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Palmistry: Reading Your Palms

Palmistry: Reading Your Palms

by Deb

palmistry - palm readingsThe future is in your hands…
All those lines on my hands what do they mean?

I know when you look at your hands it seems confusing to figure out what all that chicken scratch means on your palms. When something seems confusing; break it down to the basics. That’s what this article is about: breaking down the basics of palmistry.

First you may need to get the magnifying glasses out. Then, I suggest for beginners to run wet white soap over the palms of your hands – then the lines will emerge.

First let’s concern ourselves with the three major lines the heart, head, and life lines. The first is the heart line which lies just below the fingers. As with all lines note if there are breaks, fraying, forks, loops or lines crossing through them. Relate the markings with what line it is on. For example, a break in the heart line would tell me there was an event that caused a broken heart romantic or otherwise. A dot could signify emotions being blocked or stifled. My favorite is when I see any feathering on the end of heart line (the end is towards the thumb). This shows the person is a flirt or very outgoing socially. Sometimes these people will squirm when you point this out. If there is just one fork at the end of this line this means that the heart can overrule the head. That’s ok except when making a big financial purchase. Get the advice of an expert before you buy. Check along the line to see if there is any loops that would be someone who can be emotionally obsessive. Frays along the line denote emotional stress. The more the markings the more difficulties the person has had. Stars on this line indicate luck with love. A star under the index finger indicates a great marriage in this lifetime. The deeper the line the more the person feels. The wider the more generous. Get it. Keep it simple!

The next line is the head line. This line is located below the heart line. The same theory applies. Loops would indicate someone who goes over and over situations in their heads. Frays would be mental stress or tension. Dots or lines going through would be where the person had periods of being mentally blocked or in a rut. The wider and deeper the line is the more the person can thinks ideas through and can multi task. A fork at the end of this line is called the writer’s fork. This shows if someone has the ability to be mentally creative and/or can write.

The last line we are going to talk about is the life line. This line curves around the thumb area. The line starts below the head line and sometimes conjoins at the beginning which starts an half inch or so below the index finger. The closer these two lines are in the beginning the more difficult the early childhood was especially if their are crosses there. A short line is not indicative of a short life. If there is horizontal lines crossing the life line then the person is easily influence. This is
common at the start of this line because of our inexperience when we are young. If this continues down the line this may be a person who is dependent. Breaks, loops can be times of ill health or challenges. The deeper the line the more vibrant the health. Although somewhat rare there will sometimes be a double life line. This person will have a strong energetic body. You will see this on athletes hands.

Look at both hand and compare. The lines on your hands will change periodically. Look for more articles on palmistry and reading your palms coming soon. Just get used to looking at the lines for now. Safe Journeys.

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