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The Indigo Child

The Indigo Child

Wisdom and insight beyond their years…….

We’ve had dozens of letters from Indigo kids and from parents wondering if they have an Indigo Child. Here we’ve presented the best of the questions and answers about what appears to be an amazing new breed amongst us…..

If you have a story of a young psychic, someone who seems to be an Indigo child or an entire community of magical Indigo kids, email us .

A Wise Healing Force, Already!!!!

I am a 17 year old indigo child. I have learned alot in the past 2 years, I have found out who I really am and what my purpose is. I have healed so many people that I feel the universe is starting to be a little bit more attuned to its own self. I heal myself by just knowing that I belong here. Intuition is a powerful word, when you follow your instinct and what you know is right in your life, that’s your intuition. Like when you wake up in the morning. You may have to go to work or school and there’s a feeling inside of you saying “stay in bed, you don’t have to go” but you know you have to. To live life you need to listen to your intuition no matter what. I’m not saying to not listen to your feeling to stay in bed but to listen to what is right. There are a lot of feelings you get in a day, You are always thinking. Even when you’re sleeping. Your intuition is your life, if you don’t listen to it you won’t get what you want.

I have also learned that by just sitting by someone who maybe ill or feeling down I can heal. Not looking or talking to them, just by sitting by them. I believe I do too. Some of my friends have relationship problems once in awhile. My closest friends I go and try to talk to them to see if they can get the pain out of them. Sometimes I have to ask them if it’s someone or one of their friends that’s bothering them, to let them know I will understand. Sometimes they will deny it but I know that’s the problem.

I have started to not judge things too. I have noticed people judge other people because they see people differently, they want to see people as them, the same character, personality, etc. When they judge things it’s simply because they don’t know why it’s there or the reason. I have found out that everything has a purpose and reason. Sometime when you are alone and you are in a quiet place ask yourself what your purpose is, why you’re here. It may be to help humanity or simply to be with someone. Whatever the purpose, there’s always a reason. Thank you and God Bless, Scott

Dear Scott, thank you for sharing… and also for your wisdom… the more that each of us is able to move away from judgment – of ourselves AND of others – the more love will flow – and the more chance we have to open up to the natural abilities that the Indigo Children are attempting to ground on the planet… one small caution for you – avoid using the words “I heal” – you are a channel for healing energy, but we each heal ourselves through our connection to our Higher Selves and The Source… you could call yourself a facilitator of healing… but it is a bit dangerous to say “I heal”… you might find that taking Reiki would be very helpful to you… and also studying the work of Barbara Brennan – “Hands of Light” and Carolyn Myss. Hope that helps, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

The Indigo Seers

My 8 year old grandson, was from birth very old and wise for his age. He can describe in unusual clarity conversations that he has with my father who he never met. My father died in 1981, and Austin was born in 1994. He says that grandpa comes to him in his sleep. Is this possible? He knows so much about a man that he never knew, and that which he was never told. Carolyn

Yes, it is definitely possible, and even probable – many of today’s youngsters are coming into the world without the “veil” between dimensions so it is easier for them to move back and forth…. it is also possible that he is the reincarnation of your dad and that is why the memories come in so strongly for him. Hope that helps, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Thank you. He definitely has the indigo traits. He was an infant for all of two months, by three months you could take him into a book store, and his hands would reach for the books going through the door. By the time he was four months, he was sitting on the floor unassisted looking at his books, walking and talking by 8months. Had taught himself the alphabet by 12 months, figured out phonics to read by 18 months, and has been reading and writing since. Never was a baby. His language patterns are that of a junior high student, and overall he ranges from 5th to 9th grade in academics. But he so clear, not only on my father. But knows his angels by name. When he was a baby he would talk to the ceiling, and tell us he was talking to his angels. Never a dull moment. We have always let him have whatever space he needed to fulfill his quest for knowledge. And still touch in the structure he demands also. Was really curious though, if it is possible to be visited during a sleep state. I guess the mind is always conscious. Carolyn

It is not the mind that is always conscious, but the soul and your son seems to be very much in tune with this soul… If you haven’t already, read the book I think by Lee Carrol on Indigo Children – you’ll probably recognize your son. It sounds like you’ve got a good connection with him and a good understanding – he’ll need that as he matures – a grounding that will make it easier for him to do what he came here to do…

