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The Indigo Children Speak Up

The Indigos Speak Up

Whether they are asking for help, or offering insights, this generation of so-called Indigo children speaks from the heart… here are some of their questions, concerns and insights

My name is Angela and I’m 16. I live with my mum and step-dad and 5 other siblings, I know I come from a huge family! I have been brought up with spirituality and to me it’s normal. my parents are deeply into it and they know about my gift. I can see people that are dead, I feel things from others and sometimes I have visions. the visions are of the future and past. but as a “Gifted Teen” in today’s society I find it really hard to cope. Sometimes this “Gift” isn’t such a gift. I’m often scared by what I see, and although I know I can tell my mum about what I see I don’t, because I think I sound slightly insane. Sometimes when I’m around certain people I’ll become hyper, or depressed or angry sometimes even violent. I really don’t want to hurt anyone but it’s like I go into a trance! Please help me deal with this. Angel xxoo

You are very very right when you say you find it very hard to cope. You are so right. When I first became aware of gifts, I was so astounded, and wanted to share this with my loved ones. Well, needless to say, after quite a bit of ridicule, I ceased discussing it. Unfortunately, anything out of the “norm” is judged insane and wacko. When in reality, their reality is the insane part!

When I see things that I don’t particularly want to see, I ask Spirit to take it away, it is too upsetting to me. You might try that, and always, always, always, bring in the White Light, surround yourself with it, breathe it! The White Light will always reflect darkness.

When you find yourself in a situation around others and feel yourself starting to get upset, do the same thing. It is just that you are extremely sensitive to others vibrations. Just ask Spirit to shield you from their negativity with White Light. It never fails to work Angela, I promise you! I have had to do this many many times, just to stay “grounded” and at peace. I have also found that there are just some people I do not want to be around as it is too draining for me. Too much drama, you know what I mean? I will feel like they are literally sucking the love and positive energy from me. Unfortunately, some of these that I speak of are family members of mine so it is what you call “mandatory fun” around the holidays, lol.

Just know you are very very special to have these gifts and just ask Spirit to direct you to use them in the most positive way you can and it wil be “no sooner said than done”! Love, Gina

I just realized that I could be one of the indigo children. I am 15 years old; my encounter with this phrase (indigo) was just by accident. I was reading a book in my language, searched for some webpages and found also yours. Here is my opinion on indigos: I do not mind being one of the indigo children. What I dislike the most is this: I always felt like something special. And it felt good. But now I see, there is a large number of people feeling just like me. That kind of makes me one of them and not just me, special me, unique me. Do other indigos feel the same? Isn’t this the most normal way to feel if you really are an indigo? Have a nice day… Nina

No matter how many others there are who share your gifts, you will always be unique and special, expressing your own version of the Indigo energy… don’t let your ego interfere with your opportunity to grow in life… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

I stumbled upon your website recently. I am a 28 yr. old indigo child. I have only recently come into realization that there are several of us here for the same purpose. I have tremendously strong visions coming through dreaming and have the ability to see spirits and the astral/etheric bodies of human beings. My healing powers are beginning to manifest themselves as well. One significant issue that I deal with on a daily basis is that I work as a computer engineer on Wall St. and live in New York City . In this environment there is much healing required to take place due to the severe presence of darkness here. The entire workday is very draining and my pineal gland really works overtime countering the darker vibrations which I have to counter continually. I was also present during the 9/11 crisis and their continues to be much healing energy required. At the WTC site, there remains many energies that are probably connected to the individuals who lost their lives in the disasters. During my lunchbreak I spend some times there trying to bring light and love into the site. It is difficult because the present of tourists makes it difficult, as well as the presence of the police, FBI, the commerce. I think that some of our group that is older in terms of physical incarnation years is beginning to come together all over the planet in small groups. Synchronicity is important to this and each of us must recognize this. Most likely the energy will be so strong that it will be difficult to miss this sign. It is important for us to spend time with each other. The reason being is that the vibrations resultant from the interactions between the indigo’s in small groups resonate tremendously strong energy and light waves which are here for the healing the earth as well as the human race. In Oneness, Chad

Thanks for sharing… I am glad that you are finding ways of making use of your gifts… it will take the power of intense group energy focused on a singular purpose to effect some of the changes coming, so I am sure you are right about many of you coming with the same purpose… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

I’m 15 years old and I’ve just learned that I’m an indigo child. I’ve been to a variety of sites and I seem to fit all but a few of the characteristics. I feel I know what my lifes purpose is. It have been coming to me since I was around 8 in bits and pieces. I plan on joining the navy when I get older. It will give me the discipline (and tuition) needed to fulfill what I’ve been sent here to do.

