulum

Just wanted to ask you what Global Psychics opinion is on using pendulums. I have recently acquired one and find it to give correct predictions less than half the time. I meditate and bless and cleanse it before each use, but it does not seem to be any more accurate. Joanne

In my experience using pendulums, I have found them to be very helpful. The pendulum works with our innate and higher self as well as with our angels, spirit guides etc… Try this exercise to gauge your innate guidance system. With another person gather a few items that you may like and dislike such as music selections, food, books movies etc… hold each one with your left hand over your heart. Hold your right hand out straight. Now ask the other person to try and go against your right arm. You will find that you have no resistance if the item you are holding is not good for your well-being whether you like it or not. This is true in pendulum work as well.

Everything is energy. Our thoughts carry energy signatures. Be confident about your ability to work with your pendulum and that your innate guidance is perfectly aligned with your higher self. We always have control when we work with spirit. I bless my session and ask that the guidance always be from the light. I now know that archangel Uriel is my wise sage when I work with my pendulum. Ask the right questions and believe you will receive a clear answer. First ask the pendulum a question you know the answer to such as “Is this the year 2006?” Ask it what is no and what is yes? If the pendulum is unclear, ask it to clarify. As with any divining tool, it takes practice. Keep at it. You are definitely on the right path to meditate, bless and cleanse your sacred tool. Bless your session as well and thank your guide and higher self for the wisdom. Have fun with it.

Love and light, Sally Bates
Angelic Connection Consultant

I have sporadic luck with pendulums. I find before I start a session that I have to ask questions I know the answer to. If it is coming up with all the right answers I cautiously proceed with a session. If not I put it away for another day. I find so often it gives me the answers I want to hear and not the truth. I know people that it works for wonderfully well. For me it is hit and miss. Certainly put a circle of light round yourself before you start and ask for the highest and the best to come through. Good luck and hope you have more success than I do. Victoria

Playing With Divining Rods

A visitor submitted this suggestion – a fascinating way of testing the energy in a space. I had an awesome experience with this very exercise many years ago. In a meditation class, we were using our coat hangar/divining rods to play with our auras, making them larger and smaller and watching the rods react to them. At one point, the person working with me noticed a huge “bubble” of energy on one side of my aura, the rod would just fly out as wide as it could. Our teacher identifed the ‘bubble” as one of my guides… so I turned to the energy and with a big laugh, suggested that I could handle this class on my own, thank you very much…instantly the rod flew back to its normal position, obviously, the guide left me on my own for the rest of the class. All is energy… applying your intent to work with metal rods like coat hangars works… try this exericse and prove it to yoruself….

IF you think you have somebody close to you, and by the way, it’s not a ghost or goblin!!!, here’s a way to prove it.

Get 2 wire coat hangers, and make a handle about 6 inches long and at a right angle, make the wire stretch out straight about 12 inches long only.
Hold them by the handle being 6 inches. Hold them loosely enough so they can move on their own.

If you ‘sense’ someone in the room with you, and they do come and go, walk towards them. The wires will open. Back off and the wires will turn back in. You’re measuring their aura. Remember, it DOESN’T mean it’s someone you know. It’s someone who is curious. To prove it’s NOT a fluke, do it twice. Go back in an hour and put the wires up to the same location, and likely she will be gone. The wires won’t open, they’ll stay closed. Presto, you did it. Good luck. It’s fun and welcome it. It’s really not a big deal. I’ve been doing this for about 8 years. Bye for now. Don

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