Just a couple of suggestions – keep his diet as natural as possible, if you haven’t already, start reducing sugars and dairy and eliminating processed foods from his diet. make sure he’s getting lots of whole grains, fresh veggies and fruit… and avoid chemicals – including any drugs as much as possible – in your environment… use natural fibers as much as possible around him and be sure he is getting plenty of rest…he may not sleep as much as other kids, may not need to, but he needs quiet time every day, and lots of it, to help him process all the extra sensory material he absorbs in a day. You have no idea how important these things are to him and his future work… seek natural alternatives for healing as much as you can – this will all help him to stay clear and make it easier for his natural abilities, whatever they may be, to rise to the surface… your son may be a healer, but he could also become one of the world’s much needed diplomats – healing at a much higher level.. Hope that helps a bit, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

I am a parent of a 6 year old girl. She has the ability to see what she calls dead people. She also has the ability to travel through time and space without leaving the house in the physical. She also has some memory of life before her current lifetime. My question is about her seeing dead people. The other abilities she is okay with but does not use much. She sees dead people just about every night. She only sees them at our own home and she rarely sees anyone she knows. Basically she is seeing strangers and they seem to scare her. I have friend that is psychic that says my daughter does have a gift, but she lives out of town and is extremely hard to get a hold of. I myself am very much into spiritually but she is too young to try some of the ways to accept and deal with fear. She is not able to write in a journal. I would really like to see my daughter develop her ability but she can’t seem to get passed being scared. Please email some ideas on how to work with my daughter so that she isn’t always scared of what she sees. She has mentioned that the dead people that are children do not seem to scare her. I hope you can help me, my daughter would like to develop her skill also. Thanks for your time. Thank you, Dave

The first thing you can do with your daughter is help her gain control of her experiences… tell her that she doesn’t have to accept these visitors if she doesn’t want them. It is just that she is a natural medium – explain that the veils between dimensions are very thin for her, so she is able to see energy that the rest of us miss…. suggest to her that the next time she sees these dead people, that she say a prayer and call on her guardian angels to come and send these folks to the light… explain that these dead people are lost souls, so when she sees them, she can tell them they are dead, that they must leave, and tell them to look for and then go to the light, that there they will find folks who can help them.

These ideas are a bit grown-up, but necessary, and I have a sense that she will understand them.

Give her a nice piece of amethyst to put under her pillow – the vibration of amethyst will help her to sleep peacefully and will help to keep the dead people away… tell her to visualize herself lying in a beautiful bubble of pink and green light when she goes to sleep – these are the colours of Divine Love and this will protect her from any invading souls.

You have a very special little girl there – so you you might want to start keeping a journal for her of what happens… dreams etc… this will help you to understand things more easily… and otherwise, just be sure that she eats well – reduce sugar in her diet as much as possible, replace it with natural sugars like fruits… and also that she sleeps well and has lots of quiet time in which to process some of what goes on her world.

Hope that helps, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

PS, you might want to keep a journal of what he tells you from these dreams – could be that some useful information is coming through…

We are different…

I would like to add my smile’s worth. I was always labeled as “different” more so by my parents, the children in school , always loved me, I had a magnet attached to my side, the teachers would say. It seemed to me, that it was perfectly normal. and then when I had gotten older, well it stayed the same, with the people magnet thing going, but it seemed as if it wasn’t a cool thing, still the rebellious me, and getting all A’s ( well ok almost) couldn’t change or adapt to the “cool ways” to be! But still everyone loved me, the teachers became my best friends.. allowing me to do extra assignments etc… but still being different no matter how much people love you or are accepting of your ‘way’ COOL WAYS, THE TRUTH REMAINS YOU KNOW HOW AND WHY YOU ARE DIFFERENT. An Indigo Child born in 1960…

We are strong…

strength.. well I arm wrestled m a high school football player and beat him, who later became MR. Florida…My math teacher in JR. High would bet the gym teacher against me and his football players.. I never lost once!!! I still am as strong.. and things are slightly different.. My fiancé’ an Olympic swimmer cannot believe my strength.. my knowledge, my research, my healing abilities, and last but not least… I was deathly ill fever of 106 for2 days, went to the clinic, and taking blood tests because I was ill for over a week to begin with, said they couldn’t believe I was alive.. my blood cells were not ordinary , lacking white blood cells…put me through more blood draws and couldn’t figure it out, went with an antibiotic and I was sent home… THERE IS ALLOT MORE , but will see if this is of any interest… I am a healer, I own an herbal business, and practice aromatherapy, reflexology, and massage therapy. Thank you, Michelle