I’ve always had Deja Vu almost every week or so. Its nothing big, just a glimpse of a field trip or school project a few weeks before the event actually happens. I just can never remember them. I’ve had many encounters with spirits. Most were just wanderers, I saw them once then never again. They all leave they’re imprint in me that I can feel so I know that I’ve been visited even though I don’t remember it. But I do remember some. My dog and my grandfather both came to me after they died.

Sometimes if I’m half asleep or just completely zoned out I’ll slip into this strange place. I feel weightless, and I feel I know everything about the universe. Other times I have to force my self to stay out of that place. I can’t look at my eyes in the mirror. If I look long enough I’ll forget everything including my name. When I come too I feel like I’ve been thrown in a freezing cold lake. Then I’ll scold myself for being narcissistic. Sometimes I’ll have a blinding flash of enlightenment. Whether it be for a story or a scientific idea.

The one thing I can do best however is I can ‘feel’ other peoples emotions. I can tell if they’re happy, sad, angry, deceitful, and a whole bunch of others. I don’t exactly like it too much. There were times when I wanted to run out of the room because of what I felt coming off of my stepfather. He always seems to be like that to some degree so I have learned to ignore it in him. My mother is different. If I really try hard I can feel a sinking feeling, like I’m being sucked into a black hole. My stomach churns and I have to leave the room. I’ve learned that this is depression and loneliness. I’ve felt it just talking about a friend of mine who’s going through a tough time.

If I’ve learned anything during my experiences its that nothing is really what it seems. There are always two sides to a story, and people on both sides are always getting hurt. Both sides tell lies about the other. What we need is someone from neither side to blend the needs of both together. And that if you judge a person for what they are then your a hypocrite. Because everyone has different views of what is right, wrong, perfect, whatever. There is no definite of these words. Allison,

I hope you know deep down in your heart so you can feel it, just how special you are…. and I hope you are being as attentive to your studies about this physical world as you are to the inner work… from the sounds of it, you have some very loving and highly evolved guides working with you, and probably a legion or two of angels, so I hope also you are calling on them for help, talking with them on an ongoing basis… You are exceptionally wise, even for an indigo, already you are learning that there are some big challenges to living in this world as it is with the knowing in you that is there… perhaps that is why so many have chosen to hide behind the veils of unknowing for so long… you must have a brave heart and a strong will in order to achieve your purpose.

The good news is that you have lots of guidance and support available to you from the other side and a lot of it is a whole lot bigger and stronger than you are right now, so when you want help just call for it… in your mind, call your guides and angels to get to work on whatever problem you are dealing with, and to help you find your right path, to make the best choices… you will find this very useful…

I hesitate to make any recommendations to you – have found this a common problem with the Indigos because I sense their own guidance so strongly… but I do feel called to ask you to study quantum physics when you are ready, to learn about creation philosophy and how it is that we create our realities through our thoughts and feelings, the actions we take and the love we express… I am pretty sure you have an instinctive understanding of the scientific principles at work there… there are universal principles at work on this planet that most folks don’t understand, but you must in order to get where you need to be in this life… you will find an article in our Being Psychic section called the methodology, – these are ancient principles that will help you to understand a lot of what is going on for you and how to work with it. Even though you may not “get it” all at once, keep reviewing them and thinking about them, see how they apply in your life… for example, begin to notice how every little thing that goes on in your life has some purpose, something you can learn and grow from associated with it…

Read and learn as much as you can… you may soon find that you already know what you are reading about, or you will see the untruths or mistaken beliefs, just the same way you feel others bad feelings, you will have to discern “misinformation” in the teachings that come to you… but all has purpose, so even the misinformation is useful in understanding where folks come from…

I especially encourage you to connect as much as you can with the natural world, and to live as naturally as you can – this includes wearing clothes that are made from natural fibers like cotton and hemp, to eating as little processed foods as you can, staying mostly with veggies and fruits, seeds and whole grains, although it may not be a good idea for you to be a vegetarian, keep your intake of fats, sugars, simple starches like pastas, and also dairy products to a minimum… as you grow older, try to grow some of your own food… this is because you want to protect your energy to keep it as pure as possible… in the meantime, learn to talk with animals and trees, rocks and crystals, connect with the natural cycles of life, moon cycles and the seasons for example, again, this will help you to protect your energy, and also to keep your vibrational frequencies high so you can do what you came here to do…… lead a balanced life, with time for dancing and singing, play and fun with your friends, as well as time for study and work, eating and sleeping, all in balance…

I want to also offer you a kind of lifeline… although I am very busy and rarely have time to develop relationships with the Indigos I have been supporting with information and connections,., in this case I will make an exception… if you ever have any questions or just want to talk about what’s happening, drop me a note, perhaps we can meet occasionally in the chat room, in any case, I will do my best to respond…

Carry on, my dear, fill your heart with love, call your angels and guides to cover your back and point out the best path for you, and carry on… I hope these insights are useful to you, blessings, and Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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