An Indigo Child

I’m not sure if my son even applies to this. But a lot of the things I read, struck me because it described him. He is five now and has been identified as gifted. He has been reading since before starting school. He has always been advanced w/ mathematics, reading, problem solving and computers, he even walked at eight months. He also excels in sports. I do not think he is Albert Einstein, but very, very bright. But along with that, he is very compassionate. He has a little girl in his class who has Down Syndrome, on his own, my son reads to her, listens to her, and takes time to explain things to her. His teacher are amazed by his gentleness and remarks how the other students ‘follow’ him by example. It is such an odd contrast because he is very tall for his age, he looks to be about seven rather than five. He has always ‘known’ things that I can’t always explain, but try not to discourage him ( I am used to it, my family has always had ‘different’ experiences). Like I said, I don’t know if it even applies to him, but I felt he had a lot of similarities. I do believe that it is a possibility that such children exist, I certainly am interested in learning more. Sincerely, Danielle T

Whether or not this applies to your son, he sounds like a very special little boy! Obviously you set a good example of loving hearts… I think this is the most important thing to do for these bright young children, since this gives them the grounding and support they need to develop whatever special gifts are within them… the other thing I always recommend is lots of physical activity – baseball and other team sports help these kids learn good values – and of course, the more physical skill they acquire, the easier it is for them to learn… I also suggest that you be attentive to his “knowings” without making a fuss over them… in other words, register them within yourself, respond to him with comments like “is that so?”, “what makes you think this?”, “isn’t that interesting, is there anything else you would say about…” then accept his thoughts as valid input and encourage him to expand on them a little – what you want is to get him paying attention to those random thoughts and signals so that he can make better use of his insights over time, but without making him feel different or special – being gifted intellectually will center him out enough as he grows out, without his friends beginning to think he’s some kind of wizard… let him grow into his gifts… and at the same time encourage them by looking for books geared to developing the young psychic mind and other programs… then let him decide to what level he might like to participate in these pursuits. In the meantime, you might yourself undertake to study subjects like quantum physics and metaphysics so you’ll at least understand what is going on for him.

Even the fact that he’s tall for his age speaks to the possibility that he is connected with some ancient and very powerful soul groups, and could indeed be one of these young people with a slightly different genetic structure… if he’s also especially healthy, then I’d say pay close attention, this could be a very special young man indeed… the one thing I feel around this young man is that he may find that his bones ache off and on… as if he could develop symptoms of arthritis… however, even that is a sign of the genetic difference – at least according to some schools… you may find this young man is exceptionally sensitive to his environment and that this could develop into some allergies… do your best to avoid chemicals in your environment and to keep a natural diet – this will help him a lot to avoid some of the physical stresses he could experience as a result of being one of the “new breed”….

Do keep in touch and let us know how he develops. In the meantime, I have forwarded your note to a psychologist friend of mine who has a personal interest in following the stories of these bright young people… if you’re interested, I’m sure he’d be delighted to keep in touch with you over time. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

The Indigo Children

My daughter’s name is Hannah Michael, We knew her name the moment she was born. She pretty much keeps our household running in high gear all the time, she doesn’t require much sleep, but she is not what I would call hyperactive, just her brain is constantly on alert. She is the youngest of three and is definitely the most domineering since birth she is only four now. From day one people have always had the urge to hold her and touch her, more than normal for a new baby. When you look at her you can see something different, but at first I wasn’t sure what. Just for me it was what I felt. Her healing power has been showing since the age of 8 months. My oldest daughter who was sick all her life has been well since then and when she was in the hospital Hannah would spend time with really sick kids at St. Mary’s hospital in Rochester, MN MAYO Clinic and they would remarkably start getting better. As a matter of fact, there was one boy at the time that had brain cancer and it had spread and wasn’t expected to live even 3 months. He is still alive today. He went in total remission. At first, I didn’t realize what was happening. As a matter of fact, I had a sinus infection this week and never took one pill. I just asked her to make me feel better, she put her hands on my eyes, forehead, and cheeks and the next day my sinus problem was completely gone. She knows things, like when my aunt passed away she told me before my mom called. She knows when someone is going to knock on the door. She tells me she sees things I can’t see. She knows stuff a 4 year old normally wouldn’t know. She is energetic, demanding, compassionate, loving, caring, stubborn, and down right tiring to anybody. The thing that balances that is that she is so joyful. She knows when you need a hug, she knows how to make you feel better and it is just amazing. These gifts she has I have accepted, but still at times have trouble comprehending them. Kelli H

Dear Kelli, sounds like you have your hands full, but that you also are up for whatever challenges this little one might present… a couple of suggestions, perhaps you’ve already considered them… a girl running at such high frequency and naturally channeling such healing energy needs a bit of protection – specifically, I believe it is very important that her diet be as natural as possible – you may have already found that she is particularly sensitive to her environment— and she may naturally prefer, for example, an orange to an orange soda… if not, this is a good time to start conditioning her to choose foods that fit with her higher vibrational frequency – the more natural the better, rices and whole grains should be a big part of her diet… and try to keep her environment as natural as possible and to be sure she has a certain amount of routine… even if she doesn’t sleep a lot, be rather stern about bedtimes… she can use that time to read, or sing, or to amuse herself quietly and privately… and be sure she gets some good private time – especially as she grows older… it will be necessary for her to keep her channels clear, and also her mind and feelings. over time a rather strict conditioning around the bedtime bit will help her to maintain a focus and learn how to relax a bit… again, the stress is not so much on going to sleep, as it is on resting, recharging, doing “quiet” stuff, so she can have a chance to center herself and then more easily fall asleep… I feel it will be important to teach this child about centering and grounding very early in her life…

That said, she is still only 4, and I encourage you as much as possible to just let her be a 4-year-old and to not allow folks to make too much fuss over her healing ability… you don’t want to drain her – or to impose too much responsibility on her before she is ready to take it on…

I think one of the best things you can do for her – in addition to giving her a warm and loving home where she can grow in peace and security, is to yourself learn as much as you can about psychic and healing abilities – to expand on and explore your own abilities… through this work you will be better able to help your daughter work with her own natural abilities…

Please do keep in touch with us, as I said, we are keen to follow the progress of these young people, over time we may be able to put you in touch with some useful resources and to connect you with other parents of these very special young children.

One other thing you might keep an eye out for – it is said that these children will trigger similar changes in those around them… in this case, you might find that the two older children over time also begin to exhibit some gift for healing or reading, or… or that Hannah’s friends also open up to some of their natural abilities… be interesting to follow whether there is any truth to this theory… if this theory is correct, Hannah was born with a slightly different genetic code than other children, and this code will act as a trigger, generating similar changes in the genetic structures of those around her… especially those her own age… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Keep a Journal

Thanks for getting back to me with so much information. At this point, the only people that know of her abilities are myself, my other children, my husband who hasn’t quite believed it is true yet, My father which has some psychic abilities and already knew and a friend of the family that is a psychic herself. So we haven’t made much fuss and other than my cold this week. We just let her do what comes naturally to her. And to most of us when she talks beyond her years or tells us things that are going to happen. Well it is still amazing because it just comes out of the blue! We will keep in touch and I have documented just about everything on her from when she was about 8 months old. So we will keep in touch and let me know if you have any new information or specific questions. Thanks Kelli

Glad you mentioned the bit about documenting – this is very important… to keep a journal, photographs and so on… You sound like a very sensible person, and I can promise you it will take a lot of good sense to keep up with her… you are right to allow her to do what comes naturally… while you don’t want to put too much on her before she is ready, it is just as important to let her explore, to test herself and see just how much she can do… the more she exercises her skills in a natural and easy way, as part of her life, the more likely it will be that she can make good use of them, if for nothing else but to better herself and make the most of her life… I’m not surprised about your father, I suspect also that you are more psychic than you have seen in yourself yet… whatever, I feel some good guides and angels around your family, so I think you can relax a little and enjoy this bright little being… one of the other things we have noticed is that when these kids have a loving, understanding and supportive environment, their own guides can be very effective at leading them in the best directions… Glad to be able to help in any way we can… if you have more interesting stories of her ability, I’d be pleased to publish it on the psychic kids section… Lotsa LLLove, D